wellpcb prototype promotion, introduction to wellpcb, intro to wellpcb, review about wellpcb
Hi Guys! We always keep on working to find useful ways that give you quick and economical solutions to your needs. Today, I am going to give a quick review about WellPCB and why you prefer them if you intend to making high quality PCBs with reasonable price. Where there is a need of electronic devices, there is a need of PCB. Joining number of components on board using old conventional with end to wiring is becoming obsolete that happened to cover more space, carry heavy weight and turned out to be expensive with the ability to performing less number of functions. This led to the introduction to printed circuit board.

WellPCB Prototype Promotions

PCB is an integral part of most of the electronic devices, specially when you are looking to make some smart and compact projects with the intention of joining number of components on the board. You may feel skeptical while picking suitable fabrication house for the fabrication of your PCB that keeps your needs and demands on the top without compromising the quality. There are number of fabrication houses around the world. Some are better than others. Reason is quite clear. The fabrication houses that are successful in the field of fabricating quality PCB, follow some protocols and take strict measures when it comes to creating a quality product. WellPCB is one of them. Their main aim is to keep the standard high without compromising the quality. Also, they believe, nothing is better than giving quality product while keeping the price intact.
First thing first. They are running two promotions recently. First promotion you can get benefit of, will expire on 30 June. Come first to get advantage of this promotion. Based on this promotion, you can get 10 pcs prototypes with size SIZE =10cm*10cm and 1-2 layers in just $3.99. Also, it is valid for 100 customers. Times is precious, don't waste it, make your order quickly to fall under the category of early birds in order to save your money. Second promotion is also mouth watering, if not for all, but saving $100 are enough to arrange your next meal. You can get $100 coupon by registering directly on their page. You can use it freely when you reach a specific amount.
Ordering Process
Ordering process is very easy and hassle free. They don't have any hidden charges. Feel free to order online without fear of paying any extra hidden charges. Check following image to get the idea of ordering process.
wellpcb prototype promotion, introduction to wellpcb, intro to wellpcb, review about wellpcb
Don't you worry if you are unable to order online by following above steps. They have video on their front page, you can watch that video where they guide you thoroughly how you can order online. You can quote from here PCB Online Quote
Types of Files They Accept
They make everything easy for you right from taking the order to the manufacturing of the whole product. They accept four types of files for the PCB prototype manufacturing including gerber, pcb, pcbdoc, and cam file. They keep strict eye on the whole manufacturing process and maintain quick follow up with all of the customers and inform them immediately if they find any difficulty in the manufacturing process. It may happen, the files you send may not resonate to fulfill the technical requirement of the board, so they don't feel hesitation to have a proper word with you in order to make you satisfied with the manufacturing process, so final product resonates with your demands and needs without compromising the quality.
What they can Deliver
They have the capability to make PCB incorporated with up to 32 layers. Still, if you think, your requirements are slightly different than available layers specification, you can contact them. They will try to incorporate all of their expertise and knowledge into meeting your requirements and making the product fit for your project.
wellpcb prototype promotion, introduction to wellpcb, intro to wellpcb, review about wellpcb
Material Used
Substrate material they use range from FR4 to Rogers to High TG FR4 and Halogen free material. These are the basic material used for the making of substrate. However, this is not the only solution they provide, you can choose and pick any substrate material that resonates with your demands.
Advanced Technology
Advanced technology they use helps them stand out from other with the intention of providing accurate and precise results. They have a team of experts who are proficient in their craft and know very well which measures and protocols need to be followed for providing quality product. They are capable of producing on-across blindried vias on multiple boards ranging from rigid, flex to rigid-flex board. You can pick any solder mask color from number of different colors available like green,blue, black, white, yellow. Surface treatment includes HAL, Lead Free HAL, Immersion gold, OSP, Immersion tin, Immersion silver, etc.
Accurate Copper Traces
Not everyone is expert when it comes to making copper traces on the board that have low resistance. They have a technical team who are expert in making copper traces that are equally distributed on the board and come with the ability of controlled impedance. High current that flows through the board can cause high temperature that can ultimately damage the project and effect the overall performance of the board. The board they create come with a high copper thickness that helps in avoiding the high temperature as a result of high current flowing through the boards, specially that are made from multilayer.
wellpcb prototype promotion, introduction to wellpcb, intro to wellpcb, review about wellpcb
Quick Delivery
Some customers are highly concerned with the delivery time because of the sensitivity and requirements of the projects they get from their clients. Quick and fast delivery is another aspect where they stand out from others. Lead time is as quick as 1 to 2 days, but it can stretch to 5 to 6 days, based on the requirements and complexity of the order. Quotation will be provided in 8 working hours. Rest assured, you will get the order within due date. That's all for today, I hope you have found this article useful. We always keep your demands and requirements on the top and provide you most suitable solutions. WellPCB is one of them, specially when you are concerned with high quality product. However, if still you feel skeptical or have any question you can approach me in the comment section below. I'd love to help you according to best of my knowledge and expertise. Feel free to keep us updated with your suggestions, they help us provide you quality work so you keep coming back for what we have to offer. Thanks for reading the article. Stay Tuned!