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A lot of Engineering projects and tutorials for the students to help them in their final year projects and semester projects.
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Sending Data to Cloud with ESP32 and ThingSpeak

Sending data to Cloud with ESP32 and ThingSpeak, ESP32 ThingSpeak communication, send data to ThingSpeak with ESP32, ThingSpeak ESP32, ESP32 ThingSpeak, what is ThingSpeak, ThingSpeak API with ESP32 Departments:Electrical EngineeringElectronics EngineeringMicrocontrollers:ESP32Codings:Arduino CSoftwares:Arduino IDE The Internet of Things ( or IoT) is a network of interconnected computing devices such as digital machines, automobiles with built-in sensors, or humans with unique identifiers and t ...

Significant Reasons for Investing in IoT Application Development

Significant Reasons for Investing in IoT Application Development, Investing in IoT We all have heard of this term by now. IoT or the Internet of Things is an ingenious yet innovative technology that is the support system for uncountable apps in almost all sectors. With the ever-increasing demand for higher technology, there has been a rapid growth in the field of IoT. You would r ...