Component Designing in Proteus ISIS, how to design a component in proteus isis,

Hello friends, hope you all are having fun in your life.happy Today’s tutorial is about the component designing in Proteus ISIS. This tutorial actually deals with the presentation of your project. Usually when students give presentation of their projects, then it is asked that add the circuit diagram of their project. Now when students open Proteus in order to design their circuit, they found out that the components they have used in their project are not available in the Proteus Directory. Now what to do ? yawn In that case, there’s a need to design your own component in Proteus and place it in the circuit. Although, this new designed component won’t work as the real component but for presenting the circuit, it will be enough. ofr example, we don’t have Arduino boards in Proteus software. so, I have designed some of the Arduino baords myself for Proteus which you can download from Arduino Library for Proteus.

Similarly, it usually happens to me during my freelancing work to design some circuit and when I don’t find the required component in the Proteus library then I simply design it on my own and then create its PCB. We will check the PCB designing of such components in the coming posts of this tutorial. So, now let’s get started with component designing in Proteus ISIS.

Component Designing in Proteus ISIS

  • Now I am going to design a simple component having 4 pins.
  • First of all select the 2D Graphics Box Mode as shown in the below figure.
Component Designing in Proteus ISIS
  • Now click on the workspace and drag the cursor to create a box, as shown in the below figure.
Component Designing in Proteus ISIS
  • We have created the body of our component, now there’s a need to add pins in it.
  • For this, click on the Device Pins Mode as shown in the below figure and click on the workspace.
  • It will add a small pin, attach this pin with the box as I did in the below figure.
Component Designing in Proteus ISIS,design component in proteus


  • The pin has a small green bubble on it. Make sure that this end is not connected with the box as this bubble end is for the wire.
  • I have added four pins with the box. Now there’s a need to name these pins. For this purpose, double click any of the attached pin and the properties box will open up as shown in the below figure.
  • Mention the Pin Name and the Default Pin Number, it will appear on the component and then click on Next.
Component Designing in Proteus ISIS
  • When you click Next, it will ask for the same things for the second pin and so on.
  • When you fill these info for all the four pins then click OK.
  • Now when you click the ok button, your component will now look as shown in the below figure.
Component Designing in Proteus ISIS
  •  I have given my pins the names as Vcc, GND, Output, Signal.
  • We have completed all the info of our product, now there’s a need to add this component in our library.
  • For this purpose, select the whole component and then right click and select Make Device.
Component Designing in Proteus ISIS
  •  When you click on this option a new dialog box will open up as shown in below figure.
  • In this dialog box, you just need to give info of your new component so that you can search it easily in your Proteus library.
  • Just fill the Device Name in it and click Next. I have given the name Test Device to my component.
Component Designing in Proteus ISIS
  •  Now click Next and go on clicking Next, unless you reach at the below page.
  • Here you need to place your component in the category. Choose the appropriate category for your product and click on OK.
Component Designing in Proteus ISIS
  •  That’s it. Now your component has been added to the library. Open your part list and search for the component like in my case I search for Test Device and the below component appeared in my list. happy
Component Designing in Proteus ISIS
That’s all for today. If you have any questions regarding this tutorial, ask in comments and I will reply them. Take care. happy


  1. AOA,May Allah bless u and yours team for distributing the knowledge,
    I want to know how a multi taps auto transformer (6 taps) can be designed into components,Regards.

  2. hi
    i need to design new keypad so i decompose one of them and use that s number keys but when after i select all my device and click right click the option of “make device” was disable!!!
    how can i solve my problem?

  3. I’m currently redoing the LCD Deuligne on Proteus I managed to reproduce it with the scheme it works perfectly (with the joystick etc.) and I was wondering if I could make a card like the Arduino Uno library but make a display with the functional joystick. If so could you help me or refer me to a tutorial that can help me to create this component?

  4. Thanks for nicely designed proteus library.
    It will be much more beneficial if you write the step by step tutorial for creating such library module you designed so that other hobniest can also designed there custom library parts


  5. Please after creating the component and adding to the library how do we delete it if it turns out we don’t want it any more ?

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