Movavi Video Converter - Best WebM to MP4 ConverterThe WebM video format has its set of limitations. It can be used on some platforms, but is incompatible with the most popularly used multimedia software. With the masses spending more time in watching videos on their mobile devices, having an incompatible video format like WebM doesn’t make much sense. Whether you are a professional, a business or spend a lot of time watching videos, you would want to convert WebM to MP4. And you can achieve this easily and quickly using the Movavi video converter.

You will often come across a number of online tools that claim to offer free video conversion. But all those providers come with a hidden caveat. No one can afford to run a website for free and offer free services at the same time. So your video files are always at risk of being used by those services, without your consent or knowledge. Whatever your concerns about your content, you should use a software to convert WebM to MP4 that has a reputation in the market and protects your videos with strong privacy and confidentiality policies.

Movavi Video Converter – Best WebM to MP4 Converter

First and foremost, this easy-to-use software protects your video files. The Movavi brand has been in the industry for years and has a positive market reputation. This software offers a single click setup and operation. It can convert WebM to MP4 quickly and even enhances the file’s quality.

Uses of the Movavi Video Converter

You can use the Movavi video converter for the following purposes:

  • You can convert not just video files, but even audio and image files.
  • You can also convert DVDs into MP4 format so that the videos can be viewed on any device, including mobile devices.
  • The software can convert WebM to MP4 quickly without reducing its quality (usually, many other software, including online tools will affect the quality when converting a video file).
  • This software can in fact allow you to enhance the video’s quality.
  • You can also adjust the sound.
  • Video clips can be saved into a format that can be readily played on any mobile device.

Importance of the MP4 Video Format

The MP4 format is a widely used video format that can be opened in most types of devices, ranging from PCs to smartphones. It is the generally used format for light yet high-quality videos, including movies especially meant to be played on mobile devices. On the other hand, the WebM is a format that requires some additional plug-ins for usual media players. It is restricted to be opened using only specific players. With the Movavi video converter, you can convert WebM to MP4 in just a few clicks. However, that is not the only format that can be converted. You can use this software to convert a wide range of other video file formats into MP4.

Supported File Formats

This video converting software allows you to do much more than just convert WebM to MP4. It supports a wide range of video formats besides MP4. This includes AVI, MOV, MPEG-1/2, 3GP, and even audio formats. You can convert a video file to be played on all the popular devices including the iPhone, iPad, all mobile devices running on Android, and even the Xbox and PlayStation.

Anyone with basic IT skills can use this simple video converter. You can add a single WebM file (or any other format) or multiple files to convert to MP4. You can even select a different output file format. And all this can be done without the worry of your file being used by the converter.

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