introduction to 2sa1943, 2sa1943 pinout, 2sa1943 features, 2sa1943 working, 2sa1943 applications,2sa1943Hello friends, I hope you all are doing great. In today’s tutorial, we are gonna have a look at detailed Introduction to 2sa1943. The 2sa1943 is a high power consuming PNP transistor, firstly it was created by a famous company Toshiba. As it has a high gain of current and consumes higher current at collector it is mostly used for such audio circuits which consume higher power or in AF amplifiers.

Nonetheless, currently the Transistor is outright from Toshiba and it has been swapped with TTA1943. We can also found old 2sa1943 in marketplaces because still it is replicated by other assemblers in China. In today’s post, we will have a look at its fortification, wreckages, implication, proposals, etc. I will also share some links where I have connected it with other microcontrollers. You can also get more material about it in comments, I will guide you more about it. So, let’s get started with a basic Introduction to 2sa1943.

Introduction to 2sa1943

  • The 2sa1943 is a high power consuming PNP transistor, firstly it was created by a famous company Toshiba.
  • This transistor is suitable for acoustic power since it has the competence of a huge current of collector Ic = 15A and transition frequency up to 30MHZ.
  • Corresponding transistors can also be used at Darlington Pair arrangement for amplifier submissions which has a maximum power of 150 watts. Distinctive capacitance at the collector point of 360 pF for the 2SA1943.
  • The voltage difference between the collector terminal and base or emitter can be 230 V. The voltage among base and emitter is 5V.
  • The 2sa1943 transistor made by Toshiba has to a cascade of 2-21F1A, having dimensions of 20.5 x 26 x 2.8 mm, the weight of 9.75g and distance between pinout is 5.45mm.
  • However, now the Transistor is consummate from Toshiba and it has been exchanged with TTA1943.introduction to 2sa1943, 2sa1943 pinout, 2sa1943 features, 2sa1943 working, 2sa1943 applications,2sa1943

Pinout of 2sa1943

  • These are some important pinout of 2sa1943.
  • Pin#Type                                        Parameters
    Pin#1EmitterThe emitter is used for current moving out.
    Pin#2BaseThe base governs the biasing of the transistor. It on and off of the transistor.
    Pin#3CollectorThe collector is for the current inner drive. It is linked with the load.

    Lest see a diagram of the pinout.introduction to 2sa1943, 2sa1943 pinout, 2sa1943 features, 2sa1943 working, 2sa1943 applications,2sa1943

Features of 2sa1943

  • These are the main features of 2sa1943.
    • It is a PNP transistor.
    • The value of the current gain is (hFE) 55 to 160.
    • Its incessant Collector terminal current (IC) is 15A
    • It is accessible in suites of TO-264.
    • Its VCE is 230V.
    • The value of VCB is 230 V.
    • The voltage of VEB is five volts.
    • Power hedonism at the collector is 150 watts.
    • It has a substitution frequency of 30 MHZ.
    • It’s operational and storing intersection temperature is -55 to +150 °C
    • The amount of the current gain is (hFE) 55 to 160.

Working of 2sa1943

  • Now we discuss how we can use this transistor in different projects.
  • The 2SA1943 is mostly used in amplifier enterprises. Maximum amplifiers work as a push-pull circuit alike that of Class B amplifiers, which needs an NPN transistor and PNP transistor.
  • As we have already discussed that  2sa1943 is a PNP transistor it also has its corresponding 2SE5200 that is an NPN transistor. These transistors are frequently used together to enterprise high power Amplifiers.
  • This transistor during working use high switching frequency and consumes high current at collector due to this there is a need for heat absorber to avoid it from overheating.
  • Heat absorber which we use is acting as the collector pin so it must be inaccessible from other components of the circuit.
  • These transistors are normally used to physique Stereophonic arrangements that are evaluated for 200W or above, they can react to frequency from 5Hz to 100 kHz and has a sensitivity of 0.75Vrms.

  • They have less signal to noise ratio (SNR) and also has less harmonic alteration which makes it the best option for acoustic submissions.

Applications of 2sa1943

  • These are some applications of 2sa1943.
    • It is used in different Auditory frequency intensifiers.
    • It is used in AF and RF circuitries.
    •  It is used in such devices which has less veer degree.
    • It is the best choice for pull-push arrangement circuits.
    • It is used in such switching where high current is required.
    • It can also be used as intermediate Power switches.

So it was all about 2sa1943 if you have any question about it ask in comments. I will guide you comprehensively. Thanks for reading.

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