How To Install Solar Panels If You Live In The Dorm, Step By Step on how To Install Solar Panels If You Live In The Dorm, Solar Panel Installation Guide
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How to Install Solar Panels While living in Dorm.  As global warming continues unchecked, the masses are becoming aware of the need for eco-friendly solutions. With numerous innovations at hand, it only takes a little effort to reduce our carbon footprint. The younger generations are much more aware of the impact of global warming and the need to become more environmentally friendly One way to effectively conserve energy is by using a clean, renewable source of energy, such as solar energy. Solar energy is an excellent way to reduce one’s carbon footprint, and numerous students are now turning to it to power their dorms.

Solar Panel Installation Guide

This Solar panel installation isn’t too complicated if you understand the technology behind it. However, the one issue that most students face is a lack of time. Students are often burdened with essay writing and papers and don’t get enough free time to themselves to be able to undertake personal projects like the installation of solar panels. If you feel like you’re burdened with more university work, than you can cope with, then you can always hire someone online to do your papers for you. You can pay such professionals a small amount to have the best articles or essays written for you. Ask any senior, and they will confidently tell you hiring someone online to do my research paper for me. Is a norm in university life.  If you do find the time, though, here are step-by-step instructions on how to install solar panels in your dorm room! However, before you start, make sure you take all safety precautions and enlist the help of a friend. You also have to take permission from authorities and fill out any necessary paperwork that may be involved.
Assess the Rooftop and build a Platform/mounting
For starters, it is essential to assess the site for the solar system installation. For a dorm room, this would usually be the rooftop of your building. You have to make sure that the roof receives adequate sunlight and has enough space for the solar panels. If you want to go the extra mile, then you can even get an engineer to assess the site for you.  After getting permission from the university, you can build a platform or mount on the rooftop of your building. Make sure the platform or mounting that you build for the solar panels is robust and firmly attached to the roof. While building the mounting, ensure that it is built in such a way that the solar panels face whichever direction gets them the maximum amount of light. The tilt angle of your solar panels should be decided according to the latitude of your location.
Installation of Solar Panels
Once the mounting structure is secured firmly to the rooftop, you can continue to assemble and mount the solar panels. You will be given a set of instructions with your solar panels that you are to follow while installing them.  Ensure that all of the solar panel's nuts and bolts have been appropriately attached so that the panels are correctly secured. Once the panels have been assembled and seem to be firmly connected and positioned, you can move on to the next step.
Wiring of the Solar Panels
Next, you have to wire the solar panels. Usually, MC4 connectors are used since they are universal connectors that can be connected with any solar panels. If you are connecting the solar panels in a series, then you have to connect the positive end of one module to the negative end of another module. 
How To Install Solar Panels If You Live In The Dorm, Step By Step on how To Install Solar Panels If You Live In The Dorm, Solar Panel Installation Guide
Series circuits increase the voltage and match it to the battery bank. If you are connecting the solar panels in a parallel connection, then you will join the positive end of one module to the positive end of another, and the negative end of one module, to the negative end of the other. A parallel circuit can maintain the voltage of each circuit.
Install a grounding wire, which should be extended at least 6’ from the ground.
Connection b/w Solar Panel, Inverter and Battery
Establish a connection between the solar panel and the inverter first. You will have to have a safe and efficient conduit to transfer the wires from the outside to the inside. Once you have an established conduit, start connecting the wires of the solar panels to the inverter.  Connect the positive wire coming from the solar panel, with the positive terminal of the inverter, and connect the negative wire of the solar panel with the negative terminal of the inverter. If your solar panel system is off-grid, then you must install a battery to store backup power. Connect the battery to the inverter through heavy-duty battery cables.  Connect the positive terminal of the inverter to the positive terminal of the battery and then repeat the same steps for the negative terminal.
Check all Connections
If you have the solar system installed, check all the connections and cables to ensure everything has been connected correctly. You can get someone from the solar panel company to help with the installation or conduct a final check. Once everything is in order, you can use the solar panels to power your dorm.


Numerous students are looking to use green energy to power their dorms. One such method is by using solar panels. These come in a variety of sizes and are relatively easy to install and work with.  However, most students don’t have the time to carry out such improvements for their dorms since they’re overburdened with work. In such cases, you can easily hire someone online and pay them a small amount to write an excellent essay or do your papers for you. If you have the time and capacity to install solar panels, though, you can follow our easy, step by step guide on how to install them yourself! Thanks for reading this tutorial, if you have a question regarding this article in your mind. You can comment below and ask us anything.