which engineering field should you pick, engineering career, how to choose engineering, pcbwayHi Friends! Hope you are doing well. Today, I will highlight and discuss the details on Which Engineering Field Should You Pick? Mystery Unlocked.

If your parents are traditional and orthodox in nature, you are left out with only two options picking as a career i.e. Engineer or Doctor. Former is related to math while later involves the comprehensive study of human biology. In this post we cover we cover the best engineering field for you? Or Engineering is for you anyway?

There are lots of question coming around and making your mind confused when you pass out your high school and are on the verge of selecting engineering field as a career. With that being said, picking the right type of engineering is not a one night process, it starts right in your school days when you are studying and taking part in regular activities. That is the right time to start figuring out and keenly observe the parameters that intrigue and provoke you as a student and the things that you love doing without getting bored. Engineering is not for everyone.

Protip: If you are interested in arts, don’t fall a prey to society or parent’s pressure that you need to pick engineering anyway. If you hate science and math, there is no point in wasting four years in the field that you hate or have no interest in it at all. Engineering field or any direct relation with math seem quite daunting for some students and they go into the sheer trauma when they hear the word “Maths”

I don’t know I’m favoring engineering or scaring the hell out of you by pointing out the negatives of engineering field. Anyway back to the main topic. Engineering field is quite vast and covers almost every aspect of human life including, biomedical, space, transportation, infrastructure development, electrical power, communication, automotive etc.

Which Engineering Field Should You Pick? Mystery Unlocked

Following are some main engineering field you can pick based on your nature and field of interest.

which engineering field should you pick, engineering career, how to choose engineering, pcbway

Computer Engineering

This is an emerging field that has made our lives easy and hassle-free more than ever before. The inception of Windows in 1995 took the technology by storm by providing easy layout and design where people with no prior knowledge or skills can get a hands-on experience with the learning process of a computer.

Computer technology involves both hardware and software used in systems. If playing around with computers incite you anyway and you find it tempting to spend most of your time on a computer, then you can make your feet wet with this field.

which engineering field should you pick, engineering career, how to choose engineering, pcbway

Danger: Software engineering involves some complex algorithm related to programming that can be very inundated and formidable for you. Before you pick this engineering field, make sure you have some basic knowledge about the programming language used in this field like C, C++, Assembly, Java, HTML, PHP. No prior knowledge about some terms used in software can create trouble in the future and put your whole career on shaky grounds.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is the mother of all engineering. This field covers knowledge about mechanical products, hydraulics, stress measurement, thermodynamics, and everything that involves driving force that requires minimum input and delivers maximum output.

Point to Remember. This field is quite rough, boring and requires field work where you need to work with heavy machines all day long. If you don’t come with problem-solving ability, then you can find this field quite intimidating. Also, you need to be physically tough to play with and fix the machines. Yes, there are some females who join this field, but after completing graduation, they don’t like to continue this field as a career and look for alternatives and end up joining marketing department in the company.

which engineering field should you pick, engineering career, how to choose engineering, pcbway

Still, it doesn’t mean girls are not allowed to pick this field. If they are love to deal with heavy machines, they can opt this field. I can’t help pointing out one thing – If you are a female and aim to join this field, you will be only three or four girls in the whole class of scary boys (yes boys look scary when there 40 students in the class and only 4 of them are girls where every boy remains in a continues struggle figuring out how many boys are reserved for each girl :P)

Aeronautical Engineering

This engineering deals with aircraft. If you have a sense of playing with airplane and love getting knowledge about the design, development, and manufacturing of aircraft, then you are advised to pick this field as a career. With every day passing, people love to opt for the airplane as a source of transportation. And this field requires more engineers to handle, fix and maintain the quality of air jets.

which engineering field should you pick, engineering career, how to choose engineering, pcbway

Electrical Engineering

This engineering deals with the applications of electrical power. There is a drastic danger involved playing with electrical power especially when your circuits involve high voltage rating as they come with a higher chance of getting short circuit if proper care is not employed during the development these circuits.

which engineering field should you pick, engineering career, how to choose engineering, pcbway

If you intend to pick this field you need to develop electrical circuits every now and then where you require PCB circuit to connect different components on the board. There are many service provider available in the market. You can not pick the low-quality PCB and put your whole project at risk. PCBWay is the best service provider that provide boards with thick copper that suit and stand fit for your technical requirements where traces are well aligned and connected with each other, setting you fear from the fear of losing connection that can put your project in a total stall.

which engineering field should you pick, engineering career, how to choose engineering, pcbway

Note: Including these mentioned fields, there are many other fields like chemical engineering, civil engineering, mechatronics engineering, transportation engineering etc. Before you pick any field, make sure the designing principle and work requirement of that particular field is quite in line with your nature and you don’t feel bored if you need to work for hours.

That’s all for today. I hope you have found this article useful. If you are unsure or have any question, you can ask me in the comment section below. I’d love to guide you picking the right field for you as a career. Thanks for reading the article.

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    recently i have completed my 12th now want to join engineering course. by reading this article I decided to do career with electrical engineering.
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