Why Should You Get LED Light Fixtures for Dangerous Locations, led light, led light fixture

There is a deep sense of wonder in how a light bulb works. Although most people understand the function of a light bulb, not many appreciate the physics in how it converts electrical energy into light. The quantum physics behind this basic technique can help explain why some bulbs explode.

Why Should You Get LED Light Fixtures for Dangerous Locations, led light, led light fixture

The operating principle behind a light bulb

The first step to getting a light bulb is to connect it to an electrical source. The filament in the bulbs burns and becomes hot. Because hot objects glow, the filament will become a light source.

The hotter it becomes, the brighter the light, thus the whiter it becomes. However, the filament on its own will eventually burn out and cease to create light. The presence of air, especially oxygen, causes a chemical reaction that destroys the filament.

Light bulbs have a glass 'chamber' of vacuum or an inert gas like argon to prevent the filament from burning to completion.

Why do bulbs explode?

Too much heat is what causes bulbs to explode. The hotter a filament becomes, it glows brighter. However, bulbs have sealants around the base. Therefore, the adhesive will melt if the temperatures are too high, and gas will escape from the glass chamber. The change in pressure, the outside is higher than the inside, which causes the bulb to explode.

Are LED lights explosion proof?

The structure of a Light-Emitting Diode bulb prevents an explosion from occurring: a semiconductor that emits lights. Therefore, explosions are highly improbable but not impossible. One of the reasons an LED light would explode; the presence of electrical or thermal stress.

What is electrical stress?

Most electrical outlets on walls allow for 120V electricity. However, an LED light can only manage about 2V electricity. A capacitor on the bulb usually reduces the voltage before letting it through the LED circuit.

However, this task is stressful to a bulb capacitor which may fail. Even for a fraction of a second, the voltage fluctuation that occurs causes the bulb to explode. This electrical overstress problem mostly happens to LED bulbs that are of low quality, ergo or cheaper.

What is thermal stress?

When a high electrical current fluctuates into the semiconductor of an LED light bulb, heat accumulates, causing the conducting material to expand. Lack of heat dispersion causes failure of the bulb: Pressure increase causes a short circuit which eventually causes an explosion.

How to prevent an LED bulb explosion?

Most of these types of fixtures are efficient and do not explode quickly. It is essential to look for a brand that creates quality bulbs that can withstand electrical and thermal stress. Although the explosion from an LED light is not enough to cause a fire, one should still be keen to avoid cheap solutions that will require replacements in the long run.

Why is it essential to choose the right LED fixtures for hazardous locations?

A laboratory or an oil and gas factory are places that require strict observation and care, especially when it comes to lighting. Having a good light source in these areas will prevent navigation problems.

However, a small bulb explosion can cause catastrophic results. LED lights are a much safer option for hazardous locations prone to fire because they do not quickly explode.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers create low-quality lighting that cannot tolerate great electrical and thermal stress. If you are not careful about the LED lights you are buying, you might deal with severe damage and even loss of lives.

Why do LED lights perform better in hazardous locations?

This reliable technology offers lower maintenance costs, especially for bulbs in hard-to-access places of a workstation. Moreover, Light-Emitting Diodes bulbs are a cost-efficient option, especially when running a business in a hazardous location that requires a lot of capital to maintain.

Why Should You Get LED Light Fixtures for Dangerous Locations, led light, led light fixture

LED lights help you concentrate your finances on other areas of your factory. Furthermore, dangerous places like labs require lighting throughout and without switching lights on and off constantly. LED lighting systems provide an opportunity for IoT, which automatically switch the lights on when needed.

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