Discover Opportunities Accessible With a Live Fx Trading Account, forex trading online, forex trading account, how to trade in forex
Hello friends, I hope you all are doing great. In today's tutorial, we will have a look at how to discover opportunities accessible with a Live Fx Trading Account. Are you learning to trade Forex? Beginners build skills using free demos, but these only simulate the real market. The live mode is where profits are made. Switch to a live account and dive in — there is more than one way to earn money through a broker in South Africa. So, what exactly will you get?

Access to the Real Market

The foreign exchange is the most enormous market in the world. Today, it is electronic, without any physical centre. Buyers and sellers find each other online through dedicated platforms and apps. Brokers merely function as intermediaries: they provide the necessary tools and process transactions. The sheer volume of the currency market is 6+ trillion US dollars daily. Demo accounts are free, but they are only good for training purposes. It is impossible to enter the real trillion-dollar market. To go live, you need a live account. Registering one is easy. You will be asked to upload some documents, though. The broker is obliged to verify your identity.

How Rates Are Set

Live trading may take two forms. If your broker is a market maker, they will include the costs into rates, so the Ask and Bid you see will slightly deviate from the actual market quotes. The alternative is ECN trading when you get charged a commission per trades. Execution is performed according to actual market quotes.

Range of Instruments

Accessibility of financial instruments depends on the type of a Live trading account you make use of. International brokerage firms provide a broad range of choices. Currency pairs are the basic ones as their logic is the least complex. Besides, every adult has exchanged currencies at least once in their lives, so the mechanics are intuitively clear.
Discover Opportunities Accessible With a Live Fx Trading Account, forex trading online, forex trading account, how to trade in forex
Your goal is to buy low and sell high, making predictions based on technical and fundamental factors. Both methods have been thoroughly studied and described over the past few decades. Beyond currencies, there are many fascinating opportunities. First, consider spot metals. You may trade gold or silver valued against one of the major currencies. Common examples are XAU/USD (Gold/US Dollar) and XAG/EUR (Silver/Euro). These metals never go out of fashion. Demand and therefore profit potential are always present. Secondly, there are stocks of the largest corporations. Here, profit is made in two ways. First, you may purchase actual stocks and shares online. Traders buy low and sell high, capitalizing on the difference. Secondly, you may profit from stocks indirectly. Here is how. Contracts for Difference are modern derivatives that are entirely virtual in nature. They are connected to underlying assets, including corporate equity. When an asset gains value, so do the respective CFDs, and vice versa. Profit is the difference between entry and exit — hence the name. Other underlying assets include:
  • market indices like the S&P 500 or Dow Jones;
  • cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.;
  • commodities like crude oil or wheat.
All CFDs follow an identical logic. Through famous brokers like Forextime, a trader may compile a diversified portfolio across markets. Expansion lowers one’s overall risks and boosts potential profits. This is what every experienced investor recommends.

Guidance From the Broker

Brokers do not just provide the tools, they also guide their clients when necessary. As a rule, you have access to support 24/5. Any questions regarding your real trades, payments, and other operations are resolved through different communication channels. Send an email, chat with the experts or give them a call — the options depend on your provider and location.

Copy Trading

Traders can make money through delegation — this is known as copy trading. Large brokers allow holders of live accounts to choose a strategy manager. The companies compile detailed performance ratings, so you can make an informed decision.
Discover Opportunities Accessible With a Live Fx Trading Account, forex trading online, forex trading account, how to trade in forex
A connection is established. Subsequently, all market moves made by the expert are replicated in your account. Importantly, clients may cancel separate trades or terminate the connection altogether. Strategy managers receive a fee only if their trading action is profitable.

Automatic Tools

Traders have a range of robots at their disposal. These smart pieces of software are integrated into platforms and tasked with analysis. They may also execute trades on your behalf. These extras are known as Expert Advisors. They are compatible with the most popular terminals, such as MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. Robots may be bought or rented.

Become Your Own Boss

Forex trading is a lucrative domain for people with an analytical mind. Remember that traders without a strategy inevitably fail. Take time to study the fundamentals and hone your skills in a free demo mode. Live trading always feels different. When real capital is at stake, acting rationally is more difficult. The longer your training phase — the fewer mistakes you will make with real funds.