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You need to write article on any one of them and email us at info@theengineeringprojects.com:
  1. What is Semiconductor? Definition, Types, Examples & Industries
  2. What is Significant Figures? Definition, Rules & Examples
  3. What is Mechanical Engineering? Branches, Scope, Jobs, Salary and Courses
  4. What is FET? Definition, Full Form, Symbol & Working
We will check it out and will reply you within 48 hours. (if accepted) In case of approval, we will publish the article on our blog and will provide credit to the author.

Key Points

  • Word Count: 2000-5000 words
  • Images: 4 to 5 images per 1000 words.
  • No plagiarism at all(Strictly follow).


  • There shouldn't be any redundant lines(provide no information and are just used to increase word count).
  • Try to be precise, informational & to-the-point as much as you can.
  • Examples of redundant lines:
    • Semiconductor devices have brought revolution in the modern world.
    • Semiconductors are low-priced and are easily available.


  • Article has to be fully formatted i.e. there shouldn’t be any spelling, punctuation or grammatical mistake.
  • It should have a logical flow i.e. explain basic ideas first & gradually move towards complex concepts.
  • Use proper Headings & subheadings.
  • Use Bullets & Numbered Lists. (where required)
  • Use Tables(at least once) to display values. (It could be parameters, types or any kind of list etc.)

Article Tone

  • Article Tone should be user friendly but if you are giving a definition then it must be precise & technical.
  • Blogging is different from academic writing(thesis, assignments etc.).
  • In blogging, an ideal writer should have an interactive tone so that the reader could feel comfortable but it shouldn’t be over-friendly.
  • Normally Pronouns are used for interaction (i.e. I, We, You etc.).
  • For example:
    • You must have heard of diodes or transistors, …..
    • I did my final year project on Embedded Systems, where …..
  • Use simple words as your reader could belong to China, France or Sri Lanka, so convey your message in simple words & avoid arduous(example) words.
  • Create stylish sentences by using variation of helping words(i.e. In case of, despite of, however etc.), repetition of words creates dull sentences.
  • Use active tense and avoid passive.
    • Passive: When I was working on the project, then I have designed this circuit that I have shown here.
    • Active: I have designed this circuit while working on a project, shown in below figure:

Blogger’s Qualities

  • Innovative/Creative.
  • Conveys the message properly.
  • Precise.
  • Appropriate.
  • Friendly.
Tip: Read other Top bloggers’ work.


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