linkedin, jobs on linkedin, how to get hired on linked in, find the best way to find the jobs at linkedin.
limkedin, jobs on linkedin, how to get hired on linked in, find the best way to find the jobs at linkedin.
LinkedIn is a social media platform where employment opportunities and professional networking is facilitated. With 200+ million users, LinkedIn has become immensely popular where jobs are being sought. While people have learned how to set up their profile and the importance of building connections, being hired is still a nightmare. With a rise in the number of hiring managers and recruiters who keep checking the profile to find a suitable job candidate; the pressure on potential individuals is immense. How to stand out from the crowd? How to get hired? These are some of the questions that haunt individuals. Fret not, for the list below is a small guide on how to get hired on LinkedIn. 

Customize your URL Addresses

The address on the website of your LinkedIn page is your URL. When you customize it, it will help you top the Google search result which will make you visible. The chances of connecting also increase manifold times. To customize the URL, just visit your profile page where you will find the ‘edit’ option, just right to your name. Then click on the drop-down menu after which click the “Public profile settings.” Scroll down, you will find a grey bar that says “Your public profile URL.” Underneath you shall find a blue bar saying “Customize your public profile URL.”  Click on it and customize it based on your name or whatever you want which will be seen after the following: “”

Add Skills & Experiences to your Profile

A new feature that LinkedIn added was the option of “Skills & Expertise” that you shall find below the experience and education option. It will take 10 minutes but is very effective and improves your chances of getting hired because it shows to the employers what you are good at. It also allows your co-workers or friends and connections to praise and endorse you and your certain skills. The more connections you get, the more endorsements you can enjoy which are like a badge of honor on LinkedIn. Fill and edit under the Skills & Expertise heading wherein you can add your related skills. In fact, the page will show you a group of people who possess the same skill.
linkedin, jobs on linkedin, how to get hired on linked in, find the best way to find the jobs at linkedin.
Apart from filling the skills, also fill out the experience section which gives you an opportunity to showcase your online resume. Fill in the significant details of your career that has helped you build the career you have. You don’t necessarily have to fill in all the jobs you have done up to date. This will help you develop an image that will enable you to get hired. 

Get Recommendations

Recommendations help you get hired in various ways as it will allow you to put in a good name with the employers. It might seem very repetitive and gratuitous but it is very helpful as it will show up on the LinkedIn page of yours. Moreover, it also can be seen on the recommendation page of the writer from where all your connections can read. The recruiters will also be able to read those recommendations. It must incorporate specifics about all your skills and previous experiences and the details of the one who has recommended you. It will improve your chances of getting a job as it will improve your visibility. You can even opt for some part time jobs available in both online and offline mods

Showcase your work on the Profile

LinkedIn has various features that can help you in getting hired. You are not just selected on the basis of your skills, previous experience but also work samples. Add the samples of your work in the form of links if you have some article or paper published or the author's website, if you have one. If you are a designer or a photographer, add links to your social media or personal website where you have your work samples ready. Adding work samples improves your chance of getting hired because those who are your connections would get an idea of what work you do, how you do it. Essentially, it gives you an edge that always has a competitive advantage.

Build Connections

LinkedIn is all about connections that form the backbone of the social media website. You accrue immense benefits when you have a large connection base. It establishes a strong network through which you can approach people and companies that you like. Moreover, the major parameter to assess your credibility and goodwill is the number of LinkedIn connections you have. The larger the connectivity base, the higher credibility attached to your name. Likewise, if you have a great many connections, your goodwill automatically increases as people spread the good word. Also, when you have a large number of LinkedIn connections, automatically there will be an increased engagement on your posts which in turn would increase the traffic on your website which eventually improves your chance of getting hired because more people check out your website.
linkedin, jobs on linkedin, how to get hired on linked in, find the best way to find the jobs at linkedin.
You can even buy LinkedIn connections for your profile to get the best engagement rate. The chances of users checking out your profile also increase. You must build connectivity because that helps you get recognition and visibility on your published posts as LinkedIn sends notifications to its users whenever any of their connections post their published content. The last, but not least benefit of building connections is that it improves your chances of topping the search results which will not just improve your visibility but also the chance of getting hired as more people will visit your profile. The responsibility is yours if you strive for victory. Want to stand out from the crowd or stay ahead in the competition race, ensure that you set up a remarkable profile and have a large connection base. The list mentioned above is not the rule of thumb, it’s just a guide for you to get started.