Adding Home Tech Devices Without Busting the Budget
Are you planning to spruce up your home with a few of the latest high-tech devices? Then you're in luck with the recent engineering advances that have brought all sorts of interesting, exciting products within reach of everyday homeowners. Some of the top-selling devices, apps, and gadgets have been around for several years but are only now priced to move, as merchants like to say. What's attracting today's homeowners? Several of the biggest sellers include next-generation LED lighting, smart plumbing products, advanced robotic vacuums, walkway lights that operate on solar energy, water faucet meters, ingenious power strips that save money, intrusion detection systems, and many more.

So far, the 2020s are turning out to be an era when engineering advances have come to the rescue of everyday consumers. That's true when it comes to convenience, safety, comfort, saving money, and efficiency. How can you make a plan to acquire your favorite tech products for the home? Start by choosing a few that are suited for your house or apartment, and then make a detailed budget to cover all the costs. Here's how to get started, along with a short listing of the current top selling favorite items.

Choose Three or Four Favorites

The most appropriate way to upgrade your home's technology profile is to select several products that fit in with your lifestyle, personal preferences, and budget. Depending on where you live and how large your dwelling is, some items will make more sense than others. There are many real-life products of Internet of Things that pertain to your home. If you're not sure about how much energy it takes to operate your home annually, check with your utility company before selecting an energy-saving device. As well, evaluate your need for things like robo-vacuums, shower meters, and walkway lights. Some homes just aren't good candidates for every gadget that comes along. After making a plan, move on to the budgeting phase of the operation.

Adding Home Tech Devices Without Busting the Budget

Create a Budget That Covers All Expenses

Unless you have enough cash on hand to finance a major purchase, it's wise to consider taking out a personal loan to cover all the costs of upgrading your living space. Keep in mind that unless you're exceptionally handy, you'll likely need to hire professional installers for some tech products. When creating a budget, include the cost of both the item and installation. If you intend to purchase extended warranties, add that cost in too. Working with a lender to apply for a personal loan is the most efficient way to deal with home improvement costs like security systems, specialized lighting, and others. Many consumers are surprised to realize how easy it is to pay for everything at once with a loan.

Smart Plumbing

Cutting water use is easy with modern engineering on your side. Everyone has encountered the motion activated faucets in public restrooms. Now, you can install these same money saving devices in all your bathrooms, kitchens, and wherever there's running water. It might seem like a small issue, but smart faucets cut household water usage by as much as 10 percent for the average family. That means cutting utility bills significantly and saving money year-round.

Solar Walkway Lighting

If you like the ambiance and attractiveness of a lighted walkway in front of your house, check out some of the solar offerings available at improvement retailers. You can go small or extravagant with this project, but the upshot is that there's no wiring or electrical cost because the entire arrangement uses solar power. Some homeowners choose to line every cement or paved area with these lights. Not only do they look great and make your home literally shine after dark, but they help prevent falls.

Adding Home Tech Devices Without Busting the Budget


Robo-vacs have been on the market for nearly two decades, but today's versions are better than ever. For one thing, they're quieter. They also use less energy, can monitor their paths with more precision, and come with high-tech filters as well as larger dust containers. For apartment residents, there are smaller vacs that are easier to store and don't take up much space. The high-end robo-vacs are lightweight powerhouses that do an excellent job of cleaning hardwood floors, linoleum, thick rugs, and numerous other surfaces. Some can automatically change their power levels based on the surfaces they detect.

Shower & Bath Water Meters

Recent breakthroughs in engineering made these clever gadgets possible. Not only do they measure the amount of water you're using or have used, but they also monitor the temperature to deliver a total readout of how much energy and water you use when showering, washing hands, or taking a bath. Meters are a convenient way to become aware of precisely what it costs to do ordinary daily chores and adjust your activities accordingly. For large families, cutting water usage in baths and showers can chop a sizeable chunk off the monthly bills for water and the electricity used to heat it.

Smart Power Strips

For those who like to minimize electricity use, the newest smart power strips can work in any room where you use multiple appliances. These days, that means pretty much every room in the house. Each strip includes several smart outlets that use motion detection to turn off things like lamps, TVs, and audio systems when they sense no human presence for a specified amount of time. Some of the outlets are standard, always on versions like you already have on your walls. The beauty of smart strips is that you'll never have to worry about leaving the lights on again.

Adding Home Tech Devices Without Busting the Budget

Window & Door Intrusion Detectors

The latest security devices are all-around wonders that can detect any movement of windows and doors all through the house. Plus, you can monitor the entire system via an app on your phone, desktop computer, or from any remote device. Whether you're taking a nap or away on vacation, it's easy to set alarms that tell you when someone is attempting to enter your home. These ingenious products are ideal for any owner but especially for families who have small children and for adults who live alone.