Which is Easier to Assemble a Computer or Write a Work in CollegeAm almost sure that when faced with a choice whether to write an academic paper or build a computer, you would choose writing a paper. However, both tasks are almost similar if you think about it open-mindedly. The similarity between the two tasks is that you will use already existing materials.

For computer building, you will have to look for all the appropriate parts needed to make a computer. Similarly, you have to look for already published information and data to write your paper and deliver a strong analytical or descriptive essay.  So, what makes these two tasks completely different and which one is easier to tackle? Let’s find out together.

Assembling a Computer from Scratch

From a general point of view, this sounds like a very challenging task to handle by yourself. However, you do not have to be intimidated as this is one of the easiest tasks to complete once you master everything there is to learn. Although it will take you some time, you will still be able to build a computer from scratch.

Which is Easier to Assemble a Computer or Write a Work in College

What does it take to be a custom computer builder?

To be an expert in this field, you need to be very committed and focused on mastering the skill. It’s not something you wake up and excel at without putting any work to it: nothing works like that. What does it really take to be an expert?

  • Learn all the hardware parts of a computer and how each one of them works.
  • Look for sample videos on how to assemble a PC.
  • Get to understand all the tools you need for the task at hand.
  • Know different brands of computers in the market.
  • Get reference materials relating to this task.

Which is Easier to Assemble a Computer or Write a Work in College

Instead of buying a computer from the store, you can decide to build your own. With online free tutorials, you get all the relevant information about computer building and assembly. All the essential parts you need to get your computer working would include:

  • Case and power supply
  • Motherboard
  • Cooling fan
  • The CPU
  • RAM
  • Hard Disk
  • Processor
  • Graphics card
  • Display and peripherals
  • Operating systemWhich is Easier to Assemble a Computer or Write a Work in College

Writing a Paper in College

This is one of the most hated tasks by college students I included. I never liked doing my assignments or writing papers because I always thought I was making a fool of myself. However, it is not as hard as it is painted out to be. I know that for a fact now.

For you to master the art of writing perfect essays and thesis in college, you have to put more effort into learning. When you use an example to learn, you get to understand better. That’s why when learning, you should use a free descriptive essay or article to understand how to go about the task. Essay samples and examples give you the confidence to conquer the task.

What does it take to be a writer?

For you to excel as a writer, put into consideration a number of factors. First, you have to learn how to create time for your project. Prior and proper planning is another essential aspect you should nurture. It takes a while to be a top-level writer, thus it requires a high amount of self-discipline and patience.

Here is what you need for you to be a good writer:

  • Make early preparations for all your writing projects.
  • Pay attention to details in the instructions and understand them.
  • Do extensive research before you embark on the project.
  • Proofread what you write.
  • Understand the structure of writing a descriptive essay or paper.


So, what is common about computer building and assembly and essay writing? In both cases, you have to put in a lot of dedication and determination to excel. Understanding the instructions is another essential thing you must do in both tasks.

As a custom computer builder, you have to rely on user manuals and tutorials to understand how all the parts are assembled. As a writer, you also need to use online guides, free essay samples and examples to understand how different sections are put together to create a quality paper.

I think that these tasks are similar to some extent, and none of them is easier than the other. It all depends on your perception.

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