MPU6050, mpu6050 pinout, mpu6050 basics, introduction to mpu6050, what is mpu6050Hello friends, I hope you are all fine will be doing something special in your life. In today’s post, we are gonna have a look at detailed Introduction to MPU6050. MPU6050 is basically a sensor for motion processing devices. It is the world first six dimension motions tracking device. It was designed for low cost and high performances smartphones, tablets and wearable sensor. It is capable of processing nine-axis algorithms, it captures motion in X, Y and Z axis at the same time.

MPU6050 is used in different industrial projects and electronic devices to control and detect the 3-D motion of different objects. In today’s post, we will have a look at its working, pinout, protocol, it’s interfacing with Arduino, features, applications, etc. I will also share some links of projects where I have interfaced it with Arduino and some other microcotroller. Friends if you have any question about it, Please ask in comment box I will resolve your queries in simplest way as can possible. So let’s start with basic Introduction to MPU6050.

Introduction to MPU6050

  • MPU6050 is a Micro Electro-mechanical system (MEMS), it consists of three-axis accelerometer and three-axis gyroscope. It helps us to measure velocity, orientation, acceleration, displacement and other motion like features.
  • MPU6050 consists of  Digital Motion Processor (DMP), which has property to solve complex calculations.
  • MPU6050 consists of a 16-bit analog to digital converter hardware. Due to this feature, it captures three-dimension motion at the same time.
  • This module has some famous features which are easily accessible, due to its easy availability it can be used with a famous microcontroller like Arduino. Friend if you are looking for a sensor to control a motion of your Drone, Self Balancing Robot, RC Cars and something like this, then MPU6050 will be a good choice for you.
  • This module uses the I2C module for interfacing with Arduino.
  • MPU6050 is less expensive, Its main feature is that it can easily combine with accelerometer and gyro.

MPU6050, mpu6050 pinout, mpu6050 basics, introduction to mpu6050, what is mpu6050

Now, Lets discus PINOUT of MPU6050.

MPU6050 PINOUT & Description

There is a main eight PINOUT of MPU6050, which are described here:

MPU6050 Pinout
Pin#Pin NameDescription
01 VccThis pin used for Supply Voltage. Its input voltage is +3 to +5V.
02 GNDThis pin use for ground
03SCLThis pin is used for clock pulse for I2C compunction
04SDAThis pin is used for transferring of data through I2C communication.
05Auxiliary Serial Data (XDA)It can be used for other interfaced other I2C module with MPU6050.
06Auxiliary Serial Clock (XCL)It can also be used for other interfaced other I2C module with MPU6050.
07AD0If more than one MPU6050 is used a single MCU, then this pin can be used to vary the address.
08interrupt (int)This pin is used to indicate that data is available for MCU to read.


  • For better understanding lets see PINOUT diagram:MPU6050, mpu6050 pinout, mpu6050 basics, introduction to mpu6050, what is mpu6050

Now, let’s discuss the features of MPU6050.

Features of MPU6050

These are some features of MPU6050.

  • MPU6050 is the world’s first integrated six motion tracking device
  • The communication protocol at which it operates is I2C.
  • It is built in 16 BIT ADC, which provide high accuracy.
  • Its operating voltage is 3 to 5 volts.
  • It consists of a digital motion processor, which provide high computational power.
  • It is inbuilt in the temperate sensor.
  • It can be used to interfaces with IIC devices like magnetometer.
  • The pitch of its pins is 0.1 inch.
  • Its Acceleration Range is  +/-2g, +/-4g, +/-8g, +/-16g.
  •  Its Dimensions (excluding pins) are, 21.2mm (0.84″) length x 16.4mm (0.65″) width x 3.3mm (0.13″) height.
  •  Its weight is 2.1g.
  • It has the smallest and thinnest QFN package for portable devices, 4x4x0.9 mm.
  • Its operating current is 3.9 mA when its six motion sensing axes and DMP are in motion.
  • It also has gyroscope feature like its  Gyroscope operating current is 3.6 mA.
  • Its gyroscopic stand by current is 5µA. It also has low improved frequency noise performance.
  • It works at Gyroscope range, ± 250 500 1000 2000 °/ s.

Now let’s discuss the I2C protocol on which it operates.

I2C Protocol

As we earlier discus that MPU6050 works on I2C protocol, now discuss this protocol.

  • MPU6050 was first introduced by the Philips semiconductors in 1982. For sending and receiving data between two or more devices we need a path which called BUS. I2C is a bidirectional two-wire bus which use to send data between integrated circuits.
  • I2C consist of three data transfer speed which is, standard, fast-mode, and high-speed mode. I2C sports 7 bit and 10-bit address devices.
  • I2C is the best choice where simplicity and low manufacturing cost are more important than speed.
  • For a better understanding of how I2C protocol works, let’s see is a picture.MPU6050, mpu6050 pinout, mpu6050 basics, introduction to mpu6050, what is mpu6050

MPU6050 Arduino Interfacing

Now let’s have a look at MPU6050 Arduino interfacing.

  • In the given diagram we have shown its interfacing with Arduino, the value which we can by using this module are given below The following data values can be obtained using this example.
    • Quaternion Components (w, x, y, z), Euler angles, Yaw, Pitch, Real world Acceleration, Roll, World frame acceleration and Teapot invent sense Values.

    Let’s see the circuit. MPU6050, mpu6050 pinout, mpu6050 basics, introduction to mpu6050, what is mpu6050

Applications of MPU6050

  •  It is used for IMU measurement.
  • It can be used in Drones / Quadcopters as direction controller.
  •  It used in Self-balancing robots.
  • It can use as Robotic arm controls.
  • It can be used in Humanoid robots
  •  It used in Tilt sensor.
  •  It can be used orientation or Rotation Detector.
  • It can be in Handset and portable gaming
  •  It used inMotion-based game controllers
  •  It used in 3D remote controls for Internet-connected DTVs and set-top boxes, 3D mice

Friend, that was about MPU6050, If you something else kindly asks in a comment box. I will further guide you in the next tutorial. Till then take care…..


  1. Hi Zahidali,
    I am looking if the sensor would help me have the coordinates or position or a trajectory path if the sensor is mounted to a Impact Striker that has a motion of Simple Pendulum. All I need is the first To and Fro movement data of the pendulum hammer. The application is a IZOD Impact tester.
    Thanks in Advance
    Richie Vaz

  2. Hi There,

    I would like to learn how to program a rocket drone (like Spacex’s rocket) how to land vertically and don’t know where to start. Do you have a course or tutorial that you would recommend?



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