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Introduction to High-Speed PCB Design

INTRODUCTION TO HIGH SPEED PCB DESIGN, What is high speed PCB design, Brief on signal and signal integrity, Digital signals, Analog signals, How to determine if the project is high speed, High speed PCB design Big Three Problems, Integrity, Noise, Timing, Correcting the Big Three Problems, Matching, Spacing, Impedance, Design rules and challenges for high speed design, Tuning of the trace length, Shape of the truck, The impedance, Location of the components, Termination, Grounding, Tips for high speed PCB design, Start with a plan, Every detail of your board stackup for manufacturing documentation, Floor planning Hello everyone and welcome to this article which will be a great introduction to high-speed PCB design. For sure it is going to be a very interesting class. Let me start by posing a question; Is this something that you have ever come across in your world of PCB design? Where you spent too much time ...