Common Engineering Problems and How to Alleviate Them
Hi Friends! Hope you are doing well. I am back to update you with some nuggets of valuable information that keeps your innovation alive, helping you think out of the box. Today, I'll highlight the Common Engineering Problems and How to Alleviate Them.  All men are born equal while some of them opt to become an engineer. The field that looks enticing for almost everyone and makes them feel captivated with the thought, if you become engineer, you'd be a billionaire at some point of your life. I'm not sure if you can make it happen or not, but you need to understand the common problems before you aim to join the engineering field. Let's jump right in and get to the point.

Common Engineering Problems and How to Alleviate Them

When nature decides the gender of the babies, our parent strives to plan their future. If you born in a traditional family, you are left out with three options to choose as a career
  • Doctor
  • Engineer
  • What your parents want
You get loads of marks in high school, clear entry test, apply for admission, result rolls out, and congrats you get admission in the university you aimed for. Now the real manipulation begins.
Common Engineering Problems and How to Alleviate Them
University days are awesome, not for everyone, but a person who knows how to manage both educational and social life. More or less, engineers live a painful life, working on daunting lengthy assignments and presentations with no clue, all these university prerequisites are far less than the atrocities of professional life.
Punch in the Stomach
Some students get too high GPA, somewhere around 3.999 (+0.11), that they feel overwhelmed by the question right after their graduation – you are passed out with tons of marks, why are you jobless by now? This question looks like a punch in the stomach, giving you no flexibility to defend yourself. Teaser: It is better to get a low GPA and remain jobless than getting high GPA with no job.
Why ain’t you doing a Field Job?
As you remain jobless for two, three years after graduation, you feel shy to introduce yourself as an engineer with the fear, they are going to ask about your job.
Common Engineering Problems and How to Alleviate Them
God forbid if you get the job anyway, but not in your relevant field, brace yourself with the taunt, if you have done engineering, why ain’t you doing the job in your field?

Some Common Engineering Fields

Mechanical engineers: They are amazing. Some confuse them with mechanics. They struggle hard in college with the notion, there will be a lot of girls in the engineering field. And when they get admission, they come to know, only 3 or 4 girls are there in the class, left them calculating how much boys are reserved for each girl. Electrical engineers: They are magical. And when they fail to fix any home appliance, they go into drastic inferiority complex, thinking, if they worth less than an electrician? Nonetheless, thanks to these engineers, without them we would be living in the darkness and no bunch of electricity was available (if we ignore few countries) to decorate and flavor up our homes, shops and picnic places. If you are an electrical engineer and reading this post right now, you may have to develop a project quite often with PCB as the main part of it. You can pick PCBWay in order to fill your technical needs for quality PCB that will help you design the project with thick copper on the surface, providing a solid and coherent interface and helps join all components on a single board. Mechatronics Engineers: Google is the second best tool that knows everything, Mechatronics engineers still stand first. They are a jack of all trades but master of some. Mechatronics is a combination of mechanical and electronics with little ingredients of every field including computer, civil, architecture, transportation, chemical, and petroleum engineering with some taste of fashion designing, law, C.A, health and fitness and biomedical.
Common Engineering Problems and How to Alleviate Them
They can be a good fit for any field. Apart from doing their field job, if there are some, they are good at babysitting, traveling, adventure and storytelling. Whenever they appear for any job interview, knowing the job offer is purely related to the certain field, they present themselves expert in an exactly opposite niche. If the company offers an electrical job, they appear in the interview anyway, stating they have a profound knowledge in Thermodynamics, let alone designing and manufacturing and overhauling Ford Car Engines.

How to Alleviate Common Problems

Only engineers can truly understand the atrocities they face in their lifetime. Every person comes with a unique nature and mindset, not every advice stands fit and resonates with everyone. However, with an ability to comprehend some common rules and real understanding, everyone can fix their problems, let alone engineers.
Skill matter, GPA doesn’t
Needless to say, if you are scoring 2.99 GPA, you are doing well. I’m sorry for the thetas but what is the point of stressing out for four years, if you are going to get paid the same or sometimes less than average students. Remember, skill outperforms memorizing talent in most of the cases. Instead of cramming the course, you must aim for boosting up your skills. It happens, when student pass out and complete graduation, they have no idea about the skills they are good at. In university, they learn a bundle of software with no mastery in any of them. However, if they learn only one software like a Pro, they surely have something to offer and market themselves as a brand in particular skill.
Money is Something, not Everything
Lack of career counseling is the major issue Graduate Students face right now. Yes, money does matter. It is something, if not everything. You spend a full four years in university, thinking you are going to get paid a bunch of dollars. And all these dreams gone to dust when you know, no company is ready to pay you enough so you can enjoy and spend life with full liberty without the fear of getting stuck with empty pocket at the end of the month.
Put your Health First
I know some of the friends, if we ignore 90% of them, are making good money, with no intention, if their health is put on hold. Money is necessary, health comes and goes, right? Wrong! Adopt the job what makes you feel happy at the end of the day. If you are earning too much in a job that makes your health bleed, then you are playing a risky bet.
Common Engineering Problems and How to Alleviate Them
Protip: There is a scope in every field as long as you know how the knack for time management and basic knowledge to present things from your boss’s perspective and what makes him feel good. Presentation of works bears more value than the actual work itself. The crux of this read: No matter what engineering you do, all it boils down how much are you making in the end. If you are making the handsome amount, there is no need to wrestle your mind getting a field job. That's all for today. I hope you have got something valuable out of this read. You are most welcome to keep us updated with your valuable feedback and suggestions, they help us provide you quality work so you keep coming back for what we have to offer. Thanks for reading the article.