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Hello friends, I hope you all are doing great. In today's tutorial, we are gonna have a look at How to use For Loop in C#. It's our 11th tutorial in C# series. Till now, we have seen two loops in C# which are IF Loop and while Loop and today we are gonna have a look at for Loop. For Loop is most commonly used loop in any programming language and if you have worked on any other language then you must be aware of its syntax. It is used to create repeated loop with specified number. Let's have a look at it in detail:

How to use for Loop in C#

  • For loop in C# takes an integer variable as a Controlling agent, initialized at value V1 and ends at value V2, and the travel from value V1 to V2 depends on the Condition specified in () brackets.
  • In both IF loop & while loop, the small brackets just have single argument, but in for loop, the small brackets have 3 arguments, separated by semicolon ; , which are:
    • First argument is initial value of variable V1.
    • Second argument is final value of variable V2.
    • Third argument is the condition applies on this variable i.e. increment, decrement etc.
  • The loop will keep on repeating itself and we will also have the value of iteration in the form of variable value.
  • Let's have a look at its syntax:
for (Initial Value V1; Final Value V2; Condition) { // body of for loop }
  • Now let's have a look at a simple for loop in action
How to use for Loop in C#, for loop in c#, for c#, c# for loop, for loop c#
  • Now you can see in above figure that I have initialized an integer variable x and in for loop, I have first assigned the initial value x=0 in first argument.
  • In second argument, separated by ; , I have specified the final value x<10.
  • Finally in third argument, I have incremented the variable x++.
  • So, now when the compiler will first reach for loop, it will get x=0 and will run the code inside { } brackets that's why when I printed the value of x, it was 0 at first.
  • After running all the lines in { } brackets, compiler will run the condition, which is to increment the variable, so in second iteration, the value of x=1, that's why in second line we have 1 on console.
  • So, this loop will keep on running and the variable will keep on incrementing and when it will reach x=9, it will run the code lines in { } brackets and at the end it will increment the variable and will make it x = 10.
  • So, now at x=10, the compiler knows in second argument of For loop, the variable's last value is 9 i.e. x <10. So when the value is not x<10, the compiler will leave for loop and go to next line below for loop.
  • So, that's how For loop works, we can use it for running some lines of code repeatedly and the use of this variable inside for loop is quite helpful.
  • Here's an example, where I have decremented the variable in third argument:
How to use for Loop in C#, for loop in c#, for c#, c# for loop, for loop c#
  • From the console, its quite evident that now the variable's value is decreasing from 10 to 1, I have used x - - in condition part of For Loop.
  • Now let's create an array of students' names and display all elements of that array using for Loop, we have discussed How to use Arrays in C# in our 6th lecture, you should recall that as well.
  • Here's the code and it's output on console:
How to use for Loop in C#, for loop in c#, for c#, c# for loop, for loop c#
  • As you can see in above figure that first I have initialized a new String Array of size 5.
  • After that added some data i.e. students names, in each element of C# array.
  • Next, I have used for Loop and initialized the variable and also assigned the first value 0 in first argument.
  • In the second argument, I have used a Length property of array and our array's length is 5.
  • So, this for loop will run from 0 to 4 and we can see at the console output that it has printed all the elements of array i.e. students names.
  • That's how, we can use for Loop in C#, now let's have a look at how to use foreach loop in C#, which is kind of an extension of for loop.

How to use Foreach Loop in C#

  • We have discussed Foreach Loop in our 6th tutorial on arrays and I have told you that we will discuss it in detail later, so now is the time to discuss it out.
  • Foreach loop in C# is used to iterate through a collection or arrays from start till end. Collections could be ArrayList, HashTable etc. we will discuss them later.
  • Let's first have a look at its syntax:
foreach (item in collections/arrays) { // body of foreach loop }
  • This item variable will go through the whole array and will repeat the lines of code inside { } brackets.
  • So, let's rewrite our previous example with foreach loop along with for loop and look at both results:
How to use for Loop in C#, for loop in c#, for c#, c# for loop, for loop c#, foreach in c#, foreach loop in c#,c# foreach loop, c# foreach
  • Now you can see in above figure that we got similar results for both loops although foreach loop is quite simple and easy to look at thus reduces your code.
  • In foreach loop, we are directly accessing the elements of array, while in for loop, we are getting elements using index of array.
So, that was all about for Loop in C# and we have also had a look at foreach loop. I'm just using simple examples rite now so that you got the clear idea of these loops. We have covered all the loops now so in next tutorial, we will have a look at Methods in C#. Till then take care !!! :)