jlcpcb, introduction to jlcpcb, review about jlcpcb, quality fabrication house, advantages of jlcpcb
Hi Friends! We are here to help you with valuable information keeping in view of your needs and requirements. This is a platform where you get knowledge related to engineering & technology and anything exhibits technical aspect. Today, I am going to give a quick review of one of the best PCB fabrication houses called JLCPCB. PCB plays an important role in the execution of many projects. A recent surge in an innovative technology has removed the need of joining various electronic components using old methods where you required an end to end wiring to place components together. This is where PCB comes into play.

JLCPCB Fabrication House

If you take a deep interest in the embedded system, more often than not, you need to fabricate the PCB. It is good to fabricate your PCB on your own if you have enough time before the execution of the project. But when you have many projects in place, fabricating PCB by yourself is not a good idea. This is where you look for the fabrication house on which you can trust and expect quality service.
jlcpcb, introduction to jlcpcb, review about jlcpcb, quality fabrication house, advantages of jlcpcb
Selecting a right PCB fabrication house is kind of tricky and time consuming when you're overwhelmed by lot of information available on the internet. I'd be doing injustice if I wasn't giving an unbiased review about this outstanding PCB fabrication house known as JLCPCB. This is not an exaggeration. This is the result of our personal experience working with them. They are the quick PCB manufacturer and provide top-notch service. Their quality product has forced me to write a quick review about them. If you are unsure and skeptical of where to start the designing process, you can look at this list of Top 10 PCB Design Software.
Best Quality
Everyone is concerned, when it comes to quality. Yes, you wouldn't like to put your whole project at stake for sake of getting the low-quality product. JLCPCB understands the nature and complexity of your project and provides you quality product that resonates with your needs and demands so you keep coming back for what they have to offer.
Live Chat Support
If you are a new customer or returning one, they deal with everyone equally. They help you throughout the whole process i.e. from citing the quotation to the completion of the end product, so you don't feel you are left out in the process. They come with a quick chat support service where you can ask them anything related to your desired product. Make sure you contact them during their business hours. If you are unable to connect them through live chat support service during business hours you can leave them a message at, they will give you quick response at their earliest. They take out of the box approach to deal with your questions and queries until you feel satisfied.
jlcpcb, introduction to jlcpcb, review about jlcpcb, quality fabrication house, advantages of jlcpcb
Quick Quotation
Placing an order is very easy. You don't need to get intimidated by registering or login before you place an order. This quick PCB manufacturer house comes with PCB calculator on their site from where you can put the details of your product and get an instant quote. However, you'll be asked to register and put login details once you are sure and satisfied with the quotation. This saves you a bunch of time and worry, making sure only serious people put their login details who are deeply interested in getting the required product. They are in this PCB fabrication field for 10 years now and retain almost 200,000 customers around the world. This is a big achievement though. No? You decide. You can get a quote from this quick PCB manufacturer here.
The forum is an important introduction to their website where many professional of the same interest take an active part in the discussion running on their website. If you are unsure or have any question, you can ask in the forum, you'll get an instant reply. They also have a team of professionals who keep your needs and demands on the top, making sure you are completely satisfied before you place an order.
Fast Delivery
Time appears to be very crucial for many projects especially when you have too many projects in place and you need to deliver in time. In this case, you look for the service who delivers within due date. Don't you worry, they have got you covered. They are quick PCB manufacturer and deliver exactly what they promise. However, lead time is different for different orders, based on the nature and complexity of the project. Generally, lead time ranges from 2 business days to 1 weeks week. However, if you are in hurry and require product before the lead time mentioned on their site, you can ask them in advance.
Types of PCB
They have an ability to fabricate any kind of PCB ranging from the single layer, double layer, multilayer, rigid to flexible PCB. They provide you ease of uploading of Gerber file of your product, so you can look and anticipate the whole PCB before it gets delivered to your place. This process refrains you from the risk of getting the wrong product that may cause a problem in the later stage of your project. However, in case you find a faulty product or you feel the product you get, doesn't align with your requirements, you can quickly ask for the replace or refund. They will either replace the product or give your full refund without any question asked.
jlcpcb, introduction to jlcpcb, review about jlcpcb, quality fabrication house, advantages of jlcpcb
Covered with Silkscreen and Soldermask
You might be thinking if the finished product is covered with solder mask and silkscreen layer? Yes, it does. The final product you get, contains proper finishing and traces are aligned together in a way that you won't find any broken layers. And the copper layers that are placed on the board are thick and can afford high temperature and pressure. Thick copper layers allow the board to dissipate energy, saving the project from too much heat that can cause problems in the execution process. Rigid-Flex is another type of PCB that is not available quite often but you can order it from this company.
Regular Maintenance
They have recently installed advanced lines, where they take proper measures and keep checking the machines with a regular interval, making sure preventive maintenance is properly maintained and controlled.
Economical Cost
Did I mention you'll get the product at the most economical cost? Yes, that's right. If you order few or in bulk, rest assured, you'll get the product in less price as compared to available in the market. Their low prices don't put you in doubt of getting low quality. They know how to keep the quality and price intact, making sure the product you get, matches with your needs and demands. You'd be thinking why I haven't mentioned any limitation or drawback of their service. Reality is, there is not any. In case, I had found one, I'd be the first person mentioning that at first place. Because we have an experience of getting their service multiple times and they haven't disappointed us once.
jlcpcb, introduction to jlcpcb, review about jlcpcb, quality fabrication house, advantages of jlcpcb
That's all for today. This is enough to get you started and make a final decision. They are the quick PCB manufacturer and go an extra mile to meet your needs and demands. If you have any question, you can ask me in the comment section below. I'd love to help you according to best of my expertise in any way I can. Keep us updated with your valuable suggestions, they allow us to give you quality work. Thanks for reading the article.