Why EV Pickup Trucks Will Spearhead The Switch To Electric Motors
Hi Guys! Hope you're well today. Glad to have you here. In this post today I'll detail why EV pickup trucks will spearhead the switch to electric motors. In 2019, approximately 63 percent of Americans looking to buy a car were interested in buying an EV, according to Consumer Reports. The stage is set for major EV manufacturers to contend over the market. Of all body styles, pickup trucks seem to be of particular interest to them. General Motors, Tesla, and Ford are doubling down their efforts in EV pickup design. This is all so that models like the Hummer EV and the Cyber truck can release within the next few years. Trucks are favored for their towing power, traversal abilities, and relatively low need for maintenance. Those are perfect attributes for EV platforms to expand upon. Here are the top advantages EV pickups bring that will let them lead the switch to electric vehicles.

Pickups Will Make The Switch To EVs More Palatable

The first and most important reason EV pickups will lead the charge in switching to electric is because they appeal to a wider demographic. At least, that is the case in the United States. The latest data from Hedges & Co. shows that there are almost twice as many pickup owners in America as there are car owners.
Why EV Pickup Trucks Will Spearhead The Switch To Electric Motors
People from all walks of life find a use for pickup trucks. Hence, capitalizing on pickup trucks will make the switch to electric vehicles more attractive to the common driver. Jessica Caldwell, the auto analyst for Edmunds, says that everyday motorists are the key to bringing the electric dream to fruition, not enthusiasts. They would need to be convinced to change their behaviors to accommodate the differences in operating an electric pickup. But with the benefits that EV engines offer, manufacturers are optimistic that they can be made to see the advantages in making the switch.

Greater Capacity For Customization And Novel Features

With so many Americans expressing interest in EVs, selling EV trucks sounds easy on paper. However, General Motors’ Josh Tavel says that it's not as simple as that. The average Hummer buyer, he says, is not buying the truck to have a lower carbon footprint. The target demographic has always been monster truck and military enthusiasts, says Tavel. It has been this way ever since the vehicle first rose to popularity in the late 90s and early aughts.
Why EV Pickup Trucks Will Spearhead The Switch To Electric Motors
What they are marketing to are the adventurous and outgoing types. This market, GM says, overlaps significantly with engine-savvy car enthusiasts. If they can be made to adopt the electric engine, they can influence everyone else to do so as well. This is why they added some features they know will appeal to vehicle aficionados. These include novel additions such as a crab walk mechanism and intuitive graphic displays. . All these and more can be easily supported by an EV built from the ground up with efficiency as a focal point.

More Reliability And Power Than Traditional Trucks

Electric pickups could not have come at a more appropriate time. Nowadays, consumers are clamoring for efficiency and reliability. This is mainly out of concern for the environment. On top of this, however, people also want cars that are simpler to maintain and break down less. Current surveys point to a drastic shift from public to private transport soon. More than 78 percent of commuters will mainly rely on private vehicles for transport from now on. This was according to the 2020 EY Mobility Consumer Index. EVs have fewer moving parts. Thus, they are potentially more powerful and consistently reliable than internal combustion vehicles. Reliability is one of the most prized and sought after traits in trucks, according to consumer truck reviews and rankings.

Enhanced Performance For Commercial And Recreational Use

The increased towing power and dependability of EV pickups make them attractive commercial fleet vehicles. The long-range operation of electric trucks is more economical than fossil fuel ones. Headquarters and stop points could be established according to the trucks’ ranges and charging stations set up at these points. This way, refueling can be done overnight at the stops themselves, instead of on the road. A supply line like this can be vastly more efficient in terms of time and energy.
Why EV Pickup Trucks Will Spearhead The Switch To Electric Motors
As for recreational use, EV pickups can excel at carrying vacationing and camping equipment. This can be of particular appeal to suburbanites, who often vacation by going out into the wilderness to camp and kayak. With a fair number of Tesla owners, they would appreciate being able to do so in an environmentally friendly way as well.  More engine power can allow them to carry more gear, and longer range can let them make better headway before stopping.

Mutual Benefit For Consumers And Manufacturers

Auto manufacturers stand to gain much from the demand for EVs, especially in pickups. This is thanks to their high-profit margins and demand. The average price of a full-sized EV pickup is $50,000. Even so, they are easier to maintain and have better long-term performance. This makes them a more sensible long-term investment. Figuring out the right price point is a major point of emphasis for manufacturers. Ken Morris, vice-president of General Motors’ EV and self-driving vehicle division, voiced his views on this challenge. According to him, the tricky part will be to price the trucks low enough to make them preferable over traditional ones, but not so low that it hurts profit. This has turned out to be rather difficult with the 200-kilowatt-hour batteries that EV pickup specifications demand. These would cost $20,000 per unit, which is slightly more expensive than your average economy vehicle. These factors together make it easier for automakers to fund their R&D projects for better EV tech. Even with a higher mark-up, consumers simply accept this as a matter of course for a young technology. And thus, they buy the vehicle anyway. Although controversial, it certainly facilitates the rapid growth of electric vehicles. This growth will likely go faster from here on out. That's all for today. I hope you find this article helpful. If you have any questions, you can approach me in the section below. I'd love to help you the best way I can. Thank you for reading the article.