electrical engineering, BSC in electrical engineering, EE, electrical engineers, electronic engineers
Hello friends! I hope you are doing well. In today's tutorial, I am going to discuss what is the Bachelor of Electrical Engineering? The Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering is a five-year academic degree program. It focuses mainly on planning, developing, and designing a sustainable, safe, and economical use of electrical energy. This degree enables students to design, develop and maintain electrical devices, electrical equipment, digital devices, and machinery control. Here, in this post, I will discuss the main branches of Electrical Engineering, major subjects, minor subjects, its scope, job opportunities, duration, cost, types of jobs, top universities offering this degree and top companies offering jobs for electrical engineers.

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

Electronic engineering

Electronic engineering's purpose is to design and evaluate the electronic circuits, electric devices, and components use in them such as capacitors, diodes, inductors, resistors, and transistors to get proper functions. They also work on tuned circuits. They also involve in the development of electronic devices such as television, computer, mobile, and microprocessors. Due to these electronic engineers, we are able to see novel technology such as high quality smart computers and phones.
electrical engineering, BSC in electrical engineering, EE, electrical engineers, electronic engineers

Power engineering

Power engineering deal with the production, transmission, and proper distribution of electricity. They also design a large range of devices use in this field such as electric generators, transformers,  power electronics, and motors. In many areas all over the world, governments also hire electronic engineers to control the electrical network like the power grid to produce electricity. Power engineers also focus on the maintenance and working of the power grid. The future involves satellite control by power systems.

Control engineering

Control engineering concentrates on modeling a different range of electrical system, also design the controllers so that systems work properly. To achieve such controllers, electrical engineers use microcontroller, digital processors, electronic circuits, and programmable logic controller. This field has a broad range of applications from the propulsion systems and flight of commercial airliners. They also plays an important role in industrial computerization and automation. Such as they work on robotics to perform independent systems with the use of control algorithms.
electrical engineering, BSC in electrical engineering, EE, electrical engineers, electronic engineers

Telecommunications engineering

The main aim of telecommunications engineering branch is to transmit information through different channels such as optical fibers, cables, or space. They have to build a transmitter that can effectively transmit signals in space a well. They work on popular analog techniques such as frequency modulation and amplitude modulation. A key concern in the design of transmitters is power dissipation. So they also focus on such concerns.
electrical engineering, BSC in electrical engineering, EE, electrical engineers, electronic engineers

Computer engineering

Computer engineering field deal with the design and building of computers and its systems. This also involves the design of novel hardware, PDAs, new tablets, and supercomputers. Computer engineers also focus on complex software systems. Desktop computers serve as a tiny fraction of the devices and computer engineers work on, their jobs also including DVD players and video game controllers. Computer engineers are highly in demand and hired by famous companies like Apple.
electrical engineering, BSC in electrical engineering, EE, electrical engineers, electronic engineers

Instrumentation engineering

Instrumentation engineering mainly focuses on the design of devices that use to measure physical quantities like flow, temp, and pressure. They must have good physics knowledge to design such instruments. Such as the flight instruments used to measure the wind speed and height so that the pilot can control the plane analytically.
electrical engineering, BSC in electrical engineering, EE, electrical engineers, electronic engineers
Some other branches are:
  • Electro-Optical Engineering.
  • Signal processing.
  • Distribution engineering.
  • Microelectronics.

Major subjects of BSC in Electrical Engineering

The major subjects taught in this degree are: The basic electrical engineering first-year courses are listed here. These courses can vary from university to university. But these are the basic course that students have to cover by most of the universities. The students also have to pass other minor courses including humanities, management to become great personalities. And in the final year, they have to complete a project or design in which they have knowledge and skills. Then they submit this project with a written thesis or report with written all information about that project. They have to pretend their project to pass the degree. The first year course work that students have to study listed below:
  • the basic of electrical engineering such as AC and DC circuit analysis.
  • Transmission and Distribution.
  • Electro-magnetism.
  • Practical implementation of fundamental theory concepts.
  • Instrumentation.
  • Microprocessor interfacing.
  • Circuit Analysis, Electronics.
  • Electrodynamics.
  • Microelectronic fabrication techniques.
  • Electrical Engineering Material.
  • Electricity Technology and Machines.
  • Control systems.
  • Digital circuit logic.
Students get to familiarize themselves with circuit fabrication, the use of electrical equipment, and many other tools related to this field. Today, the world is mainly relying on technology and electrical power. Therefore there is a need for professional electrical engineers who are cable of managing all tasks. Such as designing and creating electrical products, maintaining, and repairing them. After graduation as an expert electrical engineer, you can get great opportunities of getting a job in many areas of the world.

Minor subjects of BSC in Electrical Engineering

Minor subjects varied form university to university. In some universities, students can select the minor subjects according to their choice.
  • Logic Design.
  • Signals & Systems.
  • Communication Systems.
  • Stochastic Processes.
  • Wireless Communication.
  • Introduction to Learning from Data.
  • Electronics.
  • Fabrication Technology for Integrated Circuits.
  • Power Electronics.
  •  Analog Electronics.
  • Electromagnetics I.
  • Electromagnetics II.
  • Machine Learning.
  • Control Systems.
  • Digital Image Processing & Communication.
  • Analog VLSI Circuit Design.
  • Electrical Energy Systems.
  • Photonics Laboratory
  • Physics of Semiconductor Devices.
  • Dynamic System Theory.
  • Nano and Micro-Electronic Devices Technology.
  • Digital Communication.
  • Digital Signal Processing.
  • Introduction to Information Theory.
  • Sustainable Power Systems.
  • Introduction of Biomedical Optics.
  • Analog IC Design Fundamentals.
  • Speed Processing.
  • Computational Optical Imaging.
  • Deep Learning.
  • Optimization Theory and Methods.
  • Optical Spectroscopic Imaging.
  • Computational Methods in Materials Science.
  •  Solar Energy Systems.
  • Semiconductor Devices.

Scope of Electrical Engineering

After getting the bachelor in electrical engineering degree, you will get many great opportunities of jobs all over the world. There are many International companies that required expert electrical engineers and willing to hire people from all over the world. They pay a very good salary. The highest estimate salary is $254000 per year. According to the survey, this is among the top industries due to the activities like mining, business support services, oil & gas extraction, aerospace products, and parts manufacturing. The highest salary jobs for electrical engineers include scientific research and development positions. It also has been shown that the salary of central electrical engineering salary is $102,694. Another highest engineering salary is $100,642 for a chemical engineer, and next is $ 95,857 for a mechanical engineer. The average salary for electrical engineers who have more than 10 years of experience is $125,945. Moreover, electrical engineering is a great career with many advantages. The salaries of electrical engineers also higher in many other professions. It can increase further if you have a PE license or graduate degree. It has many excellent benefits, such as education compensation, insurance, retirement, vacation pay, and sick leave. Different divisions hire electrical engineers such as mining, chemical processing, aerospace, power generation, manufacturing, and transmission. They can also have the possibility to work in green and sustainable industries all over the world. Further, It is considered as one of the highest paid career among all. In short, it is the most profitable job.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for bachelor in EE is mainly requires the SSC or the equivalent certificate with more than  60% scores.  FSc degree or equivalent result card with 60% marks. Some universities also have their own entry test. Students have to pass this test too for admission.

Top universities offer EE degree

Stanford university

It is very popular university and hardly needs its introduction. Stanford  is among the best universities. Located in the beautiful Area of California, and consistently ranks in the top 5 universities on national level. The school of Engineering with the electrical engineering at number 2 nationally according to world report and US News. As a student, you will get a chance to live in beautiful campus. This university offers BSc in EE which enable students to give their contribution in science. with a major in Electrical Engineering that will prepare you to contribute to the scientific community. They prepare students for research and to complete experimental projects. Moreover, Stanford Engineering graduates have bright future and are getting jobs in various sectors like government, corporate, or further academic study. The students can choose one of three disciplinary fields to focus according to their choice.
  • Hardware and Software Systems.
  • Physical Technology and Science.
  • Information Systems and Science.

Harvard university

This is located in Cambridge- the most iconic and research university. It established in 1636. The Harvard university is famous worldwide for its excellence in study and research. It is considered as one of the oldest universities in the world. Consists of thirteen institutes and schools. Harvard has a top ranked school of Engineering that produces excellent work in Electrical Engineering. This program will expose a number of research areas range from devices ( like robotics and lasers) to systems ( human brain and computer architecture). This university focus on all the sub-discipline of electrical engineering. The students get specialization in electronic devices and circuits, and get the opportunity to explore many other areas. For example;
  • Robotics.
  • Control systems.
  • Signals and systems theory.

Georgia Institute and Technology

This institute has ranked in the top 35 national universities. Located in the beautiful area Atlanta, Georgia. The school is the part of the university System of Georgia. This university offer the Electrical Engineering programs which rank in top 10 according to World reports and U.S. It contributes in the research and innovation field. It enable students to perform well in the field of innovation, and aims to produce graduates that can design, innovate, and complete complex projects. The top research opportunities are
  • Opportunity Research Scholars Program.
  •  Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program.
  • The Vertically Integrated Projects Program.

Columbia university

Are you dreaming to study in New York city? Then this is the best choice for you. Columbia university located in Upper Manhattan. This is a best research university that considered in top echelon of national universities. Columbia Engineering offer the top Electrical Engineering programs, and provides a comprehensive knowledge in electrical engineering with elective coursework to understand the topics in which they are interested. This program enables students to work on complex electrical engineering task, and get a bright careers in related fields. The Courses include:
  • Digital Systems.
  • Electromagnetics.
  • Signals and Systems.

Cost of EE degree

The cost of this program usually varies from school to school. It depends on the location of the school around the world. So if you are interested in this degree, then you can contact directly to the school or search their website to get all information. It may include the tuition fee and other costs. The scope of BSc in Electrical Engineering has become really higher due to the advancement of technology. Pakistan is also making progress in this field. As an electrical engineer, you can have a lot of career opportunities and jobs after the bachelor's degree. Markets and industries have a high demand for skilled engineers.

Types of jobs in Electrical Engineering

As an Electrical Engineer you can select your careers in many sub-disciplines according top your skills. The most popular types of disciplines in EE are:

Electronic Engineers

They are mainly deal with electronic circuits and devices such as capacitors, diodes, resistors, inductors, and transistors.
electrical engineering, BSC in electrical engineering, EE, electrical engineers, electronic engineers

Microelectronic Engineers 

They are skilled in designing and fabrication of micro circuit parts and components.

Signal Processing Engineers 

They work on signals, for example digital and analog signals.

Power Engineers

They deal with electricity problems and the design of electrical devices. For example generators, motors, transformers and power electronics.

Control Engineers

They propose the design of controllers, to perform well using micro-controllers, programmable logic controllers, digital signal processors, and electrical circuits.

Telecommunication Engineers

They focus on the transmission of information signals through optical fibers or cable.

Instrumentation Engineers 

They deal with the design of devices for measuring flow, pressure and temperature. This also involves a deep knowledge of physics.

Computer Engineers

They specialized in the design of computer hardware and computers. There are a lot of other options:
  • Acoustic consultant.
  • Design engineer.
  • Sound engineer.
  • Special effects technician.
  • CAD technician.
  • Nuclear engineer.
  • Electronics engineer.
  • Control and instrumentation engineer.
  • Electrical engineer.
  • Aerospace engineer.
  • Broadcast engineer.

Top Companies hiring Electrical Engineers

Being an electrical engineer is a challenging task theses days. Due to the advancement in technology, the need of expert and professional electrical engineer has increased. Here is some top companies listed below.

The Boeing Company

This is the oldest and highly recommended firm. The Boeing Company is always among the top provider of jetliners for travelers or other commercials transportation purposes. Therefore, this company always needs expert electrical engineers who can perform well in their field. So working for this company will bring prestige as well as also give you the chance of growing further in this field with a good salary.
electrical engineering, BSC in electrical engineering, EE, electrical engineers, electronic engineers

Lockheed Martin Corporation

This company is among the leading US providers and manufacturers of advances military purposes. Electrical engineers who are talented enough in developing military applications have a higher chance of getting a job in this esteemed company. This firm also collaborates with other country's electrical engineers, innovators, scientists to work on aircraft, surveillance systems, radars for military use. 

International Business Machines Corporation

This is one of the popular names in the computational advancement world and also known as IBM. The main aim of this firm is to develop hardware for new-generation for commercial, consumer, and industrial use. They hire professional electrical engineer who is able to fulfill their requirements. This will give you the experience to learn new skills as well with a good salary. 


Apple is also a well-known company for its strong and unique research and development. This company is developing constantly and dominates in the consumer technology sector. It has long been praised by customers and employees and is considered as one of the most reputable firms to work. Moreover, it is the most productive workplace to enhance your skills as well as the most attractive and great salary package. Other than this, working for an Apple firm give potential and skills to design, develop, and test the quality of the product.
electrical engineering, BSC in electrical engineering, EE, electrical engineers, electronic engineers
Some other top companies are:
  • General Electric.
  • Shell oil company.
  • BMW group.
  • Google.
  • Texas instruments.
  • Intel.
  • Tesla.

Future opportunities for Electrical Engineers

Electrical Engineering is considered an internationally recognized academic program at undergraduate and graduate levels with different specializations. The electrical engineering department was first established in 1905 and started providing a degree in Communication Systems Engineering. Further, in 1909, due to its popularity, the department name was changed to Electrical Engineering Department. This department in every university has experienced staff, well-equipped classrooms, and lab facilities. It provides academic improvement continuously through discussion with faculty, industry, electronics, and communication engineering professionals. The students enable to solve real-world problems and open possibilities of the students as potential applicants for private or public sector organizations, entrepreneurs, and freelance developers. Graduates often enjoy careers as analyzing electrical systems, engineers, or working in the fields such as energy conservation, space exploration, and magnetics. They can also choose to work with the basic systems including the technology accessible and usable development. Also, work with semiconductors, building computer hips, and manipulating materials. In short, the graduates find a great career in modern high-tech industrial and laboratories.
electrical engineering, BSC in electrical engineering, EE, electrical engineers, electronic engineers
Further, the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering enhances your ability to design and manufacture heavy machines and systems. It completely guides you to handle the most difficult and challenging task in the engineering field. Under the excellent supervision of great professionals, you learn to practically develop electrical circuits, complex computer systems, and control power systems. Also, in the program, the professors enable you to get core skills and knowledge about physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, communication, mechanics, materials, and fluids. The program is intended to give you the practical and problem-solving skills to become an electrical engineer. Thus, the aim of this program is to make students experts in electrical engineering as well as in many other areas that you can decide as minor subjects. The universities provide lab work and industry experience to enhance your professional growth. This degree makes you an expert about the foundations and gives you the confidence to work across any area in engineering. I hope you find this article helpful to understand the basic concepts of Electrical Engineering as well as the future career of this program. Thanks for reading. Have a good day. :)