Surprising Technology In Top Mattresses

When you think of the technology that's changed a lot over the past few years, your phone may be the first thing that comes to mind. After that, you might consider your vehicle, laptop, tablet or television. Your mattress is unlikely to be in your list of the top five or even 10 things that use a lot of innovation. However, it's true that new mattresses incorporate a great deal of research and technology. Today's mattresses are entirely different from those made just a decade ago. Here are a few of the types of technology that top mattresses use.

Sleep Research

When mattress manufacturers develop new products, they turn to sleep medicine physicians and sleep science to drive their decisions. New technology for performing sleep studies, tracking movement and monitoring the quantity and quality of sleep is helping mattress companies update their products. New information about sleep habits, cycles and quality ensures that the mattress you get will help you fall asleep and stay asleep. The right mattress also helps ensure that you wake up feeling well-rested.

Surprising Technology In Top Mattresses


Coils in mattresses aren't a new thing. They became common in the early 1900s. Over the past 100 years, the coils have changed. They're separated and enclosed. Some mattress manufacturers are even using nanotechnology. Today's coil mattresses are more complicated than those that were produced 10 years ago. When you choose a coil mattress today, you can expect motion isolation, more support and less noise when you move. The coil, like the rest of the mattress, really comes into its own when it's paired with other components.

Surprising Technology In Top Mattresses

Copper Infusion

Why would you want a copper-infused mattress, and what could possibly be the advantage? Well, copper has several sleeping advantages, such as breathability. It's no secret that many individuals (especially those who reside in hot climates) have difficulty sleeping because their mattresses can't keep up with the amount of air required to remove heat from the body. A layer consisting of a copper infusion will make heat transfer easier and manage your body temperature while you sleep, allowing you to rest like a baby all night long. Ideal for battling sleep sweats.

Organic Materials

A growing proportion of people are concerned about the chemicals to which they are exposed. Customers want mattresses that don't have as many chemicals. When an item releases chemicals, it's called off-gassing. Organic mattresses don't off-gas. Some mattresses are certified by independent organizations. The certifications include free of volatile organic compounds and 100% organic.

For example, the OEKO TEX Standard 100 Certification is for mattresses that contain no harmful chemicals. Mattresses with this certification don't off-gas. Some mattresses are made of soybeans, and others use recycled wool and cotton. Choosing an environmentally friendly mattress will help you feel confident that you're doing your part to protect the environment and conserve natural resources.

Sleep Sensor Technology

Have you ever questioned how good of a night's sleep you were getting? Many people ask for sleep studies to assess their average nightly sleep quality and quantity, but some mattresses now come with sleep sensor technology that can provide the same data without requiring you to depart from home. The breathing, heart rate, and the number of times you get out of bed are all tracked by these mattresses. Advanced beds with this technology can accurately tell you how many hours of excellent sleep you received on any particular night.

Mattress Covers

While a mattress cover is technically separate from a mattress, it is an important part of your bedding. The mattress covers protect the mattress. They keep shed skin cells, sweat and oils out of the mattress's fabric. Mattress covers prevent dust mites from infesting your bed. If you're allergic to dust or dust mites, a mattress protector is essential. Mattress covers also reduce stains caused by sweating. Your mattress will last longer and smell better if you get a cover for it.

Surprising Technology In Top Mattresses

Bamboo is one of the softest fabrics that exist. It's also a good insulator and highly breathable. A bamboo mattress cover will keep your bed clean and comfortable. The fibers in a bamboo mattress are woven to prevent tearing, even with repeated washing or use of an iron on it.

Foam Materials

Foam is a relative newcomer to mattresses. However, memory foam mattresses have become increasingly popular in the last two decades, accounting for around 20% of all beds sold.

There are different types of foams used in today's mattresses. You may prefer a plant-based foam for environmental and health reasons. There are also synthetic foams, which may be a good option if you have certain allergies. Keep in mind that foam traps heat. If you get hot while you sleep, be sure to pick a mattress that has a gel layer on top of the foam layer. The gel moves heat away from your body. The result is a more even temperature across your skin and the surface of your bed.

Surprising Technology In Top Mattresses

Ikea recently introduced a new memory foam mattress to the market that includes cooling gels and graphite. It has been met with both overwhelmingly positive reviews as well as concerns from consumers who have experienced issues with it.


Air/number technology is also a newer innovation. This technology allows you to control how firm your mattress is. With a remote or an app, you adjust how much air fills the spaces of the foam. More air results in a firmer bed. Large air/number mattresses allow each side of the bed to be set to a different firmness level. Choose this option if you have a sleep partner whose mattress firmness preferences are different from yours. An air/number mattress is also an excellent choice if you have a chronic pain condition that periodically flares, such as arthritis.

New technology will continue to advance mattresses. Each mattress manufacturer is incorporating this information and changing its materials, construction and techniques in order to improve upon its products. You benefit from this technology-driven innovation. The use of technology in mattress development will continue, and consumer demand for more features will hasten the pace of these beneficial changes. Choosing one of these new mattresses may help you sleep better and feel relaxed, rested and energetic when you wake up in the morning.