Choosing the Right Storage System for your Warehouse, storage system for warehouse, warehouse storage system, storage rack for warehouse
Hello friends, I hope you all are doing great. In today's tutorial, I will show you How to Choose the right storage system for warehouse. A warehouse is a place where businesses or companies store the products before delivering to their customers. The key elements in warehousing are management, operations, and systems. These are critical factors in planning, building, and maintaining the warehouse. One major part of warehouse management operations and systems is the storage.  The racking system in a warehouse is crucial to ensure business operations run smoothly.  If you are building a warehouse, make sure the shelving is maximized. You also have to consider the adaptability of the shelves based on the needs of operations. Another factor to consider is the durability of the shelving options and how well they can stand versus the products they need to hold.  Last, but not the last is safety for the employees and the warehouse as a whole. The quality of materials to be used should also not be sacrificed.

Study the Different Types of Shelving

What products would you need to store? What are their corresponding weights? Are you storing homogenous products?  Are you storing products with different shapes and sizes?  How often is the projected pull out of each item? Which goods are faster-moving? Are there seasonal products? Which goods are slower-moving?  Do the products need special storage? How about expiry dates? There are so many questions to answer.  Several factors should be considered in planning the storage system of a warehouse. Planning and analysis of the products and business needs is key in the initial stage.  This also involves studying the different options available suited for your needs. Check out different types of shelves, their advantages, disadvantages, and adaptability. For example, if you need to store large fast-moving goods, an industrial warehouse racking system may be suited. Always remember that the goal in a warehouse is optimal efficiency, which can mean reducing the time it would take to tick and complete an order. A systematic and a right shelving solution should help improve the inventory storage, workload distribution, and order fulfillment. Hence, depending on your business and products to store and goals, below are some shelving options you can consider:

Shelving Option 1: Pallet Racking

Choosing the Right Storage System for your Warehouse, storage system for warehouse, warehouse storage system, storage rack for warehouse
Does your warehouse have continuous product movement? Perhaps, the pallet racking system is the solution for you. This storage system provides easy access to the palletized goods. Access can be done simultaneously. This results in better productivity and efficiency for your warehouse operations. On the other hand, in the selective racking method, the pallets are loaded or unloaded coming from the front of the racking system.

Shelving Option 2: Push Back Racking  

Push back racking is suited for warehouses that need to access large different SKUs (stock-keeping units) simultaneously. This storage solution aims to maximize the capacity for storage.  The push back racking follows the last-in, first-out system. This means that the goods which are placed will also be the ones to be retrieved first.

Shelving Option 3: Cantilever 

The advantage of cantilever is the easy retrieval and storage of goods that have different sizes, shapes, and weights. The cantilever shelving provides easier access, selection, and adjustability. This can be customized based on your preference.

Shelving Option 4: Drive-in Rack

If you intend to store huge quantities of homogenous products, then you may consider a drive-in rack. In this method, the forklifts load and unload the products by entering through the front. The forklift then moves back once the products are already in place. This type of shelving follows the last-in, first-out management of goods.

Shelving Option 5: Long Span Shelving  

The long span shelving is highly flexible as it serves different types of applications. This uses a clip-together shelving system, which is best for storing small or heavy products. Given the easy clip-together system, the shelves can be adjusted. They can support a mezzanine floor system. The versatility of the long span shelving allows adding accessories like tool racks, crates, or security cages.

Bend-Tech’s Steel Racking

Warehousing is not an easy task. This requires careful planning to ensure operations are optimized. The shelving system is a crucial factor. The right shelving system ensures maximum efficiency for your operations.  We suggest that you study and carefully plan out the storage solutions. This is to avoid mistakes that may be costly. Getting a wrong type of shelving solution will only hamper or reduce operational efficiency. Need advice on what type of shelving solution for your warehouse?
Choosing the Right Storage System for your Warehouse, storage system for warehouse, warehouse storage system, storage rack for warehouse
We can help analyze your storage requirements that are best suited for your operations. We offer bespoke solutions. No warehouse is too big or too small for us. We are open to any type of requirement. Whether or not you have an idea of what type of shelving solution you want, do let us know. We can sit down with you to listen. Walk us through your requirements, the products that need to be stored, the dimensions of the goods, product considerations, and warehouse size, and other needs.  Our well-trained engineers will be glad to assist you. We can do any type of Bend-Tech’s steel racking that we would agree on. All our metal storage racks are fully-engineered and built for industrial conditions.  They are all certified and meet Australian standards.  Rest assured that you will have high-quality shelving solutions. We service different parts of Australia. We have offices in Perth, Newman, Brisbane, Kalgoorlie, Mount Isa, and Sydney.