Buy Nomos Glashutte Orion watches
You can find out many designs of trendy watches that are manufactured by Nomos Glashutte and they are best manufacturer of watches. Due to the very latest designs and choices of options, this brand has become very famous in a short period of time. These watches have exciting features and everyone who wears it will have an amazing experience but they are not that much costly to buy. Among the watches of Glashutte, Nomos Orion is very famous and it has excellent designs and good looking colors. Many people are very fond of buying these watches because of its stunning look and exotic designs. The styles of it may be less but the ways they are made are so perfect and that is the reason why it is preferred as the best model in Nomos Glashutte.

All about Nomos Orion

If you are looking for a watch that would suit all kinds of dresses, then the Orion watches will be the best choice. The best part about these watches is that the classic design and different shapes. It will not be suitable for sports or tool watches and the watches are modern and has lens shaped casing. Usually dress watches will be gold plated and few will have white dial with Roman numerals. But the Nomos Orion watches will have a stainless steel body and it does not have any numerals. Instead of this it has index lines and it is much suitable for a dress watch.

Right size and dial for Orion dress watch

The Nomos watches come in two sizes as 35mm and 38mm. The size which is less will be more suited for vintage style and the greater size will be more of modern style and it would suit best for men. If one wishes a vintage style of watches as an alternative for modern watches, then Orion watches are the best choice. Usually the Nomos has silver plated dial that comes in two versions. One type of watch is silver plated with indexes polished with diamond and the other with gold plated and blue tempered polish.

Important facts about Nomos Glashutte

  • For limited time
The Nomos brands are produced in limited numbers that can be found in specific shops or countries. This will have certain color or dial and has unique designs with branded designs. You can check out the designs that are available online.
  • Doctors without borders
Nomos has collaboration with Doctors without Borders in Germany and create limited edition watches that are helpful in creating funds for aiding purposes. Before this the Nomos were made to undergo certain inspections to check whether they meet all the guidelines.
  • Design works are made in Glashutte
Usually the brands are designed in Berlin but the main office for Nomos is in the town of Glashutte. In the main office all the administrative works takes place and it is in the Glashutte station.
  • In-house movements
Nomos is famous for producing in-house movements and they have many innovative inventions. You can buy the Nomos Orion watches that are of best quality and can bring a grandeur look to suit your outfits.