Top Embedded ICs to Learn in 2023, embedded IC

Hey readers! Welcome to the engineering world where we are talking about the embedded system today. Integrated circuits are the most important unit of embedded technology. With the advancement in the working of integrated systems, new designs and technologies are being introduced to embedded circuits. The explosion of the new varieties of ICs is ample evidence of the promising future of embedded engineering. Semiconductor vendors are unleashing new variety in the market. 

For engineers and workers, this is a challenge to get command of the latest trends. Even getting updated in multiple trending ICs is difficult but we have made your research easy. This article has the list of top embedded integrated circuits that are in trend and you must know them. Not only the introduction but having a grip on the working and applications of these ICs can boost your skill.

Top Embedded ICs to Learn in 2023, embedded IC

Top Embedded ICs to Learn in 2023

As we venture into 2023, we can see a great list of several types of ICs capture our attention. These ICs are responsible for the advanced technologies of IoT, smart devices, and the real-time grand projects of embedded systems. We have been noticing this trend for decades and it seems it is not going to change. Here is a list of some of the most advanced and useful embedded ICs that are making the embedded world the most efficient.

Intel Quark Series

The Intel Quark series has revolutionary results in the series of microcontrollers. This is the family of ICs that are introduced for low power, integrated security and scalable architecture. The low-power processors are made for wearable devices and the Internet of Things. IoT. Here are some of the main features that are discussed by Intel itself:

Low Power Consumption

It is one of the most attractive features of this series. This makes this series ideal for battery-powered devices. It is the reason, IoT designers found it useful to add in the circuit. To make it suitable for wearable devices, the size of this series is kept very small.

Top Embedded ICs to Learn in 2023, embedded IC

Integrated Security

It is another feature that is making it popular for the latest devices. These make sure your connectivity with the other devices is secure. In this way, it becomes easy for the user to manage the devices that are using the Intel Quark Series. 


The more scalable a device is, the easier and more cost-efficient it is. This series helps you to have devices with broad categories of fields. The reusable software can easily scale up and down the working and it makes it more efficient than the previous series introduced by the manufacturers. 


The demand for skills in microcontrollers and microprocessors seems to be a never-ending trend. Therefore, we recommend you add these to your list of learning. Here are two most trendy microcontrollers:


 It is the best option for beginners as well as for those who want to have a grip on the most efficient and user-friendly microcontrollers. This is the best way to have a grip on the micro-controllers and these are not only trending today but are working in the field for years. 

Arduino has various sensors and other devices that collectively, make the system of microcontrollers more efficient and creative. The actuators are the backbone of multiple machines and system and it is called “mover” in a controlled system.

Top Embedded ICs to Learn in 2023, embedded IC

Raspberry Pi

If you love versatility and ease of use in one design then you must learn Raspberry Pi. It has extensive uses in the field of embedded systems and can be used for a variety of projects. This is the most popular board used in the learning projects of embedded students and we recommend you to use the latest technologies and versions to work with this electronic component . This is a perfect combination of software and hardware that makes the work quick and efficient. 

Micro-Chip PIC32

This series has the perfect balance of performance and versatile features. These are the first priority of different types of embedded systems and learning these is useful for a long period of time. The good thing is, these have the scope in almost every field whether you are choosing the simple usage of an LED or making yourself ready for the complex industrial fields. Here are some important ICs to learn here:

PIC Microcontrollers

These are known for their versatile design and easy working. These microcontrollers are made with microchip technology. This family includes the microcontrollers such as PIC 16, PIC18, PIC32, etc. 

AVR Microcontroller

This was introduced by Atmel which is now part of Microchip. The main reason behind their popularity is their simple and easy structure. Moreover, it can be used in the Arduino and the combined working has the scope in the market so we recommend you learn this.

Top Embedded ICs to Learn in 2023, embedded IC

ARM Cortex-M

The ARM Cortex-M is one of the most popular IC that you must learn in this era. This 32-bit RISC family works under the licence of ARM. The scope of this IC is not just limited to the latest technology but has been used in millions of devices that customers are using now. It means it has the scope for years and learning it is profitable. 

The designing process was carried out by keeping embedded applications in mind. Moreover, the small footprint and easy-to-understand design help the learners to get the concepts easily. 

Wireless Connectivity ICs

Wireless connectivity has made the world far different from the previous era. This has made connectivity and communication the easiest and less time taking. As we venture to 2023, we can see these ICS have not only transformed the devices into a better and more convenient way to communicate and perform a hundred operations. 

Learning the wireless connectivity ICs is recommended because of the revolution in the devices these have made. From working with useful fields like IoT to the wireless communication of heavy devices, these ICs are the backbone for a large variety of systems. Some of these are listed below:

Bluetooth Connectivity ICs

I believe the Bluetooth process is well-known to all of us and learning these ICs is fruitful because of the trend of using these ICs now not only in mobile but the devices such as speakers, headsets, keyboards, etc. Some popular ICs include Nordic nRF52840 and the Qualcomm QCC5100.

Zigbee ICs

The ICs are used for the connectivity between the low-power wireless network such as bulbs and door locks. Home automation is one of the most demanding skills in embedded systems and learning Zingbee ICs like Texas Instruments CC2530 is highly recommended.

Top Embedded ICs to Learn in 2023, embedded IC


This is another IC used for communication. These are used for short-term communications but learning these in the modern era is important because this is used for contactless recognition. For instance, these ICs are used for contactless payments, transferring of data, and the authentication processes (such as the registration of SIM). The important IC to learn is STMicroelectronics M24LR04.

Renesas RX Series

The Renesas RX series is a popular series in embedded systems and a large community is learning these because these have scope in present and future as well. It is a 32-bit microcontroller and their performance and low power consumption make them ideal for multiple devices.

  • It has four products in line named RX100, RX200, RX600, and RX700. All of these have the same working mechanism but the features like power consumption, performance, results, etc are different. Some key features of these series are given here:
  • These have a 32-bit CPU that on average has a clock speed of 200MHz.
  • They provide a wide range of peripheral devices connection. So if someone learns these ICs, there are more chances to get hired.
  • It is suitable for a large variety of operating systems including Linux and RTOS. So, learners from different operating systems are learning these.

Why Learning Embedded ICs Useful in 2023?

The topic of embedded system ICs is not new. We have been looking at the applications of embedded systems in multiple types of devices. As technology is advancing day by day, people are working more on these skills. The automation in homes and offices is mainly depending upon the embedded system. The working of IoT has enhanced the scale of popularity of these ICs. Here are some other important points that justify the importance of learning these skills in 2023.

Top Embedded ICs to Learn in 2023, embedded IC

Integration of Devices

Embedded ICs are the backbone of today's technology. The advancement in technology has enhanced the demand for devices like automatic door openers, smartphones, etc. Thus, people are using devices made with ICs in homes, offices, industries, and everywhere. The scope of these ICs is never ensign, therefore, learning these is helpful for a secure future. 

IoT connectivity with ICs

This is the time of artificial intelligence and IoT and the most suitable time to learn the ICs. People are moving towards home automation and the connection of non-living things together. Physically, this can happen with the help of ICs related to Bluetooth functioning and other such features that make communication possible. 

Endless Opportunities

For those who are seeking a skill that will help them for a long time, ICs are perfect. The versatile working of ICs in several fields makes it perfect for beginners as well as for experts who want to get a grip on multiple fields. 

The industries such as healthcare, home automation, office management, robotics, and aerospace rely on the embedded system. This makes it a useful field.

Versatility in the System

People in other fields are learning the ICs to have more creative devices and useful output. The ICs provide versatility in the work that is up to mark. It has been noticed that ICs have replaced multiple devices and tools because these provide easy working at a low cost. This versatility resulted in a large number of experts as well as students dealing with their devices according to their needs.

Top Embedded ICs to Learn in 2023, embedded IC

Cost Efficient Learning

The basic feature of a device is its cost and efficiency. With the help of ICs, learning is not only less time taking but the power consumption and lower cost make it perfect for students and people with low budgets to learn.

In many cases, heavy and costly devices are being replaced with simple and easy-to-use ICs. These not only help to learn faster but are efficient in the results as well.

High Demand Skill

The points we have just discussed have made the ICs a hot topic not only for industries and offices but also for the common people. These are highly demanding skills that industries require and if someone is an expert in these, there are a lot of chances to get hired. As new technologies are emerging in the market, people are now moving towards the working of ICs and the demand for skills is high.

So, this was all for today, we have seen different types of ICS that are useful to learn in 2023. Some of these were the latest and some had the trend for years. This is the evidence that skills in ICs are always helpful and one must work on it. Students in the fields like computer engineering, electrical or electronic engineering, and mechatronics are more likely to be attracted to these ICs. One must have the idea about multiple ICs and then, choose the most suitable. We recommend you make a list of these according to your interest and then learn all these according to your profession. 

There are multiple sources of learning these skills and the internet is the most efficient in this regard. The computer itself is made with the ICs and the internet is full of its advantages and training. So I hope your path is clear now. You know the whole list of some important skills that you must have and the applications and working of all these ICs is shared with you in detail. Make sure you comment about the first IC you have chosen for learning and we will try to provide the whole data for your work.