3 Writing Projects You Can Finish in a Single Day, increase writing skills, writing style better
Writing is an art that is utilized in numerous areas of life. The same art is applied to projects that require specialized skills in research, writing, editing. Without sticking to the right procedure of doing a writing project, the content of any document will fail to deliver the intended message sufficiently or you spend more hours than needed, for example, 24 hours instead of 2 hours. Assess the scope of your project now! Let us take a look at the general procedure in the writing process as well as the necessary steps incorporated in writing a project you need to write today - an essay, report, case study or research paper.

3 Top Writing Projects to Complete Fast within 24 Hours

  1. Creative writing projects that involve writing dialogues, poems, short stories and other pieces of creative writing. The only condition of good writing is writing in a creative way. What does it mean? Just use your imagination on a page and it will be appreciated. For quick results in creative writing, you need to know 15 ways to increase imagination and creativity.
  2. 500-word essays that will be about a page and a half. You can heave a sigh of relief immediately after you are assigned to do this project instead of writing a research paper. You are just required to write 500 words on the essay topic. So don’t worry if you recollect about this assignment in the last minute, you’ll succeed in it fast. It is possible to write even in an hour only if you follow the effective tips of urgent writing. Keep in mind that it is better to stick to the point rather than beating about the bush.
  3. Article reviews that are aimed at summarizing and evaluating another writer's article. What can be simpler than reading an article and reviewing it accordingly? Believe a single day will be devoted to the given project in case if you take the next 5 steps in the quick writing process.

5 Main Steps in the Quick Writing Process

The following is a detailed breakdown of the general writing procedure for any project you need now:
  • Have an idea of what to write about. Everything deserves proper planning and writing is not exceptional. Planning involves having a clear picture of what you intend to write about. This way you can swing into action seamlessly. Not only is this applicable in creative writing, but it also cuts across other forms of writing including official and formal. It would be easier to take note of any ideas that cross your mind in a notebook.
  • Build on your idea. Ideas just give you a sketch of what you intend to come up with. The next stage of writing is to get some flesh onto your sketch. Here you undertake brainstorming and free writing which is basically expounding and actualizing your imaginations. Additionally, no editing on flow and other errors is required at this point. After compiling your random ideas, the next step would be to pick out the most appealing one that corresponds with the heading or the aim of your final draft. The ideas gathered here will form the actual book or paper.
  • Begin writing a project. Now that you have the ideas and a proper plan of execution you can delve into the actual writing process. Now that this is your first draft, do not keep your focus on grammar or word count. Similarly, you should not freak out about veering off the topic. This stage involves a lot of free writing. As a matter of fact, even the best writers produce several drafts before getting it right.
  • Revise your work. By this time, you should at least have one draft of your ideas. Revision involves a lot of things. To begin with, you should check whether you draft is in line with the topic. Other than that, confirm if the word count is right. In addition to that, you can rearrange the format to your liking, remove some parts that seem irrelevant or replace words and sentences with better ones.
  • Edit and proofread your written content. A flawless project will be more appealing to whoever reads it. That is why you should refine your draft. No matter how perfect you may be, you are still expendable when it comes to making mistakes in one way or the other. That is why we have this stage. Look out for spelling errors, punctuation, omissions, repetitions, grammar, and clarity. In case you hire a freelancer from fast essay writing service, this might also be a great time to go through your paper and eliminate any shortcomings. Editing and proofreading is the final stage for any writing process.
Finally, a proper procedure guarantees the instant effective communication and the right course of action will direct you to quick results in writing. Rather than use 24/7 fast essay writing services to write your project, you can make use of the procedures above to create the best paper ever.