Business Administration bachelor degree, BBA, bachelor in business administration, business management
Hello friends! I hope you are doing well. Today, in this article, I am going to discuss about Business Administration bachelor degree. This is also known as BBA. Business Administration is a bachelor's degree in business administration & management. Usually, the duration of this degree program is 3 years in Europe and 4 years in the US. Here, I will cover the specialization areas, major & minor subjects of Business Administration bachelor degree, key skills, scope, future career opportunities, and top universities offer BBA degree.

Business Administration bachelor degree

The main aim of a Business Administration bachelor's degree is to provide a deep understanding of the functional features of a business and its interconnection. While it also enable students to choose a specific area of interest for specialization. The degree also increases the student's communication, practical management skills. Also, provide students how to make a correct business decision to become successful in the competing world. Many programs offered include training and practical knowledge, as well as presentations, case projects, industrial visits, internships, and communication with specialists from the industry.
Business Administration bachelor degree, BBA, bachelor in business administration, business management
Business Administration bachelor degree is one of the most interdisciplinary degree programs because it is the combination of theoretical and practical knowledge specialization in Economics, Marketing, Human resources, Finance, Information system, Accounting and many more. The administration of a business involves the execution or management of business plans and processes with the right decision-making skills. Generally, the administration points to the more comprehensive management function, which is mainly associated with finance, and personal services. The main five functions of business administration bachelor degree provide are:
  • First and most important is proper planning.
  • Organizing.
  • Managing.
  • Organizing.
  • Controlling.
Business Administration bachelor degree, BBA, bachelor in business administration, business management

Major subjects in Business Administration bachelor degree

Several major subjects are offered in business administration bachelor degree.
  • Accounting.
  • Financial management.
  • Organizational behavior.
  • Operations management.
  • Business.
  • Quantitative techniques (business statistics, operations research, financial mathematics).
  • Human resource management.
  • Management information systems.
  • Marketing.
  • Strategic management.
  • Cost & management accounting.
A number of major subjects offered in business administration bachelor degree.

Areas of specialization in Business Administration bachelor degree

  • Accounting.
  • Finance.
  • Business analytics.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Economics.
  • Management.
  • Healthcare companies & services management.
  • Hospitality & tourism.
  • Marketing.
  • Design management.
  • Supply chain management.
  • Operations management.
  • Human resource management.
  • Information technology.
  • Public sector & government administration management.
  • International business.
  • Legal management.
  • Management information systems.
  • Public relations.

Minor subjects in Business Administration bachelor degree

  • Computer science.
  • Communication.
  • Sociology.
  • Psychology.
  • Political science.
  • Media arts.

Future Scope of Business Administration bachelor degree

Business Administration bachelor degree teaches you how to start and run your business successfully. How to face the tough challenges in the business world? Today everyone wants to run their own business. And this degree provides the experience of making crucial decisions that will succeed in a better and successful business. After graduation, you will get high-demanding jobs of quite impressive, as well as allow you to become an owner of your own Business. The types of jobs in this degree are Research Analyst, Risk Management Consultant, Quality Assurance Specialist, Purchasing Agent, Financial Planner, Marketing Representative, or Office Manager. This degree will give you the opportunity to acquire skills, useful in marketing products, maintaining the economic health of your business, evaluating performance data, making employees motivated, running efficiency high, and creating successful business decisions that bring a bright future for you.
Business Administration bachelor degree, BBA, bachelor in business administration, business management
Moreover, a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration is regarded as the top degree for a successful career. It is an acknowledged degree that is growing in demand in students who desire to get a job in management. This degree is also suitable for students who loved to do their own business after graduation. With this degree, they get a strong foundation in business management. Further, a BBA degree is one of some degrees in which students graduate and get high-paid salaries jobs right after graduation. As the country’s economy is developing, and new companies are building. So these companies hire the graduates in BBA. The students are trending to join the following specialized disciplines of BB aimed at careers they desire.

Top reasons to choose Business Administration bachelor degree

Here are the top reasons why you should choose a BBA degree:

Broad Knowledge Base

The courses of BBA are composed of industry experts and give deep knowledge about all the features of running a company. This degree will train you from making to marketing the product or any other service.

Personality Development

Another main aim of this degree is the development of your personality. You will learn how to speak in public, how to lead a business, leadership skills, soft skills, and more throughout the course.
Business Administration bachelor degree, BBA, bachelor in business administration, business management

Bright Career Opportunities

After your graduation with a business administration bachelor's degree, you will get a professional job in the business world as a trainee or in other positions with good salaries and packages.

Professional Degree

BBA is among the top bachelor professional degrees. There are many other management degrees but BBA is better and preferred by industry experts.

Networking Opportunities

This makes a strong network of professional because many of your fellows will also get the job in related industries. You can get work in this network. This is the biggest advantage.

Multiply Disciplines Covered

In this degree, a variety and vast of subjects are taught that will make you a competent professional and provide you many opportunities for seeking a bright career.

Stepping Stone for MBA 

BBA is the stepping stone to do an MBA. Without a BBA degree, you cannot get the chance to get an MBA degree. BBA is great training for an MBA. You are often taught identical things, but you examine much immersed in the subject in an MBA. This means, you know the basics well and are fully trained. A high-salary job for BBA with excellent profits is also one of the central purposes of most professionals. With this degree, you unlock access to the best administrative jobs where the pay and benefits are the best. You also get advancements much faster, and when you change companies, you can receive a sizeable pay increase, depends on your skills.

Job Satisfaction 

A BBA degree will no doubt give you a satisfying career. After your graduation, you will be clear in your direction. You have options to get jobs in various positions in business or start your own business with your skills. Job satisfaction is a very important factor.


Refreshed knowledge is one of the best choices to have, and through this degree, you get this. The BBA degree program is a well-designed course that trains students as much as possible for the business world. The course is also renewed according to the newest trends and advancements in the industry, providing students a clear advantage. From the most reliable industry works to the use of technology, BBA pupils are better provided with experience.


A BBA degree is also affordable than an MBA degree other many other business-related degrees. For the duration of 3 years, it is not that expensive degree. In the end, you will get a high-paying job.

Future Career Opportunities after Business Administration bachelor degree


Today, the field of marketing has been grown a lot, and BBA graduates find work as marketing executives right after their graduation. it makes you very good at communication if you want to go into the marketing field. this position in business comes with a lot of benefits and a good salary. But if you do not want to choose this field then you can start your own business with those skills this degree taught you already. this degree will teach you to market research and plan your product. There are so many other positions available for BBA graduates such as market researcher and marketing analyst. And you performed well in these positions you can promote to the market manager.

Advertising and PR

All businesses for their proper growth need a good advertising PR team. These are the most growing areas in the industry that hired skilled BBA graduates who know how to do marketing and PR activities. They work similarly with marketers and adjust their plans respectively. BBA graduates find jobs as public relations personnel, PR writers, account managers, customer relationship managers, and copywriters. They pay a good salary in advertising and PR, and the extension possibilities are plenty. [caption id="attachment_162037" align="aligncenter" width="712"]
Business Administration bachelor degree, BBA, bachelor in business administration, business management
financial accounting concept[/caption]

Human Resources

You can also get jobs in the HR department if you have good communication skills with people. This is one of the top departments in any company because they ensured that employees are happy and satisfied. BBA graduated can work as HR generalists, HR recruiters, and HR specialists. HR department is very good to work in along with good salary.


Working in a bank is also the most popular and satisfying job after BBA. As a BBA graduate you can work in a bank as a probationary officer. You just have to fulfil their qualification criteria, that is not much difficult. And clear their entry exam and interviews. Bankers are today the most earning professions and a way of good living. So with a BBA degree, you can do this.


Insurance is a popular field nowadays, particularly in a country like Pakistan and India where the main population remains uninsured. You can find a job after BBA in this industry and make a good salary. There are many international companies offering jobs in this sphere. Getting a job in this company is really a dream for many people.


In the whole business administration bachelor degree, you will learn how to start and plan your business successfully. You can use these skills and knowledge to become a businessman. Further, you will learn how to make strategies in business to grow. Additionally, you will be given the knowledge and experience of accounting, structuring, organizing, and marketing. So many students after graduation start their own business.
Business Administration bachelor degree, BBA, bachelor in business administration, business management

Civil Services

BBA students can also join civil services such as IPS, IAS, and UPSC. The experience and knowledge gained from the BBA degree will enhance your personality. You have to pass the exams and interviews to get these jobs. These are also preferable and the most decent jobs with a good salary.

Chartered Accountant

The chartered accountant is also the most famous profession for BBA students. It is an important part of BBA because it gives you the fundamentals for a CA degree. CA is a difficult profession but if you work hard it is worth doing. It has so many benefits such as a very good salary and good packages. You will find work in a professional CA company, or after increasing your experience you can start your own company.


The company secretary is one of the quickest growing professions in the nation. This job holder is responsible for the corporation and organizational management. They also take care of important documents and other important aspects of any company. Today, many expert company secretary companies offer their assistance to many companies. You can earn an attractive salary for living as a company secretary.

Study MBA

After BBA, you have a chance to study MBA. This is the next step to grow further in the business field. It will prepare you for the professional world. With an MBA degree, you will get a much higher-paying job.

Key skills after getting BBA degree

  • Think and complete an international strategic selling plan.
  • Design and execute an international marketing plan during managing risks.
  • Optimize the overall performance of an economic item in an international setting.
  • Manage complex projects, people, and finance even in a difficult situation.
  • Determine and organize services in an international context.
Business Administration bachelor degree, BBA, bachelor in business administration, business management

Top countries provide Business Administration Degree

  • USA.
  • Switzerland.
  • Hong Kong.
  • Spain.
  • Italy.
  • Thailand.
  • United Arab Emirates.
  • Netherlands.
  • Canada.
  • Finland.
  • France.
  • China.
  • Belgium.
  • Malaysia.
  • Japan.

Top Universities offer Business Administration Degree

Hult Internation business school, London

At Hult, you will get involved in a global environment and every point and subject will be taught according to a global point of view. From marketing to law and career planning, you will learn everything. Throughout your BBA degree experience, you will be examined to imagine and productive. You have to complete tea projects. Moreover, you will get experience to convert the theoretical concept into practice. Also, will have a chance to learn the following key skills:
  • Live client interviewing.
  • Team projects.
  • Business challenges.
  • Internships.

Kedge Business School

This is the International school offer BBA of KEDGE business school. The duration of the program is about 2 years and 1 year for professional experience. This school will develop global caliber with its 120 academic partners and different tracks. You can make your CV very attractive and strong that will fulfil the qualification criteria for so many international companies. The BBA degree from this school will develop your personality and well as profession. It will also offer a six-month internship program in 2nd year abroad. And six months of international also required in the final year. The specializations areas:
  • Chinese Track.
  • Financial Trading.
  • Brand Management.
  • Web Digital Strategy.

EU Business School

This school provides the skills to become successful business leaders that can combine knowledge of finance, management, marketing, and operations to run an effective business. The business administration bachelor's degree program provides students with a full range of roles within the business world. The EU bachelor’s programs are included seven-semester and almost three-year programs. It will develop entrepreneurial, productive, and innovative skills. The teaching language is English. Per semester fee is 6,450€. The following major are provided by this school:
  • Marketing.
  • Finance.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Management.
The main courses included:
  • Leadership & Team Building.
  • Strategic Marketing.
  • Cross-Cultural Business Issues.
Business Administration bachelor degree, BBA, bachelor in business administration, business management

H.A.M.K University

This university also provides the BBA degree with 120 credits, and it will complete in 3.5 years. The degree is taught in English. The main focus of this degree will be on International Management, Business Development, and Global Markets. The students perform studies by mixing theory and practice with businessman skills. The following skills are developed:
  • Manage international projects.
  • Operate in international sales teams.
  • Innovative marketing solutions.
  • Adapt various cost models.
  • Implement SME's financial operations.
  • Supervise global partners.
  • Innovate as an entrepreneur.
  • Lead global teams.
  • Coordinate events.
  • Plan market entries.
  • Identify digital trends.
  • Map customer journeys.
When you will study in H.A.M.K international business school, you will enable to focus on the basic pillars:
  • Leading International Networks.
  • Learning by Doing.
  • Dynamics of Global Markets.

Final International University

The Business administration bachelor's degree is offered by Final International University. It was established in 2015. This program is taught in English. The program is designed to allow the students to gain both theoretical and practical business knowledge. They learn to solve business problems, as well as enable them to think analytically. The Department covers all branches of interdisciplinary approach comprising of theoretical and applied courses. The program is completely aimed to develop according to a global standard. It trains students to understand technology and practices as well as teaches them to face problems by industries and economics. The objectives of the Business Administration bachelor degree are following:
  • Train students with high-level knowledge and experiences in management, finance, accounting, production, public relations, human resources, marketing, and also auditing.
  • Ensure students to be responsible for decision-making in stressful situations.
  • Teach them social and moral reliability with innovative analysis and entrepreneurship.
  • Also, give students management skills through developing the ability to communicate efficiently in the environment.
  • The basis of all the principles of learning.
  • Educate professionals and leaders for private and public companies.
Business Administration bachelor degree, BBA, bachelor in business administration, business management
Many employment opportunities are always open for successful Business Administration graduates in both the industrial and service areas. Particular employment areas are banking, insurance, transportation, tourism, and foreign trade. Graduates also find jobs in positions such as Central Banks, Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Foreign Trade organizations, and State Planning Organizations. With a degree in business administration, you are ready to contribute to all international and local companies or start your own business. I hope this article will help you to understand the different specialization areas of Business Administration bachelor degree, its scope, and future career opportunities.