Flutter Developers For Hire, Flutter Developers, how to hire Flutter Developers
Everyone is talking about Flutter, and if you are looking for Flutter developers for hire, you’ll know how competitive and difficult the recruitment process has become. It’s not surprising by any means. If you want to invest in app development, you have to hire Flutter developer - and quickly. This process will take time and careful planning on your part, but once you’ve assembled your dream team, you’ll realize that it was worth it. Large companies all around the world - including Netflix and Facebook - are using Flutter to successfully build their apps. It’s worth considering for your business or start-up.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll look at all aspects of hiring Flutter app developers for your business, including interviewing, do’s and don’ts, and the pros and cons of using the Flutter UI.

1. Determine Whether Flutter Is Right For You

Before you start the recruitment process, in order to hire Flutter developers for the first time, you need to carefully consider all the pros and cons. It’s always tempting to go straight to the latest technology and assume it’s the best way forward, but you never know what’s around the corner in the IT world. Before you commit to a new language or tech stack, you should think about your goals and the apps you would like to build in the future. Evaluate the pros and cons of Flutter before you dive in and hire a Flutter developer.

Flutter’s main benefit is its speed to market. You can build multiple apps across multiple platforms (like desktop, mobile, and web) at the same time, which cuts development and testing. Apps built on Flutter are extremely user-friendly and intuitive, allowing you to add fine details and attractive interfaces that give you a real branding edge over your competition. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t any disadvantages. Flutter is very new and still evolving. If you hire Flutter app developers, chances are they haven’t had the years of experience you may need to really realize the full potential of your project. If you can’t find a very experienced team, you either have to contend with developers learning on your dime, or you may have to opt for a more stable and mature platform.

2. Finding Flutter Developers For Hire

You’ve made the decision to hire Flutter developer. Now you need to figure out where you are going to find them. You can either put out a vacancy on LinkedIn, Marketplace or conventional job boards or hire workers on a contract basis. Again, whichever approach you choose will come with its own advantages and disadvantages.

If you have the time, looking for Flutter developers yourself can be rewarding. You can spend some time on forums and blogs or sites like Quora and Reddit to build up relationships and curate referrals, or just put a vacancy up on a job board and wait for the applications to roll in. Unfortunately, this approach can take months to complete. You’ll have to find the candidates, interview them, and onboard them. You can use a formal recruitment agency, but that’s a very expensive option and really not feasible for a start-up.

Most companies end up using freelancers or offshore agencies. Sites like Upwork or Fiverr will put you in touch with developers right away. They may be a little pricier than hiring someone via an offshore agency, and they may not be available to you exclusively, so bear that in mind. On the other hand, they will have experience working with a variety of clients. That means that they’ve learned a lot of lessons and gained a lot of experience.

Offshore agencies are a great way of finding skilled developers. This involves engaging with a trusted agency in a country like Ukraine to find talented Flutter developers for your project. It’s much cheaper and faster than doing the hiring on your own.

Flutter Developers For Hire, Flutter Developers, how to hire Flutter Developers

3. How to Interview Flutter Developers

Before even considering someone’s application, you have to know the technical skills required from a good Flutter developer. Look for candidates with solid knowledge of native programming languages, particularly for Android app development. This includes Java, C, C#, Lua, Kotlin, and others. You should also pay close attention to their seniority. Flutter is easy to learn, but you will need a few senior developers along with the juniors if you want to launch your app quickly. Candidates should understand and have a good working knowledge of Git, GoF patterns, SQL, and how the software development life cycle works.

Make sure that at least some of your developers have worked on apps similar to the one you’d like to build or within the industry that you are targeting. It’ll shorten the learning curve for everyone (and might lead to some key discoveries and innovations).

Once you’ve found your candidates, you should put them to the test. You can provide them with a few coding challenges and ask them questions about their experience and approach. Don’t just focus on their technical capabilities.  It’s a good idea to ask about their style of working and personality, too. You want to make sure that your new hires can fit in with your existing team and company culture.

Flutter Developers For Hire, Flutter Developers, how to hire Flutter Developers

A few good questions to ask could include:

  • Why do you like Flutter?
  • Why do you think Flutter is better for mobile app development?
  • Can you explain the benefits of Dart in programming?
  • How do widgets work?
  • Tell me about your previous projects.
  • Tell me about an incident where you experienced conflict in the workplace and how you resolved it.

Once you’ve picked your top candidates, always make sure to double-check their references. It’s always a good idea to give their previous employers a call.


Large enterprises and Silicon Valley-based tech companies are all turning to Flutter these days. Finding good Flutter developers for hire isn’t easy, but it’s a surefire way to ensure that your apps are built quickly and effectively. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll soon have your own team assembled.