Does Press Release Help Your SEO, press release with seo
Hello friends, I hope you all are doing great. In today's tutorial, I am going to tell you Does Press Release Help Your SEO? The press release was originally a statement that tells the public, via the press, about a new product or development in a company. It allowed people to get excited before launch or simply kept them aware of what was going on in the world. However, times have changed and the digital world is more than capable of sharing your news with more people in less time. That leaves the question of whether a press release is really of any benefit to a business or not, specifically to your SEO. Press releases are still a surprisingly effective way of reaching an audience and of getting the press to do the legwork for you.  But, you need to note that reporters receive a huge amount of press releases, yours has to stand out if you want them to run with it. The good news is that it only has to stand out to one reporter, the rest will usually follow suit. That’s why you’ll probably want to seek out a professional web design company who can help you decide if this is a viable strategy for you.

How It Improves SEO

Previously a press release would give you the benefit of extra backlinks as others connect to your article. These backlinks were counted by the search engines and effectively improved your search results. Unfortunately, clever companies quickly started to manipulate their wording to boost the number of links, which led to the search engines labeling backlinks as a bad thing. Now, it is essential to have any link included as a ‘no follow’ link so that it doesn’t affect your SEO. But, not all backlinks are bad! A small number of quality links in your press release will boost your search listing, as long as it alongside some good content. Therein lies the secret. You need quality content that is orientated towards the customer and what they need. The fact you have a few quality backlinks is just a bonus. A well-written piece with natural backlinks will not negatively affect your SEO results.
Does Press Release Help Your SEO, press release with seo

Getting It Right

Thanks to digital media you don’t need to target reporters anymore. Instead, reach out to those who have experience in the field you’re discussing. For example, if you’re getting ready to release a new piece of technology then talk to others in the technology field and perhaps mention it to one technology-based reporter. You’ll find word of mouth spreads quickly around any industry and you’ll have instant support from those that are already respected by the search engines. This will dramatically increase the effectiveness of any press release. Don’t forget that keywords are essential to search engines. Consider what keywords apply to your product and make sure your content reflects these. Above all else, make sure the quality of your content remains high, people must see a real benefit from reading your press release. The simple fact is that the top ten posts tend to have in excess of 2,000 words, you need to release several longer pieces of content to achieve success with SEO and press releases. In the modern world, publicity is everything.