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Hi Friends! Hope you are doing well. Today, I'll discuss How to Create SEO Optimized Content?  This is the fifth article of the SEO series. You can check my previous article on structuring the blog post URL. Content is the king. You have heard this phrase plenty of times and still you are unable to resist its sheer magnetism. Apart from having an outstanding website design, quality content is another way to attract visitors and have them stayed on your site for a maximum period of time. A huge round of applause is due for the people who think creating content is enough to attract visitors and attain top spot in the search engines. This would be true if you were creating content 15 years ago when there was no competition. You cannot grow and excel in your relevant niche if you fail to create content that seduces both search engines and visitors. When someone comes to your blog or website, they come up with some idea of getting value in return for their valuable time they spend on your blog. You cannot create a post about anything all the while ignoring visitors' needs and demands. Before you create content, you must have a proper content strategy in place that helps you stay above and beyond of your competitors. I have combined all SEO tutorials on a single page where you can get all posts related to On Page and Off Page SEO. In today's tutorial, I'll unlock the things required to create top-notch content for SEO that helps you get more visitors on your blog and makes your content appear on the top of search results. Let's get started.

How to Create SEO Optimized Content

You must consider the following points before you create SEO content for your blog:
  • How it is relevant
  • Contains the main keyword
  • Brings value to the visitors
  • Comes with Quality
  • Conveys the main idea
Creating an SEO optimized plays an important role in On-Page SEO. Most of the people are quite familiar with the word SEO-Optimized Content, but, those who are not, I'm going to make it clear in simple words.
How to create seo optimized content, seo content, write seo content, how to write amazing content, points to write seo content, steps to write seo content, optimized your content for seo

What is SEO Optimized Content?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a list of tips and techniques required to make your blog optimize for search engines. When you are talking about search engines, you are mostly considering three main search engines i.e Googles, Bing, Yahoo. Content is a data and information spread across your website that conveys the main idea what your blog is about and what types of major services you are providing to the potential visitors. There are two ways to speak your heart out i.e. written content and graphical content that contains videos, infographics, and interviews with influencers.
  • If we combine the two terms above, we can conclude, SEO Optimized Content is a way of creating, analyzing and modifying your content for search engines that help you gain more traffic and increase your sales.
Following are the main practices you can do and make your content optimize for SEO and attract more visitors.
Main Goal
Start your work with the main goal you are trying to achieve. Write the main points that you want to target. It depends on the nature of the blog or the product you are offering. Creating content merely with the intention of getting blog traffic can put your reputation at huge risk.
How to create seo optimized content, seo content, write seo content, how to write amazing content, points to write seo content, steps to write seo content, optimized your content for seo
Of course, you want more traffic but you can't create content for the sake of traffic only, this will badly affect your reputation, that ultimately increases your bounce rate and visitors won't prefer coming to your website again.
Keyword Research
Keyword research is the next step once you are clear about your main goals. The main keyword is a word people choose when they look for a specific query on the internet. It can be a single word or a combination of words. Keyword research involves, how your main goal is achieved by targeting the main words people mostly use to search for a specific query.
How to create seo optimized content, seo content, write seo content, how to write amazing content, points to write seo content, steps to write seo content, optimized your content for seo
There are many online tools you can use to do keyword research including Google keyword planner is free of cost. You can use other tools also by signing up to free trial version. However, you need to pay for getting premium membership. If you are new you can start with Google keyword planner.
Avoid Keyword Stuffing
Avoid keyword stuffing is an advice frequently used, and seeing its importance, I'm mentioning it in my post as well.
  • No need to put the main keyword plenty of times in your post. Doing so will be considered as manipulation and Google will take no time banning your content.
How to create seo optimized content, seo content, write seo content, how to write amazing content, points to write seo content, steps to write seo content, optimized your content for seo
  • Whenever you create the post, put the main keyword in the sentence where all words support it and fit naturally in the post. Don't use a keyword for the sake of mentioning it anyway.
Analyze the Content
You can't create content and get away with it. You need to keep a deep eye on the post that is widely shared and accepted by the number of visitors.
  • If your main focus is on social media, then you can use our Social Media Counter that helps you get a number of social shares of a certain blog post. This will help you optimize your content and create it more content that is getting more number of shares.
  • You can also curate and optimize the posts that are continuously overlooked by the visitors. Analyzing and accessing your content can save you a bunch of time that you waste creating content which is not quite in line with the requirements of the visitors.
  • Google analytic is another tool to look at the statistics of your content that help you create the content
Longer is Better
Research shows longer content is better than a shorter one in terms of SEO. If you are creating content quite often, you keep the length of the post as short as 600 words; still, it depends on the nature of post you intend to create. Writing a content for product descriptions may contain less than 1000 words. However, if you are creating content that mainly addresses the major concerns of your visitors, then the content must contain at least 2000 words.
  • Google prefers the content that is in-depth and brings value to the visitors.
When you create longer content, you come with a higher chance of optimizing your content for more number of keywords. Sometimes it happens, you create content around a specific keyword, but your content gets optimized for other keywords.
Don't Compromise on Quality
I hope you are convinced why longer content is better. However, people feel quite overwhelmed when it comes to creating a longer content. Becuase, for longer posts, keeping the attention of visitors intact is not an easy job. People don't have enough time to spend plenty of time over your webpage until you succeed in conveying your main idea quite impressively without losing the visitors' interest.
How to create seo optimized content, seo content, write seo content, how to write amazing content, points to write seo content, steps to write seo content, optimized your content for seo
  • No need to write a post in a hurry. Take your time and don't compromise on quality.
  • Make it easy and simple. Avoid adding difficult words in your post (except where necessary).
  • Add sentences in your post that make sense
  • There must be flow in your article that visitors don't feel hesitation in gliding from one sentence to another.
  • Once you create the post, rest for a while before editing it. When you take some time, you can have a fresh look at the content.
Fresh Content
Keep updating your blog with fresh content every now and then. Google prefers the blog who are updating and creating fresh content quite often.
  • Creating a post on the daily basis sometimes look quite intimidating when you have to focus other areas of business as well. You can hire the content writer for this purpose.
  • However, if you running your blog or business single-handedly, then two posts per week would be enough to stay alive in the eyes of Google search engine.
Include External and External Link
Links play a vital role in making your content appear quite often. Both external and links are equally important to gain more visitors and help visitors stay on your site for plenty of time.
  • Interlinking your posts with other posts in the same domain will bring your older posts upfront and help in the page ranking.
  • Give value to the external links where it's due. If you think the post you are creating needs some external links, then don't hesitate to mention and add those links in your article. This will indicate you are not only concerned with financial gains but also help others appear in front of potential visitors.
Convey One Idea At a Time
When you aim to create a blog post, try to target one idea at a time and produce a post around it. If you fill up the post with too many instructions and ideas, it would make difficult for the visitors to digest the main concept easily.
  • Instead of making paragraphs too long, make content attractive with the number of headlines, bold characters, and each paragraph contains not more than 3 to 4 sentences.
How to create seo optimized content, seo content, write seo content, how to write amazing content, points to write seo content, steps to write seo content, optimized your content for seo
Create List or How to Posts
Your chance of appearing on the top of search engines multiplies when you create quality content, better than competitors in your niche.
  • Content that contains a number of lists for doing the specific task will attract more traffic. Similarly, starting your post title with "How to" post seems quite catchy and provokes people to click on your post.
  • Creating a content such way is very competitive but still holds some value. When you see some blog post is giving solution of a certain problem by 10 ways, you can come up with a post that gives a solution to the same problem with 12 different ways.
Include CTA
You can include CTA (call to action) at the end of the post. This can range from subscribing a newsletter, downloading a free ebook, to getting free offers.
  • Every post is created with some purpose in mind. Some people are merely concerned with the traffic and some want to increase their sales. Include CTA that resonates with your requirements and helps visitors solve their problems.

Writing a Quality Post in 45 Minutes is a Myth?

Searching for the post title seems quite enticing and attractive which reads "Write Quality Post in 45 Minutes". I got a hands-on experience in article writing before I started managing the article writers for content creation. After having words with them for the time they spent on article writing, I came to know writing a quality content varies from person to person. Some are able to produce an exceptional post in 45 minutes and some struggle after spending too time much in writing. Some people claim they create a quality post in 45 minutes. Just to let you know, they are referring here writing time only that doesn't include
  • Research process
  • Editing process
  • Blog post title
  • Interlinking,
  • Image creation,
  • Meta description
  • And making your post ready for your blog.
After spending too much time on blogging and article writing still, I take 5 to 6 hours for writing 2000 words post including all prerequisites before I hit a publish button. No need to worry if you can't create a post in 45 minutes. Take as much time as you can. If you try to copy others and create content in a hurry, you most probably lose real essence in your writing. Point is, don't compromise on quality for the sake of writing content quickly.  If you are new to blogging or pretty nifty about your skills, make sure, the content you create must come with excellence and bring value to the visitors.

Final Thought

  • Content plays a vital role in bringing more traffic to your blog. Quality content not only comes with a higher chance of appearing on the top of search engines but also brings value to the visitors and helps them stay longer on your website.
  • Make your content relevant and optimized around certain keywords.
  • Longer content comes with more value than a shorter one. However, never ignore the importance of quality content for the purpose of creating longer content.
  • Create fresh content quite often with the intention of keeping visitors' demands on the top.
  • No need to copy others. Come with your own idea. Or if you are inspired by someone else's idea, grab the main concept and incorporate it into your own words.
  • Never forget to add CTA at the end of the post.
That's all for today. I hope you have got a clear idea about creating SEO optimized content. In the next article, we discuss Alt Tag and how is necessary for image SEO. If you are unsure or have any question you can ask me in the comment section below. I'd love to help you in any way I can. You are most welcome to keep us updated with your content strategy. Thanks for reading the article.