introduction to pcbway, intro pcbway, online prototype service, pcbway service provider, quality assurance, competitive price, pcbway feedback, pcbway quality serviceHello Guys! Hope you are doing great. We always keep your needs and demands on the top and strive to provide you content that truly resonates with your field of interest so you keep coming back every now and then. Today, I am going to give a quick review about Online PCB Prototype Service Called PCBWay.

If you are student or technology geek, you are pretty much interested in embedded system projects that require lots of components to be placed together. A breadboard is useful and meets the requirement of the project when a temporary solution is required, however, when you need a permanent solution you require PCB where you can put and connect all of your components together.

Also, an end to end wiring is becoming obsolete due to the complexity and nature of the projects being developed in recent times. This is where PCB comes in handy that is not only cheap but covers less space as compared to end to end wiring.

PCB Prototype Service

Picking online PCB service provider is kind of tricky because your whole project relies on the quality and characteristics of the board you choose. A low-quality product can put your project at risk. You can not choose any PCB service provider and get away with it.

Today, I’ll give you an unbiased review on one of the best online PCB prototype service that not only fulfills your requirement but also helps you solve your problems related to the execution and development of your project. I know when it comes to providing top quality service there are only a few companies that align with your demands especially when you are quite overwhelmed by a lot of information spread across the web. Don’t you worry we have got you covered.

pcbway, introduction to pcbway, intro to pcbway, pcbway online service provider, quality assurance, feedback, smd stencil


Following are some reasons why this prototype service must be your first choice.

PCB and PCBA Together

Thanks to technology. Ordering PCB online is now just one click away where you have the privilege of picking prototype service of your own choice that sets you free from the doubt of getting a low-quality product.

When you order PCB online, next step is to place components on the board. Not everyone is skilled or professional when it comes to placing components together. If you are a student and get your hands on very first on the PCB board, you feel quite intimidated and confused how to place all components on the board correctly.

If you order PCB from this component they not only provide you quality product but also help you with PCBA (printed circuit board assembly) service. All PCB boards come with an option of covering with both technologies i.e. SMT or Thru-Hole. You can choose any of them based on your requirements.

Note. You need to pay little extra if you want to get both services i.e. PCB and PCBA.

Quality Assurance

Quality is the first thing comes to your mind when you intend to secure your order. The boards you get will be of top quality where all copper traces are properly aligned and laid out on the board perfectly.

All the boards undergo strict measurements and proper testing before they are delivered to you. This company comes with top-notch and precise inspecting equipment including X-ray Inspection Machine, Flying Probe Tester, and Automated Inspection Machine, making sure finished product leaves no loopholes that can severely affect your project.


You cannot think out of the box when you constantly worry about the budget of your project. When you are a student, it is very difficult for you to keep your project within a certain price range. It is very likely that you start your project keeping in the view of your budget, but as the project proceeds, it develops another shape that makes it very difficult for you to keep the project within your budget.

If you think the project you are working on, needs amendment and optimization that requires a lot of money, you can get benefit from their sponsorship program where they will help you sponsor your project right from the start to the completion of project.

There are only a few services and programs available on the web that not only provide technical support but also sponsor your project, making it very easy for you to introduce innovation to your project without thinking too much about the cost.

Quotation Calculator

Quotation calculator is a remarkable addition to their site where you can place the requirements for your product and get an instant quote. In this way, you can get a quick idea about the overall cost of the product before it gets delivered to you at first place.

pcbway, introduction to pcbway, intro to pcbway, pcbway online service provider, quality assurance, feedback, smd stencil

This leaves you with peace of mind where you are sure you will get the product in actual price available on the quotation calculator without any hidden charges. When you are sure about the price, you can pay attention to the other parts of the project like troubleshooting and execution process. You can get an instant quote from here.

Note. Lead time normally ranges from 1 to 3 days, however, it also depends on the complexity of the product and the time zone you are in.

Quality Customer Service

They come with quality service where you can discuss your project with professionals through their customer service team. Providing quality service is their duty and making their customer satisfied is their priority.

They have introduced proper feedback system on their site, where you can put your review and feedback with full confidence, making sure your needs and demands will be addressed without any delay, so you keep coming back for what they have to offer.

SMD- Stencil Availability

Stencil printing and placement of solder mask and silkscreen on the finished product is another feature that puts this online service ahead of their competitors. What is stencil? It is a process that requires depositing of solder paste on the board. SMD-Stencil requires the placement of surface mount device on the stencil. You can choose stencil type between framework type and non-framework type based on your requirements.

Competitive Price

Every project comes with a certain budget. Of course, you don’t want to spend too much on the project that makes it economically unstable. You can’t ignore the importance of this prototype service where you get all boards at an economical price. A number of boards available ranging from a single layer, double layer, flex board, rigid-flex to multilayer boards, all available in most competitive price, less than from their competitors.

Note. Don’t forget to claim 5$ bonus if you are a new customer.

pcbway, introduction to pcbway, intro to pcbway, pcbway online service provider, quality assurance, feedback, smd stencil


That’s all for today. I hope you have got enough information before making a final decision and securing your order. However, if you are unsure or have any question, you can approach me in the comment section below, I’d love to help you based on my knowledge and expertise. Thanks for reading the article.

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