How to Select Best Enterprise eCommerce Platform, enterprise ecomerce
Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing great. In today's tutorial, I am gonna show you How to Select Best Enterprise eCommerce Platform. Customer experience has been evolved in an amazing way in last decade. Nowadays, customers pay evident attention to the merchants that provide them feel of security and impeccable customer experience. Running an online business is now tricky though, you need to maintain high traffic, customer satisfaction and provide them a flawless experience that allows them to come again and again on your site. Poor customization and site design that comes with glitches can scare the hell out of your customers. This would make a negative impact on the customer experience and your overall credibility may get affected. It is good for you to keep the focus on increasing your sales but what’s more important is how your sale has been made, what channels your customers have used and what experience they have got after purchasing from your site? Customers may forget what they have bought from your site, but they can never forget how you made them feel. It is observed when someone has good experience with your business he will tell to one person and if he has the negative experience he will to seven. You will only get one chance to make a first impression on your customers through your site, so make it count. Choose an enterprise eCommerce platform that is easy to use, includes flawless design, and must be highly informative and precise that will leave your customers delightful and fascinating.

1. eCommerce Platform Needs and Requirements:

There are many factors in choosing the best enterprise eCommerce platform. You need to divide your requirements step by step and what is the status of your business right now and where you want it to go? Do you really want your business to grow and excel in a fast pace that can put you one step ahead of your competitors?
Customers’ Needs
[dt_gap height="5" /] Another important factor is to figure out what your customers need and how they want their orders to get fulfilled? How do they approach your site? Are they comfortable using your site on mobile only? Although it matters a lot how many customers are piling up on your site but what is more important, how they come over to your site? The more the hurdles your customers encounter, the more is the chance of bouncing them back. Pay more attention to your future plans and how do they align and incorporate with your present condition of your business.
[dt_gap height="5" /] Next important factor is customers’ security. Customers are highly concerned what you are going to do with their information. Make sure the Enterprise eCommerce platform you choose have a tight security that makes customers feel safe giving out their information. You should assure them the information you get will not be used except getting back to them. This will give them relief and they feel delighted and safe in giving out their information.
How to Select Best Enterprise eCommerce Platform, enterprise ecomerce
Mode of Communication
[dt_gap height="5" /] How you are going to build your communication with your customers does matter. If you are choosing email platform to get connected with your customers, then you definitely demand a solution that can easily incorporate into your email marketing strategy and comes with built-in marketing features.
Marketing Packages
[dt_gap height="5" /] Building a website is of no use if you don’t have anyone to see it. So, it is important you choose a platform that takes care of your content, SEO and other marketing features that make you stand out of the party. You have a half job done if have optimized content on your site, other half part lies in the promotion of that content. In order to grow your business skyrocket, you should be readily available on the top of the Google search engine.

2. Set a budget

How to Select Best Enterprise eCommerce Platform
After setting your requirements, you need to set a budget. Most of the merchants fall a prey of just expecting the cost of licensing and design of the enterprise eCommerce solution, they forget to consider the post cost that requires maintaining your solution with high quality. Always prefer to choose both pre and post cost of the entire eCommerce platform. Make sure to pick the solution that comes with lots of developers and experts, so you face no difficulty in expanding the features of the solution. Cost of the Enterprise eCommerce platform depends on many factors i.e. a number of sales, size of business, and the features available in that solution. You should have a design and development cost in place. You can outsource the further development of your solution or you can build an in-house team of professionals. Outsourcing is the best options as it will cost less and you can avoid the hassle of allocating full department to in-house professionals. Hosting fee depends on the enterprise eCommerce solution you use. You can choose either a hosted solution and allow your solution provider to handle the maintenance or you can use a self-hosted solution that can be handled by your team of experts.

3. Choosing the Best Solution

You have got a clear idea what do you want with your eCommerce solution and your total budget. Now is the time to choose a perfect solution. There is a number of enterprise eCommerce solutions available depending on their cost and requirements. Following is the list of most famous enterprise eCommerce solution.
[dt_gap height="5" /] If you want to handle a load of customers then you should have a look at this Best Enterprise eCommerce Platform. Shopify is the best solution for your business. It comes with an extensive capability of incorporating with your existing IT platforms, providing you an easy pathway to link CRM, ERP and accounting system.
[dt_gap height="5" /] Magento comes with advanced features and is considered as the most improvised and robust solution for the enterprise market. If you are running Magento on your own server, you don’t need to get help from the solution provider, as you will have a complete freedom to make changes in the platform and you can control the functionality of the store. For this purpose, you need a full team of skilled professionals.
[dt_gap height="5" /] Demandware is a cloud-based platform that comes with omnichannel. The predictive analytics technology used in this solution makes it stand out from others. Although Demandware has a list of technology providers, and integrators but experts in this platform are not as readily available as in other platforms.
[dt_gap height="5" /] If you want to incorporate a digital and physical touch of consumers into one solution, then Hybris is the best solution for your business. Hybris is used to run eCommerce, POS, call center, mobile, print and social media on a single platform. Now you have a massive information about each and every enterprise eCommerce solution provider. You can select and evaluate the best solution and make a decision on your requirements and capabilities of the solution. You can also discuss your needs and expectations with other merchants and eCommerce consultant. This is a matter of progress of your business on the whole, so experts of every department of your business should get involved in the decision making process.