password manager, why you need password manager, why you are unsafe without password manager
Lots of people have really bad password habits. This is not because they haven't been educated on how to choose a good password. Every new account gives you a number of requirements to adhere to their passwords standards, after all. Yet, having different, difficult passwords for every single account is almost impossible. It’s easier to hope for the best and use variations on the same password you've been using for all your accounts for the past twenty years. But there's a piece of software that you can use to solve your password problems. A password manager offers more than just safe storage for your passwords – good browsers do that anyway. You can choose a password manager based on Bestonlinereviews. Here is why you need one.
It creates your passwords
No matter how hard you try to create a good password, you're going to get stumped at some point. And, despite your best efforts, your results won’t be as good as they can be. A password manager saves you the trouble, creating the most secure passwords for you without you ever even having to see what they are. Not only does this take some stress out of your life, but it also improves your online security. No matter how many accounts you'll have, none of them will have the same password or even a variation on the same theme.
password manager, why you need password manager, why you are unsafe without password manager
Your keyboard can be hacked
A lot of people believe that it’s better to type their password every time rather than saving them somewhere. But that belief is flawed, as one of the best ways to get a password is by hacking a person’s keyboard. Because of this, the more often you type your password the more likely it is to be stolen.
password manager, why you need password manager, why you are unsafe without password manager
We can all fall prey to scams
As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve fallen prey to more than one phishing scam. These are scams that take you to a website that looks like something you know (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and asks you to enter your username and password. Of course, once you’ve done so, you've given your details directly to scammers. Password managers take the power to self-destruct away from us. They won’t input our passwords without verifying that the sites we’re using are the real thing. We can’t enter the password ourselves, as we never knew it to begin with.
Our passwords should change often
When was the last time you changed a password? Probably when you forgot the password for an account you hadn’t used in a while. Changing passwords is work that none of us have time for. Password managers, however, have time for it. You can set them to change your passwords on a regular basis. You don’t even have to know about it. Changing passwords prevents software from having enough time to decipher them in the first place. A password manager is a must in this day and age. Don’t put your most personal information in the hands of your shaky memory!