Training error recognition failed in easyvr,training error in easy vr, easyvr with arduino uno training error

Hello friends, hope you all are fine and enjoying life. Today’s post is about removing a small error named as Recognition Failed in EasyVR, which I encountered while working with EasyVR shield with Arduino UNO. I have posted a complete project on EasyVR shield around a year ago in which I haven’t mentioned this error because at that time I didn’t encountered it. But today while working with EasyVR shield, I encountered this problem so I thought to share it with you guys.

EasyVR shield is a voice recognition module which is used for recognizing voices and operating accordingly. Using this module, one ca quite easily control anything using voice. In the previous project, I have controlled a robot using voice commands like when I say Forward then it starts moving forward, when I say REVERSE then it start moving backward and so on. So, its quite a cool feature to be added in projects but its not the perfect one as the efficiency of this module is not even 50%, if you are operating in a noise environment then it won’t work as you want it to work.So ,let’s get started with How to solve Training Error: Recognition Failed in EasyVR.

Training Error: Recognition Failed in EasyVR

  • First of all, I connected my EasyVR with Arduino UNO and run the EasyVR Commander.
  • I selected the Com Port of my Arduino UNO and hit Connect.
  • After that, I added a new command in EasyVR Commander and hit Train Command and it asked for Phase 1.
  • Everything was working perfect but when I train my command i.e. said the word which I wanted to save in the command, I got the error written as “Training Error: Recognition Failed”, shown in below figure:

Training error recognition failed in easyvr,training error in easy vr, easyvr with arduino uno training error

  • I tried again and again to train the command but the error keeps on continuing, which creates quite a problem for me.
  • So, below are the steps, which I have taken in order to remove this error, its kind of a troubleshooting which is quite important to learn for an engineer.

How to solve Training Error: Recognition Failed in easyvr

  • First of all, what you need to check is whether your EasyVR shield is working or not, which I did exactly. So, I remove the EasyVR shield from the Arduino UNO and upload a sketch in Arduino UNO. The sketch I uploaded in Arduino UNO is the test EasyVR sketch comes with the EasyVR library.
  • After uploading the sketch, I connected my EasyVR shield with Arduino UNO and check its output and I got a sigh of relief that my EasyVR shield is working fine, so there’s no problem with EasyVR.
  • Now I again opened the EasyVR commander and this time I placed the J12 jumper no SW instead of PC, and start the training procedure and I was like surprised, it worked great.
  • I think the new versions of EasyVR shield doesn’t need the jumper to be on PC for training mode.
  • In the project, I have mentioned it that place the Jumper J12 on PC while working with EasyVR Commander and place it on SW while working with Arduino UNO, which is now not applicable for the new version of EasyVR.
  • So, simply, place your jumper J12 on SW position and it will work smoothly.


  • EasyVR shield doesn’t give the 100% result, it got impressed by the noise in the surroundings very quickly so whenever you are using EasyVR shield, make sure that you use it in a calm place. I even turn off my fan in order to make it work properly.

Finally, after resolving this issue, I trained five commands into it for moving a robot, which are shown below:

Training error recognition failed in easyvr,training error in easy vr, easyvr with arduino uno training error

  • That’s all for today, hope it will help you guys in some way. Thanks !!!


  1. You piece about easyVR commander is outstanding for putting it all together into one flow. I did it and all aspects worked very well. EasyVR 2.0 on Uno. I tried the next step but you code will not compile and many errors are generated for example tch_sep19a:4: error: ‘SoftwareSerial’ does not name a type
    sketch_sep19a:13: error: ‘EasyVR’ does not name a type
    sketch_sep19a:37: error: ‘EasyVRBridge’ does not name a type
    sketch_sep19a.ino: In function ‘void setup()’:
    sketch_sep19a:44: error: ‘bridge’ was not declared in this scope
    sketch_sep19a:51: error: ‘port’ was not declared in this scope
    In comparing your code to TestEasyVR, the first part with the includes are the same. So I don’t see why one works and the other does not.

    I then went to TestEasyVR which compliled perfectly, loaded and is now giving me the message that easyVR is not detected. I’m puzzled since the earlier part worked so well.

    Any pointers on what I could do? I’m a retired electrical engineer from IBM and now need all the help I can get :<)

    • Hi,

      It’s nice to hear that it worked for you. Now the problem you’re facing is actually because you haven’t added the required libraries. So download the Software serial library and add it in the arduino libraries folder. Recompile your program and i hope it will work for you this time. And also double check that you have also added the EasyVR library. If the problem still continues let me know.


      • Do you have a link where i shoould download that library? because i’ve downloaded several, even created some with some code i ve found on the web but the problem persists

  2. I tried all your steps 10 times but it doesn’t seem to be working for me. when i uploaded the testEasyvr i tried to see if my Shield has any problems, but my shield is working fine. it’s just that i cant train any additional command. i can train one trigger command but no other command from any group. i get the same error over and over. It would be great if you can help me out with this.

    • Hi,

      You must be making some mistakes, Its 100% working method and I got my EasyVR shield working with it. If the problem still persists, let me know and we will sort it out. Add me on Skype and we can discuss it in detail.


    • I’ve got the same problem and didn’t solve it with your steps either. I’ve got EasyVR shield 2.0 and UNO R3 board. All the SWs are lastest version I can find. EasyVR Commander 3.8.0, EasyVR arduino library 1.5.
      I did try flashing the UNO board with TestEasyVR, then set the Jumper to SW and connect EasyVR Commander to UNO board via the correct COM port. I can train Trigger, test the build-in commands but every time failed with training of group commands.
      That’s weird. Please help!!!



      • Hi,

        That’s a bit strange, you must be doing some mistake. Anyways try again , reset everything, make sure you got the latest version , and if you still having the problem then let me know.


        • I have updated the firmware to Rev.3 and this alone works (the jumper is set to PC). I can now train the commands too. Thanks!


  3. Hi there
    Hello, I came to your blog because I have a problem with the shield that I couldn’t solve since a couple of days ago.

    I am working with the shield 2.0, easy commander 3.8, the firmware is rev. 3 and the library arduino is 1.5,those are the latest software I’ve found, the problem that I have is the training error when I want to add a custom command in any or groups, I always get the message: “Invalid SD / SV template”

    and I checked my connections, I changed the arduino, I changed the com ports, changed the language, I changed the jumper from PC to SW, I changed the configuration of microphone and has not worked well, I still get the same error

    I can not add custom command triggers, first I get the same error invalid sd / sv template and after the “training ended with error 0x0.”

    However, when I run test group in wordset to test pre-built commands, recognition works fine (english and spanish).

    I really appreciate any feedback you may have to fix this problem

    • Hi,

      It seems like you have the updated versions, it makes such problems but don’t disappoint and just test again and again. Reset the board, change the library version and update it again and your problem will be solved. If you can’t solve it then add me on Skype and I will look at it.


  4. Hi
    I am from Bangladesh. I am facing same problem with voice recognition module v3.1 . When I connect it easyvr commander ,it says that bridge software could not respond. I tried my best with arduino uno but failed to access it . What should I do please give me your valuable suggestions .

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