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Ethereum Accounts: Definition, Types and Fields

Ethereum Accounts, ethereum system, ethereum blockchain, Types of Accounts, Externally Owned Accounts, Contract Accounts, Fields of an Ethereum Account Hello friends, hope you are doing good and enjoying your life. Today, I am going to introduce you to Ethereum accounts. I have given you an introduction to blockchain in my previous tutorials, so let’s get started on the essentials of this technology. I am going to start with accounts. Ethereum Acco ...

Ethereum Blockchain: Definition, Currency, Working & Components

Ethereum blockchain, Ethereum meaning, History of Ethereum, working of ethereum, Components of Ethereum, Ethereum Cryptocurrency, Ethereum smart contract Hello friends, Hope you are doing good. In my last tutorial, I gave you an introduction to blockchain technology and this article is the second one of this series. Today I am going to talk about Ethereum. In simple words, Ethereum is an open-source platform of blockchain technology. But unlike the ...