Arduino Vs Raspberry Pi

Today, I am going to share a comparison and as the title suggests its a competition Arduino Vs Raspberry Pi. ...

Arduino Vs Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi vs arduino, arduino raspberry pi comparison, raspberri pi arduino comparison, arduino raspberry pi, raspberry pi arduinoHello friends,  I hope you all are fine and enjoying your lives. Today, I am going to share a comparison and as the title suggests its a competition Arduino Vs Raspberry Pi. Actually I have been receiving a lot of emails and comments from new engineering students that "we are new in embedded and we want to start our project so please tell us which one is better Arduino or Raspberry Pi ?" And it always took me an hour to make them understand their difference and their properties etc. So, finally I thought to write a post on Arduino Vs Raspberry Pi and in this post I am gonna make a detailed comparison between the two and will let you know guys which one you should use in your project.

So, I hope that you are all aware of or at least have heard about these two boards, which are Arduino and Raspberry Pi. If you haven't heard yet then you must have a look at Arduino Official Site and Raspberry Pi Official Site. They will give you the basic overview of what these boards are. Anyhow, I am gonna start it from the very basics so that you guys won't get into much trouble. So, let's get started with Arduino Vs Raspberry Pi.

Arduino Vs Raspberry Pi

I have created few points below and in each of these points I have make the difference between these two boards. I have also mentioned their strengths and weaknesses and which one to use where. Obviously they both have their own importance so we can't say that one is better than the other instead we are making a comparison between the two and then you will get the clear idea which one you should use for your project. Selection of your controller board actually depends entirely on the nature of your project. Am I getting far :O don't worry if its more to digest about Arduino Uno R3 Vs Raspberry PI 3, I am explaining them below in detail. :D



  • The idea of Arduino was first presented by Massimo Banzi in Italy. That's why its written Made in Italy on each of these boards. :)
  • Banzi was a teacher at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea and the reason for designing these boards was to help his students by giving them an easy to use platform.
  • So that students don't waste much time over soldering etc and spend more time in designing the algorithms.
Raspberry Pi:
  • Raspberry Pi was first invented by Eben Upton in United Kingdom.
  • He was also a teacher and he has the same reason for developing these boards.
  • He also wanted to help his students so that they learn more out of it.
  • Upton was a Professor at University of Cambridge.
Obviously they both have co-founders who have helped them a lot in bringing these ideas to existence. So, let's move on to next step of this Arduino Vs Raspbery Pi comparison.

Nature of Arduino Vs Raspberry Pi

  • The Arduino boards are actually Microcontrollers, but in a very easy to use form.
  • Have you ever worked on PIC Microcontroller or Atmel or 8051 Microcontroller ?
  • If you have worked then you must be aware of that in order to design projects on these Microcontrollers, first thing you need to do is to design their basic circuitry which includes crystal oscillator and pull up resistors, capacitors etc.
  • Moreover, you also need a programmer hardware using which you upload your code into these microcontrollers.
  • But in Arduino you don't need to use any of this. Arduino comes with builtin programmer and basic circuitry.
  • So, what you need to do is to simply plug your Arduino board and start testing your code.
  • So, in simple words, Arduino is nothing but a simple microcontroller but with a n easy to use working method.
Raspberry Pi:
  • Now if we talk about Raspberry Pi, then its a complete computer. :D
  • Seems quite powerful then Arduino but don't come to conclusion rite away :)
  • But yes Raspberry Pi is a like a small computer, obviously its not comparable with your Laptop or PC but its really powerful.
  • And the beauty of it lies in the small size and the cheapness in price.
  • The latest Raspberry Pi even has a RAM of around 3GB, which is quite a lot. I am using Note 3 Mobile and its has 3GB RAM. So, now you can get an idea what it is capable of.
  • As, its a small computer so you must be thinking whats its operating system. When it comes out of factory it has no operating system on it but one can install any operating system on it like Linux, Windows etc.
  • Normally it is used with Linux but I have seen many online tutorials where Windows is also installed on Raspberry Pi.
So, from above discussion, we concluded that Arduino is a Microcontroller while Raspberry Pi is a mini computer. Next we are gonna have a look at the type of Arduino Vs Raspberry Pi.

Types of Arduino Vs Raspberry Pi

  • The first board developed by Arduino company was Arduino UNO which wasa simple Atmega Microcontroller but later on they have developed many new boards.
  • For example, now we have Arduino Ethernet Shield, Arduino Wifi Shield using these we can provide Internet access to our system.
  • Recently they have also developed Arduino YUN board, which also supports Linux just like Raspberry Pi.
  • Arduino DuE is another board which is 32 bit.
  • So, in short there are a lot of Arduino baords and by combining different boards you can accomplish anything.
  • Like you wanna control your Fan via Wifi then you can use Arduino UNO with Arduino Wifi shield and hurrah you are ready to control it.
Raspberry Pi:
  • Raspberry Pi doesn't have different boards for different tasks like Arduino.
  • Raspberry Pi is an only board but it has models.
  • Like once there was Raspberry Pi Model A but then they added some more functionality like increased the RAM end so we have Raspberry Pi 2 then there's Raspberry Pi 3.
  • So, you can think of Raspberry Pi as a mobile, whose models comes out with more enhancement.
  • As I told earlier Raspberry Pi is a small computer so it already has everything in it like Wifi, Ethernet, USB Host etc.

Arduino Vs Raspberry Pi - Which one you should prefer ?

For a new Engineering student, who has just started his project. He always wonders which one I should use among these two. Should I go with Arduino or should I started working on Raspberry Pi. It's really a big question if you are new in this field. So, let me tell you one thing first, no ones better than the other, Arduino and Raspberry Pi both have their own importance. Now which one you should use, it entirely depends on the nature of your project. So, let's take a look at projects for both of these boards.I think this Arduino Vs Raspberry Pi comparison is now gonna take an interesting turn. :)

  • Whenever you are working on some pure hardware related project, in which you need to use different sensors, need to move your motors or actuators etc. then you should always go for Arduino because Arduino is a microcontroller and its best for hardware equipment controlling.
  • That's why in most of the Electrical, Electronics, Mechatronics adn Mechanical Projects, Arduino is preferred.
  • Its not like you can't control sensors or motors on Raspberry Pi but its two difficult in Raspberry Pi and quite easy in Arduino.
  • Moreover, with Arduino you can attach as many sensors as you want. In simple words, Arduino has a lot of IOs.
  • Once I have to work on a project, in which I have to control fifty relays so in that case I have used Arduino Mega 2560 which has around 60 input/Output Pins.
  • But you can't control fifty relays with Raspberry Pi.
  • So, in all the hardware projects where you don't need to do the cloud computing etc. its always preferred to use Arduino boards.
Raspberry Pi:
  • Raspberry Pi is mostly used in computer software projects.
  • Like you have a project in which you need to do the cloud computing or need to send data over to some network, then in these types of projects your first choice should be Raspberry Pi.
  • I once had a project in which I have to design an online Home Automation system.
  • So, in such projects, we just need to interface few sensors which we can do with the raspberry Pi as it has few Input/Output Pins.
  • But the main part of such projects is to send sensors data over to some network so Raspberry Pi is the right choice here.
  • Although we can also use Arduino YUN in such projects as well but because raspberry Pi is designed for such projects so that's why its more flexible to use when it comes to cloud computing.
  • Similarly if you wanna design some Face recognition project then Raspberry Pi comes in handy because we can easily install openCV on it as its an OS (LINUX), we can install anything we want. :)

So, that's a kind of an overview on Arduino Vs Rapberry Pi, which I think you guys nust have enjoyed. It was quite boring so that's why I have tried my best to make it as interesting as I can, but still if you find it boring then I can't do anything. :) So, that's all about Arduino Vs Raspberry Pi, I hope you guys have got something out of it. Will see you guys in the next tutorial. Till then take care and have fun. :)

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