Hey Fellas! Hope you are doing great. I am here to give you the daily dose of information relating to engineering and technology. Today, I am going to give you the details on the Introduction to 2sc4617. It is an NPN (negative-positive-negative) transistor which is used for general purpose amplification. This component comes in SC-75/SOT-416 sealed package which is mostly used for low power applications. I am going to explain the brief overview of 2sc4617. Let’s get started.

Introduction to 2sc4617

  • 2sc4617 is a three terminal NPN silicon transistor which consists of two N doped layers which cover one P doped layer. It is a bipolar transistor which is usually used for amplification purpose.
  • Small amount of base current is used to handle the large current on the emitter and collector side.
  • Supply voltage at collector is positive with respect to emitter.
  • Free movements of electrons from its base side is used to control the current between emitter and collector.
  • This device comes in a compact form, that it reduces the space to put all device in one place.
  • Most of the old transistors were made of germanium. New transistor are made up of silicon.
  • In the ON state of the transistor, current will flow from emitter to collector.
  • The voltage between collector and base is 50 V and is denoted by Vcb.
  • The voltage between collector and emitter is also 50V and is denoted by Vce.
  • Collector current is 100mA and is denoted by Ic.
  • Maximum power dissipation is 125 mW.
  • Whole device comes in a sealed form and is placed on the glass epoxy printed circuit.
2sc4617 Pinout

Pinout of 2sc4617 silicon transistor is shown in the figure below.

This transistor consists of three terminals.

1: Base

2: Emitter

3: Collector

  • Transistor 2sc4617 is also known as current operated device.
  • It is mainly used for amplification purpose.
  • The way base current effects the emitter and collector current is used for amplification purpose.


Circuit Symbol of 2sc4617

Circuit symbol of 2sc4617 is shown in the figure given below.

  • 2sc4617 is an NPN transistor, and it will source the base current to the transistor.
  • Base of the transistor is more positive than emitter.
  • Current at the emitter side is equal to the sum of current at the base and collector side.
  • The measure of number of electrons that pass from base to collector is called transistor efficiency.
  • Base is lightly doped and emitter is heavily doped that will allow the electron to move from emitter to base more than it will allow the holes from base to emitter.
  • Ratio between collector current and base current is called forward current gain. It has a standard value of 200.
  • Forward current gain is represented by beta β.
  • Value of beta ranges between 20 to 1000.
  • Ratio between collector current to the emitter current is called current gain of the transistor and it is denoted by alpha α.
  • Value of alpha ranges between 0.95 to 0.99. However, most of the cases value of alpha is considered as unity.
  • Transistors are always operate in forward biased mode. If we interchange emitter and collector and makes it reverse biased, then the value of alpha and beta will be much lesser than they will be in forward biased mode.
  • This NPN transistor  has low impedance at the base side.
Maximum Rating of 2sc4617

Maximum current and voltage rating of 2sc4617 is given in the figure below.

  • The voltage between collector and base is 50 V and the voltage between collector and emitter is also 50V.
  • Collector current is 100mA and is denoted by Ic.
  • Rating given above, if increased from given limits, can damage the device at large.
Thermal Characteristics of 2sc4617

Thermal features of this bipolar transistor is given below.

  • Power dissipation is 125mW.
  • These thermal characteristics are  important for tuning your circuit requirements.
Electrical Characteristics of 2sc4617

Electrical characteristics are of great value. They are shown in the figure below.


  • It is important to note that, these electrical characteristics don’t indicate the overall performance of this device.
  • These electrical characteristics are measured at the temperature of 25 ºC
  • 2sc4617  is mostly used in coin processing machines.
  • They are widely used in PLC (programmable logic controllers)
  • Used for controlling DC and servo motors
  • Used for general purpose amplification.

That’s all for today. I have tried my best to explain each and everything regarding this 2sc4617 transistor. However, if you still find any difficulty in understanding the concept of this transistor, you can ask me in the comment section below. I’ll be happy to help you in this regard. Thanks for reading the article. Stay tuned for next article. Good Bye!

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