What is Future of PCB, What Future PCB Will Be Like, What's Next for PCBs, new technology in pcb manufacturing, future of printed circuit boards
What is Future of PCB, What Future PCB Will Be Like, What's Next for PCBs, new technology in pcb manufacturing, future of printed circuit boards
Hello, welcome back with another PCB tutorial and in today tutorial I am going to discuss “What is Future of PCB?” Now, you will be pretty aware of the Printed circuit board.  Since the invention of PCB, there are different changes and evolvement happened in PCB and its evolvement make it advanced. Now PCBs are available in different shapes and hardly resemble their first invention.  They are not just changing shape, but their efficiency rate is much higher than before. The manufacturing process and design of software make it more productive and cost-effective.  Now consumer demand is growing within passing time and so must PCBs. PCB is the base of all electronic devices.  There is no doubt that the PCB maker feels intense pressure on development and growth. As customer demand is to get the faster and small device, and the industries looking for improved functionality.  Therefore, PCB will need to be continually developing in the future. But the question is 

What will be the future of PCB?

It is so necessary to get ready for the future in any field of life. That’s why it is important to know the future of PCB or what PCB has ahead for us.  The current PCBs are so flexible and producing an incredible rate, but there is always room for development.  Whether it is a function of PCB or its flexibility. The Consumer is always a demand for new and different function of PCB. The manufacturing process of PCB needs to be worked on because the complexity of the PCB gets grow. All the complexity of PCB has grown the new challenges for manufacturing companies.  It is predicted that these are the following areas that need to be worked on in the future.  Note:
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High-speed capabilities
We are living in a tech era and that demand for high-speed functionality in everything. We have become used to fast-paced technology. The same case deals with PCBs and now users same demand for electronic devices too.  It is a challenge for designers to make unique and high-speed PCBs. The definition of high-speed PCBs for the designer has relatively changed.  Most of them are agreed upon that definition of high-speed PCB is that ‘Circuit layout affects the integrity of the signal.  But it can mean different things.
What is Future of PCB, What Future PCB Will Be Like, What's Next for PCBs, new technology in pcb manufacturing, future of printed circuit boards
Analog Signal The capacity is in the shape of a  signal in the high-speed analogue circuit. It means that If the signal shape will be changed, then the signal integrity problem will appear. 
Digital Signal
The capacity or intelligence is contained in the digital pulses. So if it would be effected on a signal, then the signal integrity could be delayed or manifest.  As you have seen that in both cases signal integrity could be interpreted by different effects. Many high-level designers know how to make it work and adjust all these problems and working on it for higher speed capabilities. 
PCB Board Cameras
PCB board cameras are fitted directly on circuit board. These cameras can easily take pictures and are also able to make videos. The camera consists of an aperture, lens and image sensor, that's why is able to take high-resolution pictures.  The size of the camera is around a quarter and that’s why can be fitted easily on a circuit board. They are so tiny that they can be mounted in any electronic device.  After the introduction of board cameras, The circuit boards developed quickly with photo and video imaging and improving in primary areas.  The PCB board cameras are expected to be developed further in the future and create a powerful solution for both PCB industry and electronics.  Board cameras are used in several industries due to their sizes.
Medical Instruments
These board cameras are used in medical instruments to make the medical field more advanced. Now pill-sized cameras are available. The pill-sized camera can be swallowed by the patient so the doctor can take images or videos on the digestive system and decide to operate or not.  Cameras are also used in instructional tools for the surgeries. 
Consumer Electronics
For utility consumer, board cameras are also used in different electronic devices. In today's smartphones, laptop, tablet and several other companies also used board cameras. All of the consumers are pushing for a more powerful camera. All of these industries are only a few examples. This is a vast area where board cameras need to work more on it in future. There is a huge demand for board cameras and therefore the work is in progress for day/night and low light capabilities of the camera. It will make an improvement in every aspect of technology.    
3D Printed Electronics
3D printing technology is the latest innovation and it has made things more exciting. 3D printing has a stand out work in a variety of industries and  3D printed electronics is one of them.  3D printing has played an important role in Printing board industry too. 3D PE, 3D printed electronics and 3D PEs are in a position to change the way of electrical system and design in the future. These systems create circuit boards by printing a substrate item layer by layer. By adding different liquid inks and surface mount technology to create a final board. This circuit board can take any shape in the result. 
What is Future of PCB, What Future PCB Will Be Like, What's Next for PCBs, new technology in pcb manufacturing, future of printed circuit boards
The advantages of this 3D printing are:
  1. Novel Design
  2. Improved efficiency 
  3. Environment-friendly
Because of all these advantages, 3D PE has advanced quickly and moving forward. All the experts are expecting that this industry will move quickly as manufacturing companies. 

Focus on Flexibility

The PCB industry is already fast-growing because of consumer demand. Flexible PCB type is the most demanding one because of the use in different sectors like wearable electronics, medical applications and flexible display.   The sales growth is exceeding and it means the future is bright.  These are all the reasons that make flexible PCBs more popular. Flexible PCB can handle more stress than rigid PCB and can fit into strange 3D spaces.  These are several industries that are putting the trend toward flexible PCB. 
  1. LED Lighting
  2. Flexible Display
  3. Medical Instrumentation
  4. Wearable Technology
 People in the PCB industry can expect to see many more PCB changes come into demand in the near future if all these trends continue.