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Hello friends, hope you all are fine and having fun with your lives. Today, I am going to share a complete list of Electronics Projects which I have posted on our blog. I hope you are gonna enjoy these electronics projects. Most of these electronics projects are designed using Proteus simulation software. I have also uploaded these simulations in the respective project tutorial. So, you can download those projects and can learn from them a lot. If you ask me then I suggest that instead of downloading these electronics projects simulations, you should design them on you own so that you learn from them. I know you are gonna do mistakes but you won't learn unless you do mistakes. :)

All these projects are completely designed by our team so other bloggers are welcome to share them on their blogs to share the knowledge but do mention our blog link as a favor. Moreover, if you guys got into any trouble in any of these tutorials then ask in comments and I will try my best to resolve them as fast as I could. I will keep on updating this list. Whenever I post some new electronics project on my blog, I will share the link here. So, its like we are having all electronics projects in one place. I hope you are gonna like it. I have divided these electronics projects in sections depecding upon the microcontroller used for designing them. I have used Arduino , PIC Microcontroller and 8051 Microcontroller usually for designing electronics projects so I have divided it in the same category. Let's get started with it:

Electronics Projects

I have divided these projects in separate sections as posting them all at once will make them a mess. So, I have divided them according to their types and I think it will be easy to read them out that way. So, first of there's Arduino based Electronics Proejcts and after that I have posted electronics projects on PIC Microcontroller and finally on 8051 Microcontroller. I have also added few projects on 555 Timer at the end. So, let's start with it:

Arduino based Electronics Projects

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All these below electronics projects are designed using Arduino board. If you are interested in Arduino then you should check Arduino Projects where I have posted all about Arduino and have posted many tutorials on it. Here I am posting only those Arduino links where's electronics is involved. On the Arduino main page you will also find Arduino Library for Proteus which is designed by our team and will be really helpful to you if you wanna design the simulation of Arduino based projects in Proteus.

PIC based Electronics Projects

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Here's a list of PIC Microcontroller based electronics projects. These are not much but I am gonna add more soon. Most of these PIC Microcontroller projects are designed in Proteus software. Their simulations and programming code are also given in these projects which you can download and use. But as I always say don't just copy paste them. Instead design them on your own so that you learn from them.

8051 based Electronics Projects

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Here's a list of 8051 Microcontroller based Electronics Projects. These are all design in Proteus software and their simulations are also given in the respective project to download. I am gonna add more soon in this section as I am working on many projects which involves 8051 Microcontroller. I will update the list soon.

555 Timer based Electronics Projects

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These are 555 Timer based Electronics Projects. These are also designed in Proteus software. You can download the simulations as well in these links. Its kind of a bonus here :) but you 555 Timer is used quite a lot in simple projects because microcontroller become costly for simple projects and also there's no need of programming 555 Timer.

So, that's all for today. I hope you are gonna enjoy these Electronics Projects. Actually I am compiling things on my blog and giving them a proper arrangement. :) If you have any suggestion please post in the comments. So, take care and have fun !!! :)