Introduction to tl084, tl084 pinout, tl084 power ratings, tl084 applications
Hi Guys! Hope you’re well today. I welcome you on board. Happy to see you around. In this post today, I’ll detail the Introduction to TL084. TL084 is a JFET input Op-Amp that carries low offset current and high input impedance. Available with better offset characteristics and high noise immunity, TL084 comes with a suitable offset voltage that makes it an ideal pick for amplifier applications. I suggest you read this post all the way through as I’ll walk you through the complete Introduction to TL084 covering datasheet, pinout, features, and applications. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Introduction to TL084

  • The TL084 is available in Quad Package which means it comes with four separate op-amps that can operate independently.
  • This op-amp carries low noise and harmonic distortion that makes it an ideal pick for the audio pre-amplifiers.
  • The bipolar transistors and high-voltage JFET are incorporated that are responsible for the device's low bias current and high input impedance.
Introduction to tl084, tl084 pinout, tl084 power ratings, tl084 applications
  • Previously, I’ve uploaded Introduction to LM324 op-amp that is almost similar to TL084 as both are available in quad package and carry four op-amps inside.
  • Both operate in a similar manner, however, the area where they differ is the voltage required for the working of these op-amps. The TL084 requires 7 V for its operation while LM324 requires a common 5V supply to put it in running condition.
  • While using TL084, make sure you terminate the unused op-amp in this Quad package. Since, if not terminated, they might develop some stay capacitance that can get some noise, hence affecting the overall performance of this device.
  • Moreover, unused op-amp utilizes more power, thus decreasing the device efficiency.

TL084 Internal Design

  • Op-amps are famous for their high input impedance which means it doesn’t distort the initial signal applied to the input pin.
  • The op-amp input stage is considered as the most complex stage of the amplifier, because if handled inappropriately, it may result in the damage of the entire circuitry.
  • While working with the supply voltage signals make sure, the voltage applied to the input pin should never exceed the rail voltage else it will generate a short circuit by producing the latch-up condition.
  • Moreover, the differential input voltage rating must be higher than the voltage difference between the inverting and non-inverting pins.
Introduction to tl084, tl084 pinout, tl084 power ratings, tl084 applications
  • It is important to note that TL084 is not a rail to rail op-amp which means output voltage will not be reaching the maximum negative or maximum positive value when the device is saturated.
  • You will always get the 2V less than the supply voltage due to the voltage drop occurred by the transistors inside the op-amp.
  • Op-amps carry a very large open-loop gain but this gain is commonly occupied with the noise, the reason most circuits are designed using closed-loop gain.
  • The closed-loop gain works in such a way it keeps feeding the input signal with the feedback signal which results in the restriction of gain value and the noise accompanied by it.
  • Know that… negative feedback is preferred over positive feedback due to its stable and predictable behavior.

TL084 Datasheet

While incorporating this device into your electrical project, it’s wise to have a look at the datasheet of the component that details the main characteristics of the component. You can download the datasheet of TL084 by clicking the link below.

TL084 Pinout

The following are the 14 pins embedded in this op-amp.
Absolute Maximum Ratings BC639
Pin No. Rating Pin name
4 Power supply Vcc(+)
13 Ground GND
3,5,10,12 The input non-inverting pins of this Quad Op-amp Input non-inverting Pins
2,6,9,13 The input inverting pins of this Quad Op-amp Input inverting pins
1,7,8,14 The output pins of the this Quad Op-amp Op-amp output pins
  • The following figure shows the pinout diagram of TL084.
Introduction to tl084, tl084 pinout, tl084 power ratings, tl084 applications
  • Pin 4 is the positive supply rail of the op-amp while pin 13 is the negative supply rail of the op-amp.

TL084 Features

The following are the main features of TL084.
  • Operating Voltage Min. = 7V
  • Input Bias Current = 20pA
  • JFET Input Op-Amp Quad Package
  • Input Offset Voltage = 3mV
  • Common mode rejection ratio (CMRR) = 86dB
  • Typical operating voltage range = +18V to -18V
  • Available in SO-14, 14-pin PDIP, TSSOP packages
  • Gain = 200 V/mV
  • Used for output short circuit protection
  • Carries bandwidth = 4MHz

TL084 Applications

  • Employed in amplifier circuits.
  • Employed in audio pre-amplification.
  • Used in audio/noise filter circuits.
  • Used in buffer application.
  • Incorporated in multi-stage voltage generators.
  • Used in a circuit requiring high input impedance.
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