finding the value in your utility data, how to find value in utility data, what is utility data
Hi Guys! Hope you are doing well. I am back to give you a daily dose of valuable information as per your needs and requirements so you can excel and grow in your relevant field. Today, I'll discuss a number of ways about Finding the Value in Your Utility Data. The expansion of technology in the business sector brings unlimited possibilities.  The business portal all corporate executives and entrepreneurs want, which contains all the data needed to monitor statistics and other data that is essential to know if a business is succeeding or failing, is available at a simple keystroke.  

Finding the Value in Your Utility Data

Utility data, or a business intelligence portal, is the way to be completely aware of assets, liabilities, capital, and expenses. Following are the number of ways you can find value in your utility data. 
finding the value in your utility data, how to find value in utility data, what is utility data
If you wish to get value from your utility data, be familiar with the features it entails.  Many utility data portals contain various types of data in an excel spreadsheet. 
  • Some of the data you can have access to would be comparison reports, product capability reports, multiple templates, and financial reports.
Not only is management given various reports to examine to evaluate business success, but business intelligence portals also provide information to explain how a product might be breaking down as well as steps to resolve an issue. Leveraging a business intelligence portal can help streamline this.
Collect, Store, Organize
Depending on the type of framework involved, business data must be stored in the portal, and a system must be implemented to organize information collected by management or designated person.  
  • A knowledgeable person must input the data required on an as-needed basis. There are a variety of software packages available from which management can choose.
finding the value in your utility data, how to find value in utility data, what is utility data
Once the needed information is gathered (sales, other income, expenses, liabilities, etc.), the data is entered into the system.  At this point, the system organizes the given information.
  • Depending upon the way your business has structured its utility data, your graphs, charts, reports, or statements can be arranged in a variety of ways.
Analyze and Share
Although the business intelligence portal will display various projections for you, some analyzation is up to you.  The gateway will analyze data and supply suggested strategies for you to implement; however, you will still need to make the final decision as to the steps you will take resulting from the data you have obtained from your portal.
  • To get the value from your utility data, it is essential that you are sure you can rely on accurate information given from your own sources; however, it is equally important that you know when to implement the strategies offered.  
Of course, a good portal will provide you with the who, what, when, where, how, and why; yet, you will have the final say. A valuable portal will give you good projections, but those will be based on the data entered. Checking to ensure that the data presented is accurate will be up to you or your management.
Data is Everything
The data in which you supply the portal will determine the usefulness of the various reports and strategies you receive.  Several types of data can be utilized by a business intelligence portal.
finding the value in your utility data, how to find value in utility data, what is utility data
  • Enterprise data which is shared across locations and departments.
Structured data which is organized in a database or spreadsheet. Semi-structured data contains tags and markers to separate elements, but it is not what is found in typical databases.
  • Unstructured data is that which is not organized in a predictable manner such as PDF's, Videos, or PowerPoint Presentations.
If you want both internal and external data to compare, it is essential to supply your portal with a variety of information.
  • Any executive or entrepreneur wants business data that is organized and easily accessible but to get the most value from your utility data, have a wide variety of information to input from both internal and external sources.
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