How to Avoid WordPress Security Issues, wordpress security
If you own a WordPress website, you probably understand the importance of WordPress security. Keeping your website secure is necessary as it helps keep attackers and hackers away. Just like you would not leave your valuable assets exposed to thieves, you should safeguard your WordPress with the same security level.

Essentially, WordPress developers are constantly working towards preventing any potential hacking. But that's not enough to keep your website secure. You need to apply other measures to safeguard your site.

In this article, we will discuss ways of improving your WordPress website security;

Add WordPress security plugins 

Security is key in running a website. There are various plugins to enhance your site security. These include Wordfence, Shield Security, iThemes, and Sucuri. WordPress security plugins have a lot of features to meet your security needs. These are features such as WordPress firewall, File changelogs, strong password generator, IP and User blacklisting, Force password to expire, and more.

Scan your site for malware 

If you've started experiencing low traffic in your website or you are dealing with weird performance issues, or you can detect suspicious behavior, you should check your website for malware.  It is recommended that you do a malware scan regularly, even if everything seems fine.

Keep in mind that some hacks breach your data anonymously. So, you may not even know that malicious activity is happening until extreme damage is done. It may reach the extent of Google pulling down your site from the search results due to security issues. You might even get blacklisted and suffer a huge loss. This explains why it's crucial to scan the website for malware often.

Pick a reliable hosting provider 

Server security is crucial as it helps protect your website from malware and hackers. So, it's essential that you pick a reliable hosting provider who understands website security's importance. The best company understands many things concerning WordPress security. They also have safety systems and offer prompt and dependable support in case anything unexpected happens. A good hosting provider offers the following;

  • Server-level firewalls
  • DDoS protection
  • Malware scanning
  • Backups
  • Latest OS (Operating System), hardware and software, and more.

Secure your website with superb credentials 

Hackers apply hacking techniques such as Brute force attacks because they are easy to implement. Anyone with little tech knowledge can execute a brute force attack with basic hacking tools. Other than that, executing a Brute force attack is effortless since most website owners use extremely weak admin passwords. For instance, most people love to use passwords such as '12345….' Among others that are easy to guess. This makes your website prone to attack. So, having a strong credential is a plus as it will secure your WordPress site from brute force attacks. A good password has characters such as &%$" £ and more.

How to Avoid WordPress Security Issues, wordpress security

Update your Themes, Plugins, and WP

WordPress websites release frequent updates with new features, enhancements, bug fixes, and security patches. The updates also enhance the feel and look of your website, not to mention that they improve functionality and stability. The updates also help seal website vulnerability.

Use 2-factor authentication 

2-factor authentication is a prominent security technique that helps safeguard online accounts. It's a protection process involving two steps. The first step entails entering your username and password, while the second requires you to provide a verification code sent to your email or phone.