Introduction to tl082, tl082 pinout, tl082 power ratings, tl082 applications
Hello Guys! Hope you’re well today. Happy to see you around. Thank you for clicking this read. In this post today, I’ll walk you through the Introduction to TL082. The TL082 is a wide bandwidth dual JFET input operational amplifier. High speed, low cost this device comes with internally trimmed offset voltage. It is available with a fast slew rate, a large gain bandwidth, and low supply current. I suggest you buckle up as I’ll discuss the complete Introduction to TL082 covering datasheet, pinout, features, and applications. Let’s get started.

Introduction to TL082

  • The TL082 is a high-speed low cost, wide bandwidth dual JFET input operational amplifier.
  • This component is available with an internally trimmed offset voltage. It comes with a fast slew rate and low supply current.
  • This JFET input device extends low offset and input bias current.
  • The TL082 is electrically compatible with LM1558 and is used to enhance the overall performance of the LM1558 device.
Introduction to tl082, tl082 pinout, tl082 power ratings, tl082 applications
  • With high input impedance and low total harmonic distortion, this device features low noise and offset voltage drift.
  • This amplifier is widely used in audio pre-amplification, sample and hold amplifiers and peak detectors, and active filters.

TL082 Datasheet

Before you apply this device to your electrical project, it is better to scan through the datasheet of the device that details the main characteristics of the component. You can download the datasheet of TL082 by clicking the link below.

TL082 Pinout

This device comes with 8 pins as described below.
Absolute Maximum Rating of TL082
Pin No. Rating Symbol
1 Output of op-amp A Output A
2 Inverting Input A Input A
3 Non-inverting Input A Input A
4 Ground V-
5 Inverting Input B Input B
6 Non-inverting Input B Input B
7 Output of op-amp B Output B
8 Voltage supply V+
The following figure shows the pinout diagram of TL082.
Introduction to tl082, tl082 pinout, tl082 power ratings, tl082 applications
Pin 4 is a negative voltage supply or ground while pin 8 is a positive voltage supply.

TL082 Features

The main features of TL082 are mentioned below that will help you understand how this device is different from other operational amplifiers available in the market.
  • Carries Low input bias current = 50 pA
  • Available with Low input noise current = 0.01 pA/vHz
  • Comes with Fast settling time to 0.01% = 2us
  • Contains internally trimmed offset voltage = 15 mV
  • Carries Low input noise voltage = 16nV/vHz
  • Exhibits Low supply current = 3.6 mA
  • Features Low 1/f noise corner = 50 Hz
  • Comes with Wide gain bandwidth = 4 MHz
  • Features High input impedance = 1012?
  • Exhibits High slew rate = 13 V/µs
  • Comes with Low total harmonic distortion = =0.02%

TL082 Applications

TL082 is used in the following applications.
  • Used in function generators and comparators.
  • Used in amplifier circuits.
  • Used in high-speed integrators.
  • Used in other electrical circuits with low input offset voltage.
  • Used in a circuit requiring high input impedance.
  • Used in audio pre-amplification.
  • Used in a sample and hold amplifiers.
  • Used in peak detectors and active filters.
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