jlcpcb, introduction to jlcpcb, review about jlcpcb, quality fabrication house, advantages of jlcpcb
Hey Friends! Hope you are doing great. I am back to give you the daily dose of useful information that helps solve your problems, allowing you to make a better decision. Today, I am going to give you a quick review about one of the best PCB fabrication houses called JLCPCB. If you are hobbyists or a student, you need to connect a number of electronic components together to streamline your project every now and then. Breadboards are ideal for this purpose if you need a temporary solution. When things go complex and you need a permanent solution, breadboards fail to meet your needs and demands. This is where PCB comes into play. The function of PCB board is same as a breadboard i.e. connecting number of components together but it gives a permanent solution to your problems. Instead of fabricating board own their own, some people prefer ordering PCB online. Why? Because it saves their time and helps them focus other important features of a project.
jlcpcb, introduction to jlcpcb, review about jlcpcb, quality fabrication house, advantages of jlcpcb
There are a lot of PCB fabrication companies out there and most of them come with identical prices in one way or the other. The difference occurs when it comes to quality. Providing quality product while maintaining the prices intact is a real deal where most of the companies lack. They either provide a competitive price or quality product, not both of them together. Forgive me if I'm exaggerating, but that's reality in most of the cases. When quality increases, companies tend to demand more price that is not suitable for most of the people especially when you are a student. Don't worry I've got you covered. You don't need to wrestle your thoughts to find the suitable manufacturer for your PCB fabrication.

JLCPCB - PCB Fabrication House

JLCPCB is a fabrication house that aligns with your need and requirements and delivers exactly what it promises. It comes with every type of PCB solution from single layer to multilayer to complex rigid-flex PCBs. You can pick any board based on your needs and requirements.
jlcpcb, introduction to jlcpcb, review about jlcpcb, quality fabrication house, advantages of jlcpcb
You can manufacture PCB on your own if you don't get intimidated by playing with chemicals or you need only one or two boards for your projects. Things don't work the same way when you need a lot of boards required to get your project done in less time. You have to rely on other companies that provide a quick solution to your needs. We have personal experience working with this company couple of times. The boards they delivered were perfect where traces were smoothly aligned on the board. It was a while ago when we got our boards and they are still working fine. You can get your Quote here. 
Boards with Thick Traces
Most of the customers are concerned about the nature of traces and materials used for boards, as they have to work on the projects that involve high temperature and pressure where a quality board is needed that can resist high temperature.
jlcpcb, introduction to jlcpcb, review about jlcpcb, quality fabrication house, advantages of jlcpcb
JLCPCB always takes such things into account and produces boards with thick traces that prove to be ideal for high temperature and pressure. These boards come with a quality of dissipating energy outside the board, helping in retaining the quality of the project they are used in.
Quality Customer Service
One amazing thing that I have discovered about them is their quality customer service. If you think the product you got, doesn't resonate with your demands and nature of the project, you can immediately contact them and ask for the revision of the product. Or if a faulty product is delivered, you'll get a refund with no questions asked within one day.
Gerber File
No need to worry and anticipate what the actual product looks like. They come with an option to upload Gerber file where you can check the board and calculate the number of traces on it. Gerber file truly highlights the features of the board what it actually looks like, minimizing the risk of getting a wrong product that would get you in trouble in future.
Economical Price
Economical price is one of the reasons why you should prefer working with this fabrication house. Some people become skeptical about quality on seeing very low prices on their sites. You don't need to worry about that, this fabrication house is located in China, where labor cost is too low. If you order same product from different countries like UK or US, this would almost double the cost.
jlcpcb, introduction to jlcpcb, review about jlcpcb, quality fabrication house, advantages of jlcpcb
Customer Satisfaction
They know very well how to grow and retain the customers. They have 10 years experience in their field and come up with a professional staff that not only provides you quality product but also helps in making the final decision for selecting the ideal board that aligns with your project, so you don't need to come back over and over again.
AOI Ensured
In order to make sure all traces and pads are connected and aligned together, all boards pass through AOI (automated optical inspection). The flying probe test is applied to check the vias of the board, provided boards are two layers or multilayers as single layer boards don't require this test. They have advanced systems covered with quality control where they keep a proper check on the machines and do regular maintenance in order to provide a quality product.
If you have any question related to your project you can ask in the forum available on their site. The forum is their online community where they keep together people of same interest who take an active part in discussions and provide valuable solutions to your problems. Their professional team is also very active on the forum, and they make sure you don't feel left out in PCB manufacturing process.
Fast Delivery
No need to worry about the delivery time of the board. They take a deep interest when it comes to the quick delivery of the product. However, delivery time is different for different boards, depending on the complexity and nature of the board. Prices are given on their site and you can order as low as $2/10pcs. Yes, you heard me right. And each piece comes with solder mask and silkscreen in order to increase the strength of the board that provides the insulation between the copper layers in case any conductive material touches the board.
jlcpcb, introduction to jlcpcb, review about jlcpcb, quality fabrication house, advantages of jlcpcb
I'm trying to add one or two negative opinions to make this review unbiased, but the reality is there is not any. You might be thinking I am sugar coating them based on the number of good things about them. I bet you'd be writing same when you get hands-on experience working with them. This is all about JLCPCB - PCB Fabrication House, a quick solution to your problem. If you are unsure or have any question, you can approach me in the comment section below. I'd love to help you according to best of my expertise and skills. Feel free to inform us about your opinion about them. Thanks for reading the article.