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A lot of Engineering projects and tutorials for the students to help them in their final year projects and semester projects.
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ESP32 OTA (Over The Air) Programming

Over the air (OTA) programming, Applications of OTA, How does OTA work, Implementing OTA update feature using ESP32, Code description, Uploading new program into ESP32 module over the air, ESP32 OTA Hello readers, hope you all are doing great. In this tutorial, we are going to discuss a mechanism that allows users to update the ESP32 with a new program wirelessly or over the air (without using a USB cable to upload a new program). Over-The-Air (OTA) programming Fig. 1 ESP32 OTA OTA progr ...

Using DAC with STM32

Overview of DAC, DAC on STM32 platform, DAC in manually mode, Configuration of DAC in manual mode, Diving into the initialization code, Driving DAC to generate a reference voltage, Using DAC in data memory access (DMA) mode with a timer, Sinewave generation A Digital to Analog Converter(DAC) performs the task of converting digital words of n bits into voltages whose amplitude will be proportional to the value of the code expressed by the words themselves. Since the input binary words represent a succession of finite codes, the voltage coming out of a ...

How the Use of IoT Has Made Life a Lot Easier for Medical Professionals

How the Use of Sensors and Internet of Things Has Made Life a Lot Easier for Medical Professionals, Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic Services, Remote Health Monitoring And Long Distance Check-Up, Machine Learning and AI-Driven Treatment Suggestions IoT – the Internet of Things – has revolutionized the way we use and perceive technology over the last couple of decades. From introducing the world to smart homes and cars to envisioning a more efficient office and work environment, IoT has done it all. We have integrated IoT in our industrial, te ...