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Introduction to LED PCB

Overview, Introduction to the LED PCBs, The LED PCB working principle, LED PCD structure, Circuit layer, Insulating layer, Metal substrate layer, Types of the LED PCBs, The single layer LED PCB, Double layer PCB, Assembly methods of the LED PCB, Surface-mount assembly, Through-hole assembly, Considerations while designing the LED PCBs, Ideal board design, Picking the proper orientation, Component placement, Avoid placement of the components on the PCB outline, Vias should not be placed at the end of the STM Pads, Definition of the net width design, Cost optimization and the budget issues, Industrial applications of the LED PCBs, Consumer lighting, Consumer electronics, Telecommunications, Transportations, Medical, Benefits of this LED PCBs Hello everyone. Today is a great day that we are going to put our focus on another type of PCB. So far in the previous articles, we have looked at high speed, metalcore, high density interconnect and the ceramic types of PCBs. In this article, we are going to introduce another type of PCB that might ...

Introduction to Double Layer PCB

double layer pcb, double layer pcb manufacturing process, double layer printed circuit board, PCB double layer Hello! Friends I hope you are all fine. In today's article, we tend to unlock the details on the double sides of PCB which is a type of PCB. It comes with a conductive copper layer on both sides of the board, unlike single layer PCB which has only layer one side of the board. I will try to elaborat ...