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ESP32 Capacitive Touch Sensor

ESP32 capacitive touch sensor, What is a capacitive touch sensor and how does it work, Capacitive touch sensor in ESP32, Programming capacitive sensor in ESP32, Code for touchRead, Testing, Code description, Serial monitor, Loop(), Setup() Hello readers, I hope you are all doing great. In the previous tutorial, we discussed an inbuilt sensor of the ESP32 that is the Hall sensor. In this tutorial, we will discuss another inbuilt sensor of the ESP32, which is the Capacitive Touch Sensor. What is a Capacitive Touch Sensor? Figure 1: Wh ...

ESP32 Hall Effect Sensor

What is hall effect, How does hall effect sensors work, Applications of hall effect sensors, Hall Effect sensor in ESP32, Programming ESP32 Hall Effect Sensor using Arduino IDE, Code description, Setup(), Loop(), Testing, Serial plotter, Serial monitor Hello reader, I hope you all are doing great. The ESP32 development board is featured with some inbuilt sensors like a capacitive touch sensor and hall effect sensor. In this tutorial, we are going to discuss one of those inbuilt sensors that is the Hall Effect sensor. Hall Effect sensor is used to ...

ESP32 Over The Air (OTA) Web Updater

ESP32 OTA web updater, Code for OTA web updater implementation in ESP32, Code description, Serial monitor, Testing, Test code, Test code description, How to generate a bin file, LED blink Hello readers, I hope you are all doing great. In this tutorial, we are going to discuss the OTA web updater on the ESP32. We already covered the fundamentals of OTA programming in ESP32, in our previous tutorial where we used the Arduino IDE to upload OTA code into the ESP32 module using the netwo ...