In this tutorial, we are gonna hanve an Introduction to XBee Module. XBee is an RF module and these days its using in lots of student projects and I am getting a lot of queries reagarding this module. So first we will cover the introduction of XBee in this post. Soon I will tell you about Interfacing of XBee Module with Computer and also after this discussion we will also discuss Interfacing of XBee Module with Arduino. You can also Interface it with other Microcontrollers like PIC Microcontroller or 8051 Microcontroller.

We will cover arduino with more detail as its quite famous and easily accessible microcontroller these days. In this tutorial I am gonna add just simple interfacing of XBee module with arduino but soon I will post few quite difficult project on XBee like mesh networking. If you guys have any question, you may contact me or can ask in the comments. So, let's get Started with Introduction to XBee Module:

What is XBee ?

  • XBee is a very complicated module used for RF communication. It is used for wireless communication.
  • It is used these days in many projects as it is very easy to use and its advantages are more than any other RF module.
  • You can use XBee for point to point communication also.
  • There are two commonly used versions of XBee, one is XBee series 01 and other is XBee pro.
  • The only difference between the two is in their range.XBee pro has more range to operate than the simple XBee.
  • Its hardly available in Pakistan so if you want to buy XBee Series 01 in Pakistan then use our Contact Form. You will get it within 2 days.
  • Download the datasheet of XBee and must read it as reading datasheet is always beneficial.

How to operate XBee ?

  • To operate XBee, you will need two XBees, one will act as a transmitter and the other will act as a receiver.
  • Now suppose you want to send something from one side to another, now you have to connect one xbee at the transmitter side and the other at the reciever side.
  • Let's take an example of home automation project in which you are using a remote to switch on your light or fan etc.
  • So in that case there must be one XBee in your remote and the second one in your board where the light circuit is placed.
  • So when you press the button of remote, the XBee in remote will send an instruction to the XBee in the board.
  • As soon as the XBee in the board recieve the instruction from XBee in the remote it will on the light.
  • Obviously there will be microcontrollers attached with both the xbees and you need hell of a programming to do this operation but I was just explaining the procedure.
So, that's all about Introduction to XBee Module, I hope you have enjoyed this Introduction to XBee Module and are gonna use it in your projects. Thanks for reading and have fun !!! :)