Are you searching for the best Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) to run the C# programs? If so, then you are on the right page. Undoubtedly, C# is among the most extensively utilized coding languages for developing Windows apps, smartphone applications, and videogames. And when we talk about the C# programming language, it is evident that IDEs will be discussed. In simple words, IDEs are as important when running C# programs as the jam is to bread. But, which IDEs would be the best to run C# programs? This article contains all the information about the best IDEs you need to run C# programs. So, keep reading till the end!

What Is Integrated Development Environment (IDE)?

An Integrated Development Environment, more commonly known as IDE, is a software program for developing projects. It incorporates standard developer resources into a uniform graphical user functionality (GUI). It allows developers to combine the various parts of creating a computer code into one. IDEs boost programmer performance by integrating standard software development tasks like modifying source code, creating exe files, and debugging all in a unified application.

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History of IDEs

Before the advent of IDEs, developers used to write their scripts in textual editors. It entailed creating and storing a program in a word processor, then executing the compiler, noticing any errors, and returning to the word processor to modify their script. It wasn't till 1983 when Borland Limited released a Pascal programmer under the name Turbo Pascal. It became the original Pascal programmer with an incorporated editor and processor.

Although Turbo Pascal popularized the concept of an interconnected development platform, many consider Visual Basic, originally debuted in 1991, to represent the first genuine IDE. Visual Basic, the initial BASIC coding language, was a widely used coding language within the 1980s. With the emergence of Visual Basic, coding was viewed in pictorial terms, resulting in significant productivity gains.

what is IDE, components of ide, ide to run c#, ides to run c#, c# ide, List of C# Ides

Components of IDE

An IDE usually comprises of three main components discussed below:

what is IDE, components of ide, ide to run c#, ides to run c#, c# ide, List of C# Ides, IDE Components
  1. Development Automation Features: Tools that automate basic, repeated operations as an essential aspect of making a local version of the program for programmer's usage like generating machine standard code into dual code, bundling binary code, as well as performing automated inspections.
  2. Source Script Editor:  A text reviser that will help you write software code by emphasizing syntax with graphical cues, giving language-specified automatic completion, and scanning for problems as you type.
  3. Debugger: A debugger is a system that can visually show the faulty area in the source code and also evaluates other applications.

Few IDEs like Eclipse include the required processor, interpreter, or even both. Whereas others notably, Lazarus does not have both. So, there are different kinds of IDEs which we shall discuss later in this article.

Why Do Programmers Use IDEs?

Now, you must be thinking that there must be other ways to run the C# program, but why do programmers prefer IDEs? The simple answer to your question is: IDEs save a lot of time, which is an advantage in today's hectic world where everyone wishes to save time.

what is IDE, components of ide, ide to run c#, ides to run c#, c# ide, List of C# Ides

Other than this, there are other features in IDEs which are listed below:

  • An IDE enables programmers to begin coding new apps faster because different tools do not require to be individually built and connected in the initial setup.
  • Programmers don't have to invest hours studying various tools separately as every resource is displayed on a similar workbench. It is also valuable for training new programmers, who may utilize an IDE to educate themselves with conventional tools and procedures.
  • The IDE's assistance topics are frequently upgraded, offering fresh samples, program designs, and other features. Developers that are learning and staying up to date with standard principles provide benefit to their organization. It results in increased efficiency.
  • Many IDE functions, like smart code finishing and automatic code production, are designed to conserve time by eliminating the demand to write whole character patterns.
  • IDEs analyze the script while typed, allowing for real-time detection of problems generated by human mistakes.
  • It also governs the production process, making it easier for developers to collaborate and recruits to get things done quickly.

You see there are a lot of features of IDEs, and that is why developers use them. You are also going to be on the list of these programmers soon!

IDE-Supported Programming Languages

Some individuals get confused in IDE-supportive and non-supportive programming languages. So, we added this little section for you so that you do not face any confusion when running your C# program.

IDEs are targeted to a particular coding language or a group of languages, resulting in a tool collection matched to the language's needs. So, Integrated Development Environments support many programming languages. For instance, Xcode supports Objective-C, Cocoa, Swift programming languages, and Cocoa Touching APIs.

On the other hand, multi-language IDEs including Eclipse (Python, C, PHP, C++, Java, etc.), Komodo (PHP, Perl, JavaScript, Python), and NetBeans (C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, PHP, and much more) are also present. Plugins are an excellent way for programmers to gain compatibility for different languages.

Best IDEs To Run C# Programs

The most awaited section of the entire article is here. It contains a list of the best IDEs that you should learn to run your C# programs and develop applications. So, start noting down every detail.

what is IDE, components of ide, ide to run c#, ides to run c#, c# ide, List of C# Ides
Let us begin:

Visual Studio Code

The first IDE on our list is Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code, and that too for various reasons. Visual Studio Code is a free and open-source script editing tool. This exceptional script editor provides great support for C#, JavaScript, and Typescript. It includes adaptive completions dependent on variable kinds, crucial categories, and functional descriptions. It also offers automatic completion with IntelliSense functionality. Moreover, it has perfect compatibility for C# diagnostics and may be used with the C# plugins for advanced editing.

what is IDE, components of ide, ide to run c#, ides to run c#, c# ide, List of C# Ides


Visual Studio is recommended for both expert and novice developers. It is the finest development software available on any system including, C# and. NET. Some of the exceptional features of VS Code are:

  • The VS Code C# IDE is incredibly easy to customize and modify.
  • Visual Studio Code works perfectly with Node JS.
  • It offers convenient operation with Git as well as other Program Configuration Management suppliers for improved version regulation.
  • Compatible systems: Windows, macOS, Linux.
  • The Omni sharp service allows you to adjust the parameters in the menu below, which makes it easier to organize API operations.
  • VS Code offers outstanding automatic completion features with context-enlightened recommendations, with code restructuring and debugging services.
  • VS comes in three editions: Community Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Professional edition. This feature can help you work according to your needs.

So, Visual Studio is undoubtedly the best choice on our list.


The second IDE on our list is the Scriptcs. CS-Script is an excellent open-source coding environment that allows you to write programs in the C#. It is also compatible with ECMA. These programs can use Mono APIs and the .NET Platform. It is considered the second-best Integrated Development Environment used to run the C# program after Visual Studio. However, if you simply want to write C# programs and do not want to deal with compilation, you should choose a minimal code editor like Scriptcs rather than VS Code.

what is IDE, components of ide, ide to run c#, ides to run c#, c# ide, List of C# Ides


  • Scriptcs provides a light textual editor for revising C# code.
  • With Scriptcs, you do not have to deal with complicated compilation or analysis.
  • The most significant aspect of Script CS is indeed the potential to generate a solution folder for Visual Studio on the run for VS Code.
  • It enables you to quickly set up the platform for fresh codes. It also offers instant syntax highlighting.
  • This C# IDE is an amazing coding tool that makes managing dependencies effortless.
  • Compatible systems are Windows and macOS.

Thus, Scriptcs is an ideal alternative to VS Code.

Eclipse aCute

The next IDE on our list is the Eclipse aCute. Eclipse aCute is a language-dependent plugin that offers C# and.NET Standard programming resources. It enables the transfer of tools towards various language characteristics. Eclipse aCute is among the top C# IDEs that have useful functions for programmers who want to create their custom script editor.

what is IDE, components of ide, ide to run c#, ides to run c#, c# ide, List of C# Ides


Let us have a look at its features:

  • C# programming is now easier using the Eclipse IDE extension.
  • .NET Basic is used to create the application.
  • It offers ready-to-use script templates.
  • Windows is the only operating system that is supported.
  • Eclipse aCute immediately verifies syntax.
  • Filters can additionally be used on applications to execute script tests.
  • The speech server supports script completion.
  • Acute can immediately move to the parameters, types, and function declarations.


SlickEdit is the unique IDE on our list. It is a cross-platform, multiple language script editor that works across nine environments and supports around 60 languages. It integrates version management and enables you to synchronize. This C# IDE includes advanced editing capabilities as well as better performance.

what is IDE, components of ide, ide to run c#, ides to run c#, c# ide, List of C# Ides


Just like other IDEs, SlickEdit contains features that help programmers to run their C# programs. A few of the features are:

  • The most notable characteristic of SlickEdit is symbol interpretation and navigation.
  • It Offers syntax extensions and requisition. Moreover, it provides a JUnit interface.
  • Several cursor keys and choices are available.
  • Processes large script files, up to 2 TB in size.
  • Its standard and premium editions come with a variety of payment options to meet your requirements.
  • Linux, Windows, Mac, and Raspberry Pi are all compatible platforms.
  • You can utilize debugging tools for your script to display all mistakes for better accessibility.

Thus, SlickEdit is another ideal IDE to run your C# program.

Project Rider

Last but not least integrated development environment on our list is the Rider. The Rider is another excellent C# IDE platform that integrates seamlessly with two of the best software: ReSharper and IntelliJ. It is compatible with both the .NET Foundation and .NET Standard.

what is IDE, components of ide, ide to run c#, ides to run c#, c# ide, List of C# Ides


Some of the notable features of Rider IDE are:

  • Rider includes more than 2200 continuous code evaluations and dozens of contextual operations and refactoring.
  • It provides built-in compatibility for Typescript, Sass, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.
  • It works on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers.
  • It lets you execute and analyze and NUnit system testing.
  • It gives you the possibility of splitting the reviser vertically as well as horizontally.
  • Innovative keyboard commands are supported.
  • It is perfect for programmers working in different companies.

So, Rider may be the last on our list of the best IDEs but, its features prove that it is an excellent IDE which you can use.

Disadvantages of Using IDEs

Now that you know about the best IDEs to run your C# programs, it is essential to know about the disadvantages of using Integrated Development Environments. These are less as compared to the advantages. But, we want you to know every detail regarding IDEs. Please take notes. Some of these are:

  • The functionalities of IDEs could be burdensome to novice coders and designers.
  • Beginners who become overly dependent on IDE conveniences and other support which may not consistently be accessible can develop poor coding habits.
  • IDEs are challenging to use. It would take a lot of effort and dedication to learn about it.
  • A complex IDE might not be the perfect tool for new developers.
  • These do not detect every human error in your code creation.

So, above are some of the disadvantages that beginners like you might face. Just be careful while coding and do not completely rely on the IDEs.


In this article, we have discussed all the details of the Integrated Development Environment. Moreover, we provided a list of the best Integrated Development Environments to run C# programs, so readers have no confusion regarding anything.

Out of all the five options discussed, Microsoft’s Visual Studio is undoubtedly the best, and we would recommend you use it. We hope you have no questions regarding anything, and we wish you all the best for your first C# program.

Happy Coding!