A Giftware Guide for Software Guys, giftware for cs, gifts for engineers
The thought of special holidays coming up isn’t always what gets us scrambling to check off our gift lists. For most of us, gift-giving occasions happen all year round, with someone’s birthday or anniversary to commemorate almost every month. While gift ideas abound for teachers, doctors, or hobbyists, it is a little more challenging to find the perfect present for that loveable computer geek or software engineer in your life. Techies can be quite particular about the latest gadgets that get them excited. But it’s not always about model kits or computer hardware. To find the right gift, a little imagination and resourcefulness are all that’s required. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Coffee Break Gift Basket

Hardworking computer engineers often work round the clock, and may need some reminding to take much-needed breaks. After all, the best ideas usually come to a mind that’s refreshed and rested. To create a coffee-themed gift, simply find a decorative box or a roomy basket and fill it with coffee essentials, including your friend or loved one’s favorite blend. If your budget allows it, you can even opt to include a funny mug or a single-serve coffee press. If putting together an appealing coffee break gift basket seems daunting, there’s no need to worry. You can simply order one, ready made, from one-stop online gift shops that provide specialty gift baskets and delivery services. Gift baskets are a thoughtful and crowd-pleasing idea that won’t fail to delight its recipient, especially during those long, exhausting workdays. Our favorite source for gift baskets are here.

Circuit Board Novelties

Software engineers may have little to do with circuit boards, but the idea is quirky and fun, nevertheless! They’ll look sharp like the geek gods that they are as they sport a necktie with a circuit board print, or when they entertain guests using a set of coasters made of actual circuit board parts. A whole range of similarly themed items are available online, from jewelry and accessories, to notebooks and clocks made out of recycled and repurposed circuit boards. Not only is this idea creative, it’s eco-friendly, too!

Raspberry Pi Starter Kit

A Giftware Guide for Software Guys, giftware for cs, gifts for engineers
This efficient little device is perfect for student engineers and beginner enthusiasts. It enables anyone, young or old, to explore computing and learn basic programming. It’s capable of equipping users with the tools to build homemade versions of laptops or netbooks, portable gaming consoles, music systems or radios, scanners, weather detectors, and even household appliances. It’s safe to say that your engineer is sure to flip over this gift, if he doesn’t possess one already.

Geek Games and Puzzles

Software engineers live and breathe codes. Computer language is what they use to communicate their best ideas. Give them a gift that challenges their intellect and their penchant for finding solutions to every problem. Have them solve tough puzzles that require them to crack complicated codes, or brainteaser games that will provide hours of challenging amusement.

Decode the Possibilities

If someone’s special day is just around the corner, this list is your springboard to finding the perfect gift. In fact, any of the above suggestions is sure to be a hit with your computer engineer friends. They’re useful and lighthearted, and show how much you know your buddies. There are more items and possibilities to be explored out there, and matching the right gift to the right person is part of the fun. One rule of thumb in gift hunting: if you love the gift you’ve chosen yourself, chances are your recipient will love it, too. Be guided accordingly, and let the search begin!