Entering The Era Of The Self-Repairing Machine,  Self-Repairing Machine, Era Of The Self-Repairing Machine, When machine fix themselvesHello fellows, I hope you all are doing great. In today’s tutorial, we are gonna have a look at  Entering The Era Of The Self Repairing MachineWhether you’re a kid with a battery-operated toy or an adult looking to change the channel, at some point, we all long for the battery that doesn’t die. 

Researchers in Japan are looking at making the self-repairing battery an actual thing in the near future. The technology uses a material that reduces degradation and self-heals, thanks to a process called coulombic attraction.  But this is not the only self-healing technology we can look forward to. Not only will this technology prove to be helpful to networking, but it will also make efficient electronics seem unstoppable

Cyber-Resilience Becomes The Mantra For Technicians 

  • In a world where we have to face the possibility of coming up against quantum computing, it’s important that technology is able to stand up to the multi-layered threats that these supercomputers might bring. But it starts now, as cybercriminals become more advanced with their attacks.
  • At the heart of cyberattacks lies sophisticated coding that can infiltrate both hardware and software, which leave systems vulnerable for days, weeks, or even months until detected.
  • Self-healing machines that rely on AI to detect faults and shut down and restore will provide layers of security that are far more intricate than the machines of the system currently rely on. 

Big Data Gets A Boost 

Self-healing on the big data front is a critical component in preserving and processing information for future use, but companies are also well aware that when something goes wrong, that data can mean nothing. Alibaba has developed closed-loop self-healing hardware to prevent machine failure from affecting their data.

The system makes use of an enormous amount of offline processing (95%) to resolve system errors and potential failures before closing the loop for the remaining 5% to be processed online.

Entering The Era Of The Self-Repairing Machine,  Self-Repairing Machine, Era Of The Self-Repairing Machine, When machine fix themselves

The combination of MaxCompute and Tianji has given Alibaba the edge over the self-repair cycle. For the company, this means fewer resources being pooled into repairs and maintenance, which leaves their hands free to provide customers with technical support and improve their sales cycle. This is a win for both consumers and businesses that rely on big data to make progress. 

IoT Errors Will Become Obsolete 

One of the reasons why the Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial IoT, is still not fully integrated into all businesses and homes is because of a few fundamental flaws that still prevail.

According to technicians, the answer to self-repair within IoT networks lies in Bayesian networks, which is a mathematical model developed to work with sensors to detect issues.

Machine learning is the next component in this network that works towards the self-repair process, as the software will figure out how the machine is supposed to work and then repair the components that need to be repaired. This is an important part of IoT and will influence the probability of it being adopted by households, industries and governments alike.

The self-healing function of the network will also provide a layer of security that reduces the effects of cyberattacks on the network. 

Entering The Era Of The Self-Repairing Machine,  Self-Repairing Machine, Era Of The Self-Repairing Machine, When machine fix themselvesWith the help of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, self-repairing machines will become the new normal. Combined with the right software and networking combinations, the self-repair loop is not only probable but possible as well.

Do you know any latest self-repairing or healing technology? If you do then share with us in comments below, we would love to hear new ideas from you. That’s how we can share our knowledge with each other. 

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